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To Whom Shall We Go? (60-0604)

To Whom Shall We Go? (60-0604)



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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called To Whom Shall We Go?
was delivered on Saturday, 4th June 1960 at the Gospel Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.
The tape, number 60-0604,
is 1 hour and 36 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette. This message is available in book format (Volume 32, Number 3).

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Brother Ruddell, do you want me to put… Yes, I mean… You said it; I
use… You was a little big for it–up this a way, but not quite out
this a way.
Well, we certainly are happy to be here with Brother Ruddell and his
church again tonight. And I got some fans if you got the electricity,
so just make yourself really at home. I sit out in the car and waited
till it was just time to come in, because I–I knew it would be warm.
Looks like Indiana… We have winter, and then we have summer; and then
we go right to winter again.
And so I'm double happy tonight to be in this pulpit with Brother
Ruddell, because Brother Ruddell is almost like one of my own boys. I
can remember years ago, when his dad and I worked together. And then
when this boy come on, he got his education, went to God's Bible
School–kinda hard for him to get started. Looked like he just didn't
want to get out some how; he's backward, bashful. But finally, he
pressed out and this is the fruits of his pressing out. And I think
(myself) that Brother Ruddell is just beginning; this is just the
beginning. And it's hard to tell how far this will grow. I hope it
covers the dark woods up here, as it…

I was saying to someone outside… Brother Mike Egan, a few years ago,
I used to squirrel hunt right along in here. How things does take over;
look like civilization just takes over. We won't have a place to
squirrel hunt or rabbit hunt at all, if this place keeps growing around
here. It's like it just…
A few years ago, up here in the old place where I was raised, why you'd
have to walk a mile to a neighbor. Now, you can't throw the water out
the back door, unless you throw it in his door so… It's just
everybody all jammed up together.
It's good to be here, and I won't keep you long. Brother Ruddell has
asked me some time to come up here at the Tabernacle, pray for the
sick. I think one thing it does to a young minister like this, when we
come and pray for the sick (and especially if our Lord will just show
us some of His glory), it'll strengthen this young church.

I see some of my friends here from the Tabernacle, and some of the
trustees and so forth. And now these… Many of these people have seen
the Lord heal the sick. And wi–if He will just do it for us again
tonight, come on the scene in His glory, it'll–it'll strengthen the
faith of the people. It–it will give them a–a hope. It'll help
Brother Ruddell. Because Brother Ruddell is determined to preach the
full Gospel, and I'd be disappointed in him if he didn't. I'm sure the
Lord would, so… And then, he's going to stay right with it. And maybe
these little meetings will–like this, when some of us old preachers
(you know) can come in, why, it helps those young boys out.
And now, to the Tabernacle folks, I would be down tomorrow, but I
just… I am… I'm not going to have any time off now until the
fifteenth of August; it's just meeting after meeting. So I'll probably
may come to Sunday school, but not to speak.

And I'm sorry to hear just about one hour ago, that Brother Neville
(our pastor) his sister-in-law was buried today. I wonder if the
Tabernacle knew that. I don't think Brother Neville is here; I've
looked all around 'fore I said this. I wonder if they knew to send
flowers down there; I just don't know. I just learned it a few moments
ago. Billy told me that somebody told him that Brother Neville's
sister-in-law was buried today. Certainly sorry to hear that; she was a
distant relative of mine by marriage, and I'm sorry to hear that her
Two more of my friends laying down there tonight: Dave Wright and Mr.
Henson. I didn't even know they were sick; they both died in hospitals,
yesterday and this morning, I think. So it goes to show one thing: that
we're not here for too long. We're moving right on down the line. And
we don't know what time God's going to take our number out of the card
rack up there; we're going to have to answer.

So as we enter this service tonight, I know it's hot, very bad. But
let's remember, that we come here to do the best that we could, to show
to God that we're sincere, and we love Him. And we want every person
here that doesn't love Him to fall in love with Him tonight. And all
that does not believe Him, we want you to believe Him tonight with all
your heart, that this meeting might be something that would be a
history mark up here at this Tabernacle, that you could point back to
this time and say, "That night the Lord came to us and done so-and-so."
So now before we open the Bible for the reading of the Word… Can you
hear me back there all right, way back in the back? Now, I wonder over
here if–can you hear that all right? Is that all right there? I didn't
see too many head nods. How about this, is that better? All right,
we'll just keep it right out like this then.
Now, let us bow our heads just a moment for prayer. And I wonder, in
the solemnness of this moment, would there be any here would just like
to be remembered in prayer by raising up your hands? God bless you,
each one; He sees and knows.

Our gracious heavenly Father, we are coming into Thy Presence with
reverence, with not only our heads bowed, but our hearts bowed. For we
realize that it is written in Thy Word that "Wherever two or three are
gathered, I'll be in their midst." So we are assured that You are here
now, that the great Holy Spirit moves in this little building, because
it's a promise of God.
And we pray that You'll bless our gathering tonight. Bless this little
church, and its pastor and all of its co-workers, all the members. And
may it grow and grow, until it'll be such a lighthouse for the Kingdom
of God, until people will come from far and near to visit to see the
works of the Lord. May it be as the temple of old, that people from all
over the world came to hear the wisdom of Solomon, and that many great
things taken place. And wherever we are gathered in His Name, that is
the meeting place, the temple of the Lord.

And we pray that You'll honor tonight your servants, and the prayers
that we make to You, the songs that we sing. And bless the Word, Lord;
as it goes forth, may it really fall on fertile ground. Right at this
hour, Lord, we pray that You'll pull out every green briar, every root
of bitterness, and all disbelief from the hearts of the people, that
the Word might fall on good rich, fertilized soil, that it'll bring
forth great results to this people.
Bless all that put up their hands; Thou didst see them and know their
needs. Grant this to us, Father, through the Name of Thy holy Son, the
Lord Jesus, we ask it. Amen.

Now tonight, you that have your Bibles, I wish you to turn with me to
Saint John the 6th chapter. And let's begin about the 66th verse, and
read a few letters, Saint John 6:66.

From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.

Then said Jesus unto the twelve, Will you also go away?

Simon Peter answering him, Lord, to whom shall we go? for thou has the words of eternal life.

And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God.

I'd call it a text, I would like to make it this: "To Whom Shall We Go?"

You know, people of today is a great deal like it is in that day.
People walk about not knowing where they are going and seem to care
less; just at leisure to go wherever they wish to, and–and kind of a
pleasure seeking people. He's just about like he was when he left God
at the garden of Eden and was left to shift for himself. He just simply
leaves God out of the picture, and just goes wherever he wishes to and
kind of a pleasure mad.
And–and he hasn't changed much in his notions; he hasn't changed much
in his ideas. He still wants his fig leaf religion, you know. He wants
to make it himself and cover his own self, and walk away as more or
less, what I say, more or less as a contented, a self-made contented.
If that word sounds sensible… He's making himself believe that he is
contented, when down in his soul he knows he's wrong. He knows that
anything that man has to do is polluted to start with.
And he cannot no more save himself, then he could take his boot straps
and jump to the moon; he cannot do it. Trying to do so is like the
leopard trying to lick his spots away; he only shows his sins more
brighter. But he still… He doesn't want to listen; he just wanders

But Peter, in that day, could answer like a lot of us tonight. He'd
found something different; he'd met Jesus. And he knowed that there was
something more then just wandering. Anyone that ever meets Jesus, never
wants to wander any more. There's something happens to him when he
meets Jesus; he's never the same any more. And this Peter had met
Jesus, and he had found something in Jesus that was different from
anybody else. There never was a man like Jesus.
And he'd found this great something in Him that made him answer this question, "Lord, to whom would we go?"
Jesus said, "Now, if–if you want to go with the other seventy, you're at leisure; just go ahead and go."
But Peter said, "To where would we go? Whom could we go to? For Thou
alone has the Word of Eternal Life." No one else had it but Him. And
Peter had been with Him long enough, and had seen His miracles and
signs and wonders from God, and knowed that that was truth, that He had
the word of Eternal Life. Oh, if we could only get with Him long enough
to recognize that: That He alone has the Word of Eternal Life.

Now, what did Jesus have that was so much different than any one else?
Why was He different from the rabbi? The rabbi was a priest, a… He
was a teacher, a scholar; probably (in the world's education) far
beyond Jesus. We have no record of Jesus ever going to school or
learning anything from man; He did not need it. He was God's Son; it
was revealed to Him from heaven what to do.
And this heavenly revelation had brought such an impression upon these
di–disciples, till Peter said, "Who would we go to to find this?"
And it's just as real tonight. Where would we go to find this, if we
didn't come to Him? Now, I have wrote down here on a piece of paper,
seven reasons, or seven things that–reasons that we must come to
Jesus. I want to speak on these seven things just for the next twenty
or thirty minutes, before we pray for the sick.

Why… What was it Jesus had that was different? Why should He be the
only One? The first thing: Jesus said, "I am the Way." Now, there is
only one heaven, and there's one God, and one Way to get there. There's
not many ways, but there's only one Way to get there. And Jesus said,
"I am that Way."
Now, we try to make other ways; we try to say there's other ways. We
have the way of the creed, and we try to follow that. Many of us in
churches, we have the certain creed that we–we abide by; and that may
be all right for a fig leaf covering. But if you're going to heaven,
you have to come by Jesus, for He is the Way. No other way can be gone
to heaven, only by Jesus.

E-13 We have ways that we call our denomination. You ask a man today, "Are you a Christian?"
"Oh, I'm a Methodist."
"Are you a Christian?"
"I'm Baptist." "I'm Presbyterian, Pentecostal, or Nazarene, or something like that."
isn't the question. To be a Christian, you have to be in Christ. And
there's only one way you get into Christ, and that's not through creeds
or through churches, but through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We
have to borned again. And when we are borned again, then we are in
Christ. And if you're in Christ, you're in the Way, for He is the Way.

There was a man one time in the Bible, that Jesus in His famous parable
spoke of. That He said that there was a rich man, and he made a supper
for his son, which was going to be a wedding supper; and he invited
people to come. And while the supper was ready and everything was ready
to be served, all the guests had been seated, and at the table was
found a man that did not have on a wedding garment.
(Now, many people who read the Bible are very much familiar with this
Scripture.) And the king said to this fellow, "Friend, why are you here
without a wedding garment?" The question was asked. "Why did you come
without a wedding garment?" And did you notice? The Bible said that he
was speechless; he had no excuse.

Now, I've had the pleasure of being at Oriental places and seeing
Oriental weddings; they don't change–the same customs for thousands of
years. Now, when there's a wedding supper to be given in honor of
someone, the bridegroom furnishes robes for all the people that come
in, because his friends consist of poor, rich, and indifferent. But
everyone that he invites is given an invitation, and in this invitation
has the bridegroom's name on it.
And he brings this invitation to the door, and there's a–a porter that
stands at the door, and he has the garments. Therefore, one man comes
up dressed real fine, and the porter puts on a regular robe on him. The
next man comes up is mediocre; he isn't dressed too bad. But he gets
the same kind of robe that the rich man got. And then the next fellow
come up. Oh, no doubt but being invited to the supper in such an honor
to his friend, until he washed his clothes, and oh, done so much to
make hisself ready. But he only done it in vain.
So is it… We… There's nothing we can do about it. God has provided
our salvation through Jesus Christ. And it's not by what we can do, or
how many good things we can do (which is all right, nothing to say
against it), but it's by grace are you saved through faith.
And then this poor man gets the same kind of robe that the rich man
got, and the other man got. Then when they're setting at the table, all
of them look alike.

Now, what happened to this man? What happened? He was speechless.
Because he had climbed in at a window, or come in a side door, or come
in some other way besides the provided way for him; and he had missed
the robe.
That's the way it will be at the day of the judgment. There is other
ways. There's ways of church; there's ways of creeds; there's ways
of–of different things. But Jesus said, "I am that Way." Saint John
10, He said, "I am the door to the sheepfold."
And people today, just as they was then, they just refuse to take that
way. They want their own way; they think it's just as good.

Here some time ago (I believe it was in Louisville) there was a young
man, and he got something wrong with one of his ears. Well, he went to
his doctor, and his doctor waited on him for a number of weeks. And it
grew worse. Finally, the doctor said, "I've got to send you to a
And when the specialist diagnosed the case, it was some great medical
name, that I don't believe if I knew it… If I could say it, I'd have
to have it wrote out, and practice on it a hour to spell it, and then
you wouldn't know what I said when I spelled it–or said it. 'Cause I
wouldn't know what it was to begin with. But it was something wrong in
his ear that would have taken his life.
And he said, "The case is far advanced. And I don't know of anybody
that could give the case a thorough diagnosing to see if it's really
the truth or not, but a certain man that lives in Saint Louis, a
The boy rushed quickly to Saint Louis. This doctor had retired and had
went to New Orleans; he was a Southerner, so he went back down to New
Orleans. The boy got a plane quickly, and rushed to New Orleans.
The old doctor looked at it and said, "They have diagnosed it right, son. And it's far advanced."
And the young fellow said, "Doctor, will you make the operation?"
He said, "No, son. I cannot do it; my hand is not steady enough." He
said, "And I don't know but one man in the whole world that could
perform this operation." He said, "That man is in New York City now,
going in embarkation for six months vacation in Europe; and I don't
whether you'd even catch him. And if you even catch him, whether he
would even do the operation. He's the only man that I know of, of this
rare disease, could perform this operation. And you cannot wait; you'll
be dead within six months."
He said, "Get on the phone; call him; do something! I don't want to
die. Get a hold of him some how!" And they finally caught the doctor,
and he consented to do the operation.

Now, when this young man was talking to the old doctor, and he told him
what his trouble was, and there was only one man that could perform the
operation, he didn't look at the old doctor like some people look at a
minister, when he tells him that Jesus is the only way to be saved. He
didn't look at the doctor and say, "Very nice speech, doctor; I
certainly enjoyed your talk. I'll come back to hear you at another
Now, that's the way people take Christianity. But if you only realized,
that it's death to reject that Way! That's the reason Peter said, "Who
would we go to? For You alone has Eternal Life. You're the only One and
the only Way that God has laid down; and that's Eternal Life."
Now, we must remember that He is the Way. And if you're in Christ, you
come in Christ by being born into Christ. Now, there's no need of
telling the people a Way and what is the Way, unless you tell them how
to get into it. Now, you're borned into Christ; you become a part of
Him. You become a new creature, or a new creation, when you're borned
in the Kingdom of God. You become a part of Christ. When I was borned
in the Branham family, I become a Branham by birth. That's the way you
become part of Christ and the way you get in the Way–by new birth.
That's right. That's how you get in the Way. And Jesus said, "I am the

We could stay a long time on that. But the next thing He is: He is the
Truth. There's nothing or nobody else has truth, but Him. Oh, I know we
got religions today that go about and say, "Well now, we're the truth;
we got the truth."
We go to one church and they say, "We have the truth."
Go to another church, they say, "Our creeds, we got the truth."
We go to another, "We got the catechism of old; we got the truth."
Jesus said He was the Truth; so you cannot have truth, till you have
Jesus. How do you get Him? By being borned again. But you can't have
truth, till you have Jesus. You can't have–be in the Way until you're
in Jesus. How do you get into Him? "By one Spirit we're all baptized
unto one body." Then you're in Jesus; then you're in the Way; then
you're in the Truth.

Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and…" Another thing, the third
thing Jesus… We have come to Him; He's the only Light there is.
That's right. Oh, we want to different with that, but it's true. Jesus
is the only Light there is.
You say, "I'm a Russellite, Campbellite." Whatever you might be, it's a
false light. You might be in the Russellite church; you might be in a
Campbellite church, or some other "lite" church. But until you get in
Jesus, you're not in Light; you're still in darkness. You don't have
light till you come to Him, for "He is the Way, the Truth, and the
Light," and the only way to God: "No man cometh to the Father except by
So you can't go to God; you can't go to heaven; you have to get in the
Way, and Jesus is that Way. He is the only Truth that there is, and
He's the only Light–the only true Light. The only true manifested
Light is Jesus Christ. We have Mormon light; we have Methodist light;
we have Baptist light; we have Pentecostal light; we have all kinds of
lights. But Jesus is the true Light! He's the only Light.

We are the children… If we are borned again, we are the children of
the day. The children of the world walk in darkness; they walk at night
time; they love darkness. The Bible said, "The men love–people love
darkness more than they do light, because the light would manifest
their deeds." Let the sun come up, and every old lizard, every old bug,
insects of the dark kingdom, crawls at night, will take under
something. That's the same way when the Gospel Light begins to shine;
every evil deed will try to crawl under something.
Oh, they say, "We got… We got light, because we–we live at nighttime."
If you walk in the light at nighttime, you're walking under a
artificial light. There's only one true daylight–that's the sunlight.
There's only one true Christian Light, and that is the Light of the Son
of God. It's the only true Light.

Yes, in Him is Life. That… As sure as the sunlight produces life…
All botany life comes out with sunlight. Last year, it was… And how
the winters froze and everything, but as soon as the sun begin to bathe
upon the earth, what happened? New life comes up; new…
I was talking to a man (Mr. Wood, back there); we was down in Kentucky.
I met a man, and he was supposed to be an infidel. I heard he just
passed on. And he… Mr. Woods went up and asked him if we could
squirrel hunt on his place.
He said, "Sure, you can squirrel hunt, Banks. Go right on."
He said, "I brought my pastor along."
He said, "You don't mean you've got so low down, Woods, till you have to have a preacher with you all the time." And he said…
I got out of the car and walked over there. And there was an apple
tree, he and another old gentleman was setting under. And so I picked
up a apple and begin to eat it, and he was talking to me. And I
inter… Brother Wood introduced him as… Said, "Meet our pastor."
And I said, "How do you do, sir?"
And we talked a little bit, and he begin to talk about… Well, that
he'd never went to church, and he didn't know as he'd missed anything.
I said, "Oh, yes, you have."

I let him talk a little while, and after while he said, "You know,
there was a preacher who came here to Campbellsville, or to Acton (a
little city) up here on the Methodist campgrounds." And said, "That
preacher was never in this country before. And one night while he was
up there preaching a three nights meeting, he looked back down through
the crowd and seen a woman setting there, and told her that she was
praying for her sister who lived up here on the hill, dying with a
cancer. Said, 'You've got a handkerchief in your pocketbook.' And said,
'Take that handkerchief and lay it on the woman, and she'll be healed.'"
Said, "That morning, wife and I were up there." And said, "We turned
that old woman in a sheet. She hadn't been out of the bed for two years
or more–cancer of the stomach. She couldn't even keep water on her
stomach." And said, "The sister got up from the meeting, and left that
night, and came up, and laid the handkerchief on the woman."
And said, "The next morning, she was cooking eggs and bacon, and making
breakfast, and eating." And said, "She's been up there," (This was
three or four years ago.) and said, "she's still well."
He said, "Now, if he ever comes in this country again, I'm going to
hear him." Said, "Because he produced something that made it look a
little more than just a bunch of words to read. It introduced something
that was a living and alive. How did he ever know she lived up there on
the hill?"

I looked over at Brother Wood and shook my head. And I was standing
there full of mud, and squirrel blood, and everything from hunting; he
never had an idea it was me up there preaching. So he–he stood there a
little bit, or set there, rather.
And I said, "Sir, you mean, if you could see something that was–looked God–God did something supernatural…?"
"Oh, yes," he said, "that'd make me believe."
I said, "Yes, sir." I said, "How old is this apple tree?"
He said, "Thirty something years; I planted it there so and such a year."
I said, "Every year it comes–brings up apples?"
I said, "This is just about the middle of August. We haven't had one
freeze or one cold spell." I said, "We haven't had any weather at all
but hot summer. And tell me why. How is it, that those leaves are
dropping off that tree?"
He said, "The sap's gone back into the ground."
I said, "If it didn't go back, then that tree would die in the wintertime."
"That's right; sap stay up in the tree, it'd kill it. It has to go down into the roots and hide."
I said, "You tell me what makes that sap–here in the middle of the
summer–what intelligent sends it down into the roots to live through
the winter, to come back next spring to bring you another crop of
apples, I'll tell you it's the same Spirit that told me to go tell that
woman to go lay that handkerchief on her. It's the same God."
He said, "You're not that preacher."
I said, "Yes, sir, I am." I said, "You see, you look for something out
in a meeting, but God's right around you everywhere. You just can't
keep from seeing it." Watch nature.

Now, some people might refuse to walk in the sunlight. What if there
would be such a person that would say, "Oh, the sun's not shining, no,
sir. I don't believe it." and run into his basement? Say, "I'll only
come out when it gets dark. When I come…" He refuses the help of the
sun. Well, if he does, that's–that's just his own stupidity; that's
all. The sun's shining.
Somebody come up to the window, and holler, "Come out, John. The sun is shining."
"I refuse to believe such nonsense; that's fanaticism."
Now, he certainly misses the warmth of the sun; he certainly misses the
life giving rays that it gives. He certainly misses the beauty that it
shows, and the life that it brings forth. That's the way a man or a
woman trying to go to heaven through a creed, trying to go to heaven
through a church without Jesus; you can't do it; He is the Way, the
Truth, and the Light. As sure as–as the s-u-n brings forth all plant
life, the S-o-n brings forth Eternal Life; and He alone has Eternal
Life. That's why we should come to Him. We'll miss it through a church;
we'll miss it through a creed. We only can come to Him to find Eternal
Life: He alone.
Peter said, "You're the only One that's got it; that's the reason we're here for It. We come to You to receive It."

Now, you watch light… When that sunlight begins to shine, why, there
isn't–there isn't a seed in the ground, but what will live. It can't
help it. You put a sidewalk down your road–down your path; pour it
over with concrete; make it four foot wide. And you let the sun go to
shining and the grass come up, where you got your most grass? Right
along the edge of it. What is it? It's those roots. You can't hide life
from the sun. That sun goes to shining, them little roots wind their
way out for a hundred yards if necessary, and they'll come up. That's
the grass that was under the sidewalk; that's the one was under there.
The light's a shining; and when light shines, life comes to its
And when the Son of God shines upon a heart, Eternal Life comes to
existence. "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light." There's three
reasons we should come.

The fourth is: Jesus is the only safe and secure Foundation that
anything could be built on. That's right. It's the only foundation that
can be built upon; all other foundations is sinking sand. "On Christ
the solid Rock I stand; all other grounds is sinking sand."
A lot of people build upon riches. They try to work, see how much money
they can make. They say, "If I can't spend it, my children can behind
me." What does it do? It re–leads to a slavery; you become a slave to
your money. Many people don't maybe…
You don't have to be a millionaire to do that; you can just covet
money, and you're just as guilty as the millionaire. See? There's just
as many "pennyaires" as there is millionaires will be in hell, because
it's your attitude towards it, what God has given you. Now, if you
build it upon riches, it'll fall.

Then there is a great thing that this America's trying to build upon.
It's trying to build upon the foundation of popularity. Young girls,
young boys, they look at the–the television stars, movies stars; try
to act like them, dress like them, impersonate them. What does it do?
Leads to a ruined life of chaos. It's stubbles of hay which will be
burned at the judgment.
Jesus is the only Foundation, the only sure Foundation. That's the
reason we should come to Him. Nobody else has that foundation; riches
doesn't have it; popularity doesn't have it. And today, we've got so
much building foundation. Oh, we want, we just… American people just
can't do nothing Sunday; they got to… They got to build a fence; they
got to do this. What are you doing? You realize what you're building is
going to blowed to bits pretty soon? That foundation is crumbling

Many of us building upon education… We can't even get teachers to go
in school, we're talking about… Now, that's all right. School's all
right in its place, but it'll never take the place of Christ. No, sir.
Now, we got… Can't even get teachers. Our teen-agers are so rough,
till people won't even try to teach them. Little Oswald, and–and–and
Les, and all of them, they'll run the teacher out of the building.
They'll set up a protest; they'll strike; they'll close up the school.
I don't blame them; I wouldn't be a school teacher either, if I could
get out of it.
But we're talking about education. Now, that's all right–education. We
don't want a bunch of illiteracy, but we want education in its place.
But the trouble of it is today, we tried to educate our pulpit. And
when we did, we took the Way out: Christ is the Foundation and that
Way. When we put education… Education's all right.

Now listen, many times education leads to the demon of education, and
that demon of education leads you to a know all. And when you get
there, then you become an infidel and deny Christ. So you can't build
upon the foundation of education. Neither can we build it upon
political powers.
You say, "Well, my… I'm so interested; I'm Democrat."
"I'm a Republican; I'm…"
Both parties is rotten. There's only one Foundation; build upon Christ!
This nation don't need to build upon any other foundation but Jesus
Christ. Right. No other foundation is laid; no other foundation is–you
can get to heaven on. No other foundation is secure, but the Foundation
of Jesus Christ.

Some time ago in New York, I was riding along with a friend of mine,
minister. I said, "Oh, that great building. Oh," I said, "looky,
there's probably fifty stories or sixty. Oh, it's a mammoth big place;
how beautiful it is." I said, "Well, there's no one in there."
He said, "No, and there won't be."
I said, "What's the matter?"
He give me the estimation of what that building approximately cost–in the millions to build that building.
"Well," I said. "Why didn't somebody move in to it?"
Said, "As soon as the building got almost completed, all the outside
polished and everything," said, "they come to find out that the
foundation wasn't right. It'd been laid upon some kind of a soapstone,
not a real stone. Therefore, the building was condemned." And said,
"It's only served for one thing: That's for the contractor to climb up
to the top of it, and jump off to commit suicide."
No matter how good the outside looks, there's not another foundation
that's sure, but the Foundation of Jesus Christ. He is the real
Foundation to be built upon.

Mexico, a beautiful city, I was in here couple years ago where the
little dead baby… I picked up a man down in the city awhile ago,
drunk as he could be; bringing him up.
And he said, "I seen you stand one time, Reverend Doctor something or
other," (He was Cas… Catholic, he said.) And said, "Bring a little
dead girl back to life again." And he said, "I've always respected you."
I said, "Do you know Jesus?"
He said, "I'm Catholic."
I said, "I never asked you what church you belonged to. I said, 'Did you know Jesus?'"
And I told him the story of this little Catholic woman standing out
there at nine o'clock that morning with a dead baby in her arms, until
ten thirty that night, it pouring down rain; and how the Lord brought
that little baby back to life again. I wouldn't let them announce it
till the doctor announced it–said the baby died, and he announced it
dead at nine o'clock that morning. And this was that night at
ten-thirty, and the little baby's living today, as far as I know.

And in that city… It's a beautiful city, but the buildings are all
beginning to set backward, because they were so interested in getting a
modern day architect to get the building pretty and polished (Which I
doubt if there's any place in the world could beat it in beauty.), but
they failed to go deep enough to get on the rock.
That's what's the matter with our churches today, friend. That's what's
the matter with the Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal,
Nazarenes. We've got to dig as individuals, and not depend on our
churches. We've got to dig, ourselves, until we strike that Rock, that
Jesus said, "Upon this Rock I'll build My church; and the gates of hell
shall not prevail against it." He's the only true Foundation, truly.

Then another thing, fifthly, I'd have to say this: He's the only
successful and secured Happiness and Peace. That's a reason we come to
Him. Oh, I know you can laugh like an idiot, or you can get out here
and laugh till you go into hysterics at some joke that some movie star
popped off or something. Or somebody, he might get a little till much
to drink and laugh like he was some loon. But that don't bring peace.
There is no other peace and no other happiness like coming to Jesus
I've seen people put on. I've seen young women try to brush theirselves
around with their new frocks on and act like they were happy; they're
not. They're only building a painted fire; you can't warm by a painted
fire. You've seen young men that try to think his muscles was so big
that you could drive a nail down and never touch him, and a knife would
bend its blade on them; just give him a few years, and he's turned back
old and wrinkled. There's no eternal happiness outside of Christ.

Looky here–I'll put any of you here tonight in perfect health, your
family in perfect health, all around you. What about mama that's not
here? How do you know your dad's not dying now? How do you know that
one of your children didn't get killed a few minutes ago away from
here? How do you know that something else hasn't happened? How do you
know you're going out of this building tonight? You may drop in a heart
attack; you don't know. So there's no eternal happiness outside of
Christ; that's the reason we must come to Him. You can have whiskey;
you can have pleasure; you could have the things of the world, but they
are not successful happiness. Nothing can give peace like Him; He gives
a peace.
"Oh," you say, "I got peace."

If you've ever got real peace, you've got Jesus. If you haven't got
Jesus, you don't even know what peace means, until you come to Him.
I've seen people: Kings, potentates, great men, athletes, movie stars,
and all that; they're not peaceful. Look at them; watch their eyes a
few minutes; they're–they're neurotics. See? No man, no woman, no
child, no one can have peace outside of Jesus Christ. "My peace I give
unto you; not as the world giveth I unto you…" See? Not as the world
gives you peace, but He has eternal peace, a resting peace. If you
live, if you die, if… No matter if the rain comes or the sun shines,
you got peace any how. I like Brother Shakarian's old number he sings;
great big old fellow sings, "I got peace like the river; I got peace
like the river." Oh, that's right. When you got Peace, you've got
Christ; Christ is your Peace. So that's why we must come to Christ to
find peace.

Now, one more thing I want to say for the sixth thing. He… Or the…
Yes, the sixth thing: He is the only lasting Achievement. Tell me
anything that you could get, that s–cou–you could achieve would be
eternal, outside of Jesus Christ. Build a fine home; get a million
dollars; be the most popular woman in the country; strongest man that
ever walked on the streets; be the world's record prize fighter;
whatever you want to be; see if you don't windle and twindle and die!
That's right. It won't take but a few suns to do it. So the only
eternal Achievement there is is Jesus Christ. There…
If He's the most and the best that we can achieve for, let's–let's
make that our achievement then. Let's be sure that we get Him. You
might be a preacher; you might be a pastor; you might be a deacon; you
might be a church member. But if you have it in your achievement…
You might achieve and say, "I won't stop till I become a preacher." "I
won't stop till I become a deacon." "I won't stop till I become a
church member." Them things are all right, honorable. But listen here,
brother. Don't you stop short of Jesus Christ, or you haven't got an
eternal achievement. Because your pastor… that… Your work of a
pastor will soon fade away; your work as a deacon will soon go; your
church membership will be long re–dismissed from the minds of the
people just a little while to come. But if you've achieved Jesus
Christ, then you've got Eternal Life and you'll can never die.

Now lastly, I want to say this. Here's another reason we should come to
Jesus: He is the only One that has translation (I'm so glad of that.
Oh, that makes me feel religious.), the only One Who can translate.
Yes, sir.
I'll tell you what. You go down to the store in the morning (or Monday
morning, being tomorrow's Sunday). You go down to the drug store and
get you some medicine that'll make you so holy until it'll translate
you into glory. Let–let the doctor perform an operation on you that'll
give you translation from the grave into glory.
You get so smart and educated, that you'll know how to build a–like
a–the–another tower of Babel, and it'll end up the same way. Find
out; try to go some other way and find out. It's only those that are in
Christ will God bring with Him. The only translation that can be done
from earth to glory is through Jesus Christ. He is the only
Translation, only way to be translated. You can't buy it; you can't…
You can't work for it. You've got to receive it; it's a gift to you.
God's translation to take you…

Go down here and buy some medicine that'll turn you from an old man or
woman back to a young man and woman. Find out if you can buy it; you
never will. It never will be in existence in–in the medical realm. It
never will be in existence in any realm outside of Jesus Christ.
But He said this: "He that eats My flesh and drinks My blood hath
Everlasting Life, and I'll raise him up at the last day," translate
him, take him into glory. "And if this earthly body be dissolved–this
earthly tabernacle be dissolved, we have one waiting." Translation,
swapping houses, go from place to place…

He's the only One that has Eternal Life; He's the only One that has
happiness. May I say this too: He's the only… In Him is the only
place that you can go where you can see Him. The only place that you'll
ever be able to understand Him, is when you get in Him. You have to
come into Him to understand it. If not, you'll just–you'll just wonder
and beat your head around. You'll guess, and you'll… It'll be a
puzzle to you; you'll never understand it.
That's the reason those Jews in them days said, "Why, this guy's
Beelzebub; this guy's this, that, and the other." They never did come
to Him; they never did accept Him as the Way. They didn't accept Him as
the Truth, as the Light, as the Foundation, as the First, as the Last,
as Alpha, Omega, all these other things that He is. He's all in all.
That's the reason they couldn't understand Him. When they see Him…

There come Philip up, went over and got Nathanael, brought Nathanael
up, and Nathanael… Jesus walked… In the Presence of–of Jesus…
When Nathanael came in the Presence of Jesus, rather, Jesus looked at
him, and said, "Behold an Israelite in whom there's no guile."
He said, "Rabbi, when did You ever know me?"
He said, "Before Philip called you, when you under the tree, I saw you." The Ra…
The preachers standing around there, the priests, they said, "This man
is Beelzebub. He has the devil in Him; He's a fortune teller."
Jesus said, "You say that against Me, I'll forgive you. But someday the
Holy Ghost is coming to do the same thing, and one word against It will
never be forgiven in this world nor world to come."
How can you… He said, "How can you condemn Me when your own word says
that 'You are gods.' And if they were called gods who the Word of God
come to, how can you condemn Me when I say I'm the Son of God? If you
would've known My Father, you would've known Me also." That's right. He
said, "No man can come to Me except My Father draws him."

No man will understand God except Christ–you accept Christ. You can't
understand Divine healing. Why, somebody say, "Jesus Christ the same
yesterday, today, and forever." Little pastor here might preach it.
Some of you might scratch your head, and say, "Ah, I don't believe
that." See? You're in no condition to believe it. Just accept it by
faith, and then you'll see it.
Jesus said, "A little while and the world sees Me no more (That's the
world order.)–will see Me no more, yet ye shall see Me ('ye' the
believer), for I will be with you, even in you to the end of the world.
The works that I do shall you do also; even more then this shall you
do, for I go to My Father. I'll go away, and then I'll come again and
be with you."

E-43 Nicodemus asked the question, "How can I be borned again? I'm an old man–enter into my mother's womb the second time?"
He said, "Except a man be borned again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God."
that translation there is really "understand"–understand the Kingdom
of God. The Kingdom of God's within you, so you couldn't actually see
it, 'less you see it operating. But the only way you'll ever be able to
understand it; you've got to be borned again. To be borned again,
you've been filled with God's Spirit; then you're in Christ. And when
you're in Christ, the Holy Spirit that wrote the Bible, that manifested
Christ, is in you to recognize His own Self. Amen. That's why you must
come to Him.

That's what's the matter with America today. These meetings have swept
the country from east, west, north and south. That's the reason there's
an atomic bomb planted yonder for this nation. That's the reason a
destruction is at hand, is because that the works of God has been
manifested and people walked away without receiving Him, because they
don't want Him! They're ashamed of Him. Oh, they're not ashamed of
their church; they're not ashamed of their religion; but they're
ashamed of Jesus Christ.
When the apostles left their church and received the baptism of the
Holy Ghost at Pentecost, made them stagger like drunk men, speaking in
other tongues, and carrying on, and going forth and healing the sick,
and so forth. And they was called a bunch of–of–of illiterate,
ignorant people; the Bible said they were both ignorant and unlearned.
But they taken heed that they had been with Jesus, because they acted
the same way He did. They knowed that His life was in them, because
they were doing the works that He did.
Jesus said in Saint John 14:7, "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do, shall he do also. There you are.

That's why we got to come to Christ today. I believe Christ is soon
coming; I believe we're at the end of the road. I believe the nations
are breaking; I believe the end time is at hand. I know it is; frankly,
I absolutely know it is. I'll go further and say, "I believe it; I know
it." We're at the end of the road. Just how many days, how many years
or weeks, I don't know; nobody knows, not even Jesus. He said, "God
knows that only." I don't know when it will be, what hour it will be;
but I know that it's soon, for these are the things that's supposed to
take place just before His coming.
Let me persuade you tonight, my friend outside of Christ, if you want
the sure Foundation, the Way, the Truth, and the Light, you accept
Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and be filled with His Spirit.
Then when His Spirit goes to moving, you'll know His Spirit.

That's what was the matter with the men–they seen Him. The woman at
the well, she knowed more about God than half the preachers did of that
day. Why, as soon as she seen Him, she… He looked like an ordinary
Jew, just an ordinary man.
And He said to her, "Woman, bring Me a drink."
She said, "Why, it's not customary for you Jews to ask Samaritans such."
He said, "But if you knowed Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink. I'd give you waters you don't come here to draw."
He went talking to her till He discerned her, told her what was wrong
with her. Every one of us know what was wrong. We American people
believe that she was an adulternous; she had five husbands, and living
with the sixth.
So He said, "Go get your husband and come here."
She said, "I have no husband."
He said, "You've told the truth; you've had five, and the one you're living with is not your husband. You've said the truth."
She said, "Sir, I perceive that You're a prophet. Now, we know when the
Messiah cometh, He will make Hisself known to us that way. We know that
He will tell us these things."
He said, "I am He that speaks to you."
She left the water pot, and into the city she went. What had she done?
She'd accepted; she'd accepted it, the revelation, when it come to her;
she run into the city and said, "Come, see a Man Who's told me the
things I've done. Isn't this the very Messiah?" She'd accepted it.
There you are.

When the Pharisees and Sadducees turned around and said, "He's
Beelzebub. We won't have nothing to do with Him," because their reli…
They had a foundation; they had a way; they had a way. The Bible said,
"There's a way that seemeth right unto a man; the end thereof is the
way of death."
So don't take that way that seems right; come to Christ. Accept Jesus
as your Saviour and be filled with the Holy Ghost. Then when the Holy
Spirit begins to move among you, you'll recognize It. That's the way to
be healed: know Who the Healer is. Jesus Christ is the Healer. How
would He act if He come here tonight to heal you? He'd act the same way
He did back there.
A woman pressed through the crowd and touched His garment. He turned
around and said, "Who touched Me?" And everybody stood, and He looked
around until He found her. And He told her that she had a blood issue,
and said, "Your faith has saved you."
That was Jesus yesterday; that's Jesus today, if He's the same
yesterday, today, and forever. You can't believe that until you have
received Christ in you, then He witnesses Himself that it's Him. You
see what I mean? That's the way to get Him is to receive Him.

The seven reasons why we should receive Him now… "We can't go to no
other; Thou only." You can't go to the church and get that; I don't
know a denomination you can go to and get it. I–I ain't got nothing
against the denomination, but many people just think because they
belong to a church, that's all they have to do. You have to come to
Jesus. He's the Way, not the church. He's the Truth, not the church.
He's the Light, not the church. He's the Foundation, not our church
foundation. He's Eternal happiness, Eternal Life, the only lasting
Achievement, the only Translation, the only way to know God, the only
way to see the revelation, the only way to be healed, come to Him. You
must come to Him and recognize Him, believe Him.

Now, you say, "But, Brother Branham, I've never seen such works as that
ever done." Well, I hope you do; I hope you see that. The meeting is
just now fixing to start. I want you here that wants to find Him, to
know Him, would pray to know Him… How many would like to know Him so
you could recognize Him if His Spirit come in the meeting? Raise your
hand, say, "I'd like to know Him in such a way that I'd recognize Him?"
Thank you. How would you recognize Him? Because that He would do the
same works that He did when He was here on earth. Now, Saint John 5:19,
what did He say?
He passed by a pool of Bethesda that had a great bunch of people
crippled and twisted. Jesus walked by that two thousand or more people,
walked by them. He seen a man laying on a pallet, for He knew… See?
He'd seen him before. He'd been there all these years. And He said…
He wasn't crippled; he could walk.
He said, "Will you be made whole?"
He said, "I have no one to put me in the water. When I'm coming,
somebody gets ahead of me, can walk faster, get in first." He said,
"While I'm coming, another steps down ahead of me."
He said, "Take up your bed and go unto your house."
The man picked up his bed and walked on. He walked away and left them
there. Now, that didn't sound very good, did it? But that was Jesus.
Isn't it hard? Why? Now, if you'll just read on another verse, the 19th
verse, you'll understand why He did it.
When they questioned Him, He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you: The
Son can do nothing in Himself; but what He sees the Father doing, that
doeth the Son." You see it? "As the Father's worketh, I'll worketh
In other words, "The Father shows Me a vision. I see what He tells Me
to do, and I–I'll say just what He says Me say. I'll only do that what
He tells Me to do."
Well, that's the Foundation; that's the Truth; that's the Way; that's the Light. Hallelujah! That's Jesus!
You say, "I've never seen it."

May I say this in closing. A few weeks ago down in Florida, near the
Gulf of Mexico, somewhere down in there, or down in the Keys somewhere,
there was a–a doctor (I think it was) that went down to go fishing.
And he–he hired an old guide that was supposed to be a very good
guide, that would know how to bring him in and out of the waters.
And the old guide just got in the boat and pushed off, and went off a
little piece there with his oars and waited awhile. And it wasn't day
light yet, and the fellow begin to feel them funny winds as it comes on
the ocean of a morning, twisting, he said, "Say…" He begin to think,
"We're floating out at sea; the tide's taking us out." He seen the boat
look like it was moving. He said… He thought, "I don't want to speak
to that guide, but I'd better–I better say something." He got frantic.
He said, "Say, sir. We're floating out to sea, aren't we?"
"Oh," he said, "I think not," calm, quiet.
A little while, he noticed the boat still going out, foggy and dark. He
said, "We're floating out to sea. Do something! You're the guide; do
something! Hurry up, we're going out to sea. Which way do we go back?"
The old guide, just calm as he could be, set there and said, "Well,
just wait a little while; it'll be light. Then we'll know where we're
Just wait a little while. May the true Light of God shine in this
building tonight. Then you'll see where you are; you'll see which way
to go after that. Let us pray.

Heavenly Father, it is said in the Scriptures, "I am the Way, the Truth
and the Light; no man cometh to the Father except by Me. I am the Door
to the sheepfold. I AM, I AM, I AM…" on and on, until You finally
wind up to say, "I AM the I AM."
That "I Am" was not yesterday nor tomorrow; It's ever present the same
"I Am." In every age, in every generation, all through eternity, it's
still "I Am." Now, You are still that great "I Am," not the "I was, or
will be," yet You was and You will be. But yet You're ever present "I
No wonder the apostles said, "Whom could we go, Lord? To whom could we
go? We see You do these things. We know that no man can do these things
except God be with him."
Nicodemus declared the same, "Rabbi, we know Thou art a teacher that
come from God. We know it; we Pharisees, we church members, we know it.
We can't accept it; we'd be put out of the church. But we know that
You're a teacher come from God, 'cause no man could do the works that
You do, 'less God was with him."
Truly, Lord, that's the same today. You're the same Foundation, the
same Way, the same Truth, the same Light, the same Foundation. You're
the same happiness; You're the same translation; You're the same of
all. You're the same yesterday, today, and forever, The same One that
knows the secret of the heart, the same yesterday, today, and forever,
the same Healer, the same Saviour.
God, there may be sinners here. Twenty or thirty hands went up awhile
ago when I asked who would want to see You. I placed them off a little
while longer upon my last remark, "Wait till the sun shines, then
you'll see where you're at." Don't be frantic; don't run out of the
church. Don't be–oh, say, "It's too hot to set here any longer." But
let's wait a little while. Let the sun shine; let the light come up;
let Jesus come on the scene and perform and do like He did here when He
was on earth. Then we'll see which a way to go. Grant it, Father. We
ask this in Jesus' Name and for His glory. Amen.

I know it's hot. We don't have too much time. How many believes that
those statements are true? There's no other way to turn; there's no
other way. Well, how can you be sure? I've condemned the church as an
organization. I've condemned the foundation it's built upon, upon the
doctrine of bishops and so forth. "Having a form of godliness and
denying the power thereof." Because they do not believe in Divine
healing; they do not believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost. They do
not believe in the Full Gospel doctrines. They're a denomination.
The Pentecostals is getting just as far away. That's right. Nazarene,
Pilgrim Holiness, they're drifted, because they begin to accept the
doctrine of man, fig leaf religion, men strolling: "Where can we go?"
Are you going to be like the seventy that would turn away, or will you
be like Peter tonight? Said, "Lord, where would we go? Who else could
we go to? We've seen that You have the word of Eternal Life; You're the
only One that has it."

And Jesus is the only One that's got your soul in His hand. Your church
can't help you; Christ helps you. Where can you found–or ever believe
or see a foundation that can achieve anything after death? What can a
church do for you after death? What can a church do for you when the
doctor's turned you down? What can any man do for you when the medical
science has turned you over, eat up with the cancer? There's nothing.
But there is a Foundation; there is One. There is a Way; there is a
Light; there is a God; there is a Healer; there is a Saviour; there is
a glorified One. And He's in our midst tonight, because He promised
He'd be when He said, "Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name,
I'll be in their midst. The works that I do shall they do also. A
little while and the world (that's just the church, the outsiders),
they won't see Me no more. Yet you shall see Me, for I (And anybody
that ever went to grammar school knows that 'I' is a personal pronoun.
See?), I will be with you, even in you, to the end of the world. And
the works that I do shall you do also."
What works did He do? As the Father showed Him. That's the reason I
said on my last statement, "Wait!" I've not preached to you in vain. If
Jesus doesn't do what I says–what the Bible said He did, what I quoted
for you the Scripture He did, then I've told you wrong. Then the
Bible's wrong. Then let's go out and find Mohammedan religion; let's
find Buddha or some other religion that is true.

Let me tell you right now, brother, before you start: There's only one
Way, only one Truth. There's only religion that exists that can prove
that their founder raised from the dead and lives forever more. Amen!
That's the Church of the living God. They're made up of Methodists,
Baptists, Presbyterian, and whatevermore–Nazarene, Pilgrim Holiness,
Pentecostals. Every man that's borned in the Kingdom of God, that's
received Jesus Christ, is built on that foundation and can never pass
away. Rest in that Eternal hope, even though they might throw dirt on
your casket in a week from now, yet it'll never bother you one bit.
You'd just move from this old building to a new one, that's all. He
will raise you up at the last day.
Jesus Christ is the only place to turn. I turned to Him with all my
heart, with all my strength, as I would be if I had five hundred
thousand (as we did in Bombay) here in this little church tonight of a
hundred and fifty people or something like that (maybe not that many),
the same way, to rest myself upon Him that He will reveal Hisself some
way tonight that will make you understand that He's here.

(Prayer cards… Did you get to give… That's right you said you'd
give out how many?) Brother Ruddell, I was expecting tonight really, by
its being so hot, people'd be jammed and packed and packed in here and
so–so forth, but it–it isn't that I guess they…
[–Ed.] If I got in
first, I wanted to go get my wife, and I drove by to see if there
was–how many was here, I seen it was full; I'd just come on back in
(See?), come look turn around and come back.

E-56 Now, it's hot. But, oh… [–Ed.]
Just a few and then maybe we can get a few more, few more and pray for
them. Now, I don't say the Lord will do anything outstanding for us;
maybe He will, maybe He won't. I don't know.
(Now, what… Did you start from one? One.) All right, who has prayer
card number 1? Would you just raise your hand? Somebody with prayer
card number 1. (Are you sure of that?) Number 1? Oh, I'm sorry. All
right, lady, you come around here.
Number 2? Who has number 2? Prayer card number 2, would you raise up
your hand? The little girl? Oh, I'm–I'm sorry. Prayer card number 2,
would you raise up your hand? All right. You mean prayer card number 2
is not in here? This lady? All right, come right here, lady, right over
Number 3? Look, quickly now. It's might be somebody deaf or somebody
that can't raise up. Number 3, raise up your hand, please, prayer card
number 3… All right, sir. I know this man.
All right, number 4, raise up your hand, prayer card number 4…
Somebody that has got number 4, please? This lady here? I believe I
know that lady. I'm not mistaken, I think I do. Number 4…
Number 5? Back in the back? All right. Number 6, prayer card number 6?
All right. Number 7, prayer card 7? The–the gentleman coming. Number
8? (Billy, would you go down there and fix them, so he can have a place
to stand or something another.) Number 9? Who has prayer card number 9?
This lady here? All right. number 8. All right.

Number 9? Who has prayer card number 9? Look around; somebody that may
be deaf. Number 9? Number 9? Did they walk outside? Look around at
your… Say, anybody that's got a prayer card in their hand, look
around; it might be somebody that can't get up. Prayer card number 9…
We don't want to miss any one. Does this lady here have number 9?
Look… (No, no, that's–that's way up there.) Number 9… You want to
just come if your number's called, if you will. Number 9…
I know this lady. Miss Ford, do you have number nine prayer card?
Somebody see–maybe she can't hear. Bi… (Gene, would you go down here
just a minute, and see about..? Or, Brother Fred, come here and help
Billy a minute.)
All right, number 10? Who has number 10? Number 9? Number 10? Where's
everybody at? All right, we'll start with these then, get these. All

Now, how many of you there in the prayer line knows me? You know me,
and he knows me. All right. How many out there in the audience that
doesn't know me, and I don't–you know that I don't know what's wrong
with you and yet you're sick? Raise up your hand. All right, all right.
Now, you that doesn't know me and I don't know you, I want you to do
this: I want you to look up this way and do like the woman did, while
we just have this little prayer line.
Now look, them people are sick; I don't see no crippled people,
but–but there's people sick. Now, if they need healing, well there's
one Guy can heal them; that's Jesus Christ–one Man. Now, How can He
done it? How does He do it? Because you believe that He has done it;
that you believe that He has. Now, if He lives, then He's still the
Healer. Is that right? Raise up your hand. If He still lives, He's
still the Healer. All right. Then if He can prove to you that He's
alive here tonight, if He can prove… to Himself…

Now, He can't be here in a body form, because His body's setting at the
right hand of God. How many knows that? And know that the Holy Spirit
that was in Him is back here now doing the same works that It did when
It was in Him? That's what He said. All right. Now, if He will do that
same works that He did in us…
Now, you don't have the prayer cards and don't know me, and raised up
your hand, you look this way and say, "Lord, I believe that You're in
here, and I want to touch Your garment. For the Bible said that You are
right now a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of my
infirmities. Now, I'm sick and I need prayer; and I want to touch Your
garment. Then You speak through Brother Branham and tell me what to
do." Just–just do that; find out whether He's here or not.

Who's the first in prayer line? All right. Is the la–this the lady in
the chair here? All right, all right. First thing I–I believe, I
don't… I don't know you; I don't think. We're strangers to one
another? We're strangers. All right.
Now, here's a woman that I do not know. I know nothing about her, never
seen her in my life. She's a stranger to me. And we're here as a
picture just like it was in the Bible. Here a man and a woman meets
like Saint John 4 (if you want to read it). Jesus met the woman at the
well. And He never seen her, and she didn't see Him before.
So He said, "Woman, bring Me a drink." What was He doing? Contacting her spirit.
And she said, "It's not customary for Jews to ask Samaritans such. We have no dealings."
He said, "Go get your husband and come here."
She said, "I have no husband."
Said, "That's right, you got five; and one you're living with is not yours."
She said, "Sir, I perceive that You are a prophet. Now, we know, we
Samaritans, we know that when the Messiah cometh, He will tell us these
things. But Who are You?"
He said, "I am He that speaks to you."
And she run, told all the city, "Come, see a Man that told me the
things that I've done. (Or something about her) Isn't this the very
Well, if that was the sign of the Messiah in that day, and He's the
same yesterday, today, and forever, wouldn't it be the same as–today
as it was then? Wouldn't He do the same thing? How many of you in this
building–sinner or not–would believe it if He would do it the same
way? Let's see your hands.

Now, here is my hand. As far as I know, I've never seen the woman in
all of my life. I… She's standing here saying, "Thank you, Jesus."
She may be a Christian; she may not be. There's a lot of people say,
"Thank you, Jesus" knows nothing about Him, many of them. See?
He said, "Many will come to Me that day, saying, 'Lord, Lord.' I never even knew you," He said.
Now, if Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He's here
in our midst, if I can humble myself before Him to submit myself to
Him, then He'd work through me just like He did His… God would work
through me like He did through Jesus with the woman at the well. Is
that right? Now, here we are; both of us never seen one another. Would
it make all of you believe? Would it strengthen your faith? Then if
He's here, if He's alive, then He's still your Saviour, still your
Healer. Is that right? Now, see if He will.

Now, God, this is in Your hands now. The rest belongs to You, for we
know that man cannot do these things. It has to come from You. Please,
Father, tonight, for the benefit of the people that's setting here, for
the glory of the Gospel, let it be done tonight, Father; that the
people might know that You still remain Jesus Christ, the same
yesterday, today, and forever.
And may the–the darkness that may be in some of their hearts now, not
knowing, guessing, wondering, if You'll just come and shine the light,
may they see that Way then, and move into You. If they're sick, may
they be healed. If they're lost, may they be saved. "We'll see the way
back to the shore when the sun rises." Grant it, Lord. May the Son of
righteousness rise now, with healing in His wings and spread forth His
great Being over this place. Grant it, Father. We ask it for God's
glory, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I want you reverent, for we realize we can't… This is not playing
church; this is calling the Presence of Almighty God into this little
building. Now, you see where I stand? There's a hundred and fifty
people here. I've said this before tens of thousands and hundred
thousands, and as many as five hundred thousand at one time–where
they're setting there with atheist, unbelievers, infidels, snake
handlers and everything else. He won't fail.
Now, He's got to prove that He's the God of the Bible or He isn't the
God of the Bible. And if He is the God of the Bible, He's the same
yesterday, today, and forever. If He can tell this woman what she's
here about–I never seen her–or tell her something that she knows I
don't know nothing about… If He can tell her what she's here
for–like He did the woman at the well–if He can explain to her
something that she knows… If I don't even know her and she don't know
me, then here we are standing here for the first time in life–surely
that would shake you so hard till all the fog would go away from you.
May He grant it, is my prayer.

Now, the lady that's here to be prayed for… I want each one to
believe now. Now, not knowing the lady, I would just like to talk to
her just a moment as our Lord did the–the woman at the–at the well,
just in order to contact her spirit.
Now, we are probably… We've never met before, but yet the Lord knows
you and He knows me. And if He can tell me what you have come here for
to ask me about, something that–that you know, and I don't know
nothing about you. Now, if He's sent you here, and brought me here
to… maybe can explain to you, or He can speak through me and tell me
what you come up this platform for, would it make you believe Him? If
He would, it would make you believe.

Now, see, and the audience said they'd believe. Here we are, ready for
something to happen if God's still God, the same thing that Jesus
Christ did.
I can see the lady now. She wants me to pray for her eyes; she's got
something wrong with her eyes. Now, that wasn't a guess. That's right.
Her sight's failing her, and she wants to be prayed for her eyes.
That's the truth. That's… If that's right, wave that handkerchief to
them, sister.
Now, I never seen her before in my life. What did that? What did that?
She seems to be a nice person. You think I guessed that? All right,
we'll see.
Now, lady, that the all suspicion might be taken out of this church
from henceforth, that when Brother Ruddell preaches that Jesus Christ
the same yesterday, today, and forever, that it might be known by this
pulpit that Christ Jesus manifested His glory and proved it to be so…

Yes, I see she's… Her eyes is going bad. It's astigmatism that's in
her eyes. Then another thing she's got something wrong with her; she's
got a… She's had an operation of some sort that's made a great scar
of tissue. She isn't from this city, neither is she from this state;
she's from Kentucky. That's right. And she's got a daughter she wants
prayed for, a little girl about eight or ten years old. She wants
prayer for that daughter because the daughter's up for an operation.
See if that's true or not. Was that true, lady? If that's true, wave
that handkerchief again to the people. It's a little girl. All right.
You believe that God can tell me what your name is? If God…
Here, I'll tell you something else. Here comes a man standing by the
side of you; that's your husband. He's standing right back here. That's
right. He's also needing healing. He's got rheumatism. That's right.
See? Your name is Camphor, that's right, and you're from Kentucky. Go
back down in Kentucky and receive… Take that handkerchief and lay it
on the child. Believe with all your heart…?… Operation, amen.
Do you believe with all your heart? That's almost an encyclopedia of
the woman's life. I hold my hands; I never seen her before in my life.
That's right. Uh-huh. Now, see? What did he touch? What did he do? He
touched that High Priest. He touched that One that can be touched by
the feeling of our infirmities. Now, healing is God's own witness, His
own glory.

All right, you… I believe you're a stranger to me; I don't believe I
know you. God knows you. If God will reveal to me what your trouble is,
or what you want, whether it's sickness, domestic, or whatever it might
be, you'll believe with all your heart? Will you, lady?
Now, here's another lady that I do not know, and she does not know me.
We're total strangers to one another. This is our first meeting time in
life. But if the Holy Spirit can come present, come in here now and
tell us something about this woman… Now, to heal her, I could not do
that. She… God did that when He died at Calvary. If she's a sinner, I
could not save her, because Jesus did that at… That's already
finished. But He can come in the Presence of His Being to show that He
is still alive and His works are still…?… to make it real to us. If
we can believe it. "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." If
you can just believe now. Have faith in God; don't doubt.

Now, somebody's feeling good, just… That's all right. I was going
down through the state of Kentucky the other day, I heard a man come up
through the bushes screaming.
I said, "Is that man… What's the matter with him?"
Said, "He's just drunk and feeling good."
So is this man, but he's drunk on a different drink, just drunk and
feeling good…?… "Be not drunk upon strong drink, but be drunk on
the Spirit," said the Bible.
Now, this woman here, being a stranger, if God can tell her what her
trouble is, or something about her, that she knows that I do not know,
let her be the witness. She'll know whether it's true or not. Is that
right, lady? Would it help you if–if God did that? Now, to heal you,
sister, if I could do it, I'd do it, but I can't. I'm just a man.

But the lady is here to be prayed for. She's got a gall stone
condition. That is right. And she's also got diabetes. That's what you
want prayed for, isn't it, lady? If that's right, raise up your hand so
the people can see. You believe God can tell me who you are? Would that
help you? It would? Then Miss Johnson, go back and take your seat, and
be healed, if you believe it, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
If you can't believe, I don't know what's wrong. There's something
wrong. Don't you see the sun light is shining? That's the same thing
that Jesus Christ is.

I know this man. I was… His mother-in-law is here, and–and I know
his wife. I haven't seen him for a long, long time. His Name's James
Morris. But I don't know what he's here for; I don't know what's wrong
with him. I haven't seen Jim in so long, but I… He knowed me when I
was a little boy.
But Jim, if the Lord can reveal to me what you're here for, will you
accept it as… get… You believe then you'll get what you ask for?
You're here for a son. That's a mental condition. Do you believe he
will be healed? Go believe it then, and may he be healed.

I know this lady; she's the wife of a very dear friend of mine. Her
name is Himmilhaver. I seen you in a store here not long ago. I have no
idea what's wrong with you. I know you; I know your husband. Your
husband and I come up together as boys. And he studied, I believe, a
chiropractor–to be a chiropractor. That's right. And I–just to know
what's wrong with you… But if the Lord will reveal to me…
Now, Mrs. Himmilhaver, for the sake of–of–of–of Gilbert and for his
sister that I used to go with, if for–for their sake, if I could heal
you, I would do it. But I can't, but He will if you'll believe now. And
if He will let you know that–that… Of course, I know your name, and
I've known you for a long time, but I don't know what's wrong with you.
If God will tell me what's wrong with you, will you believe Him
with–for your healing? Arthritis is what's your trouble; I see you
stiff, trying to get out of the bed at morning. That's exactly right.
All right, go back home and receive your healing, Mrs. Himmilhaver. The
Lord God make you well; believe with all your heart. The Lord bless

Do you believe with all your heart? Have faith in God. All right,
here's a lady. Look here, sister. No, I don't know the woman. I suppose
that we don't know one another, but God does know us. Is that right? We
were born years apart. But this is our first time meeting, as I know
of, or you know of. This is our first… You can see her shaking her
head, "That's right." This is the first time I ever seen the woman in
my life, and…
But–but God knows us both. He knowed us since we were children; He
knowed us… He knowed us before the world was ever formed. He knowed
we'd be standing right here tonight. He knowed this instant would take
place, before there was even a–an atom or a molecule. He–He–He knew
it. See? Because He was… He's infinite. He knowed everything before
the world was ever formed, He knowed everything that ever happened. He
knowed every gnat, every time it'd bat its eye. He knows everything,
'cause He's infinite. See? And you can't confine infinite to anything.
He's just… He's… It's just perfection of perfection dwelling in.
He's just arrived; that's all. See?

Now, if He can tell me what your trouble is, then will you believe with
all your heart? You will? With all your heart? All right. You are
suffering with a heart trouble that you want prayed for–heart. That's
right. Now, there's something else on your heart though. That… See, I
caught that. See?
You thought, "Is he going to turn me back 'fore he says this thing?"
No, I'm going to tell you. You're here for a boy, your son. That's
right. And that son's not here; that son is in Ohio. He's in a TB
hospital with TB, and he's not saved. And your praying for his soul and
for his recovery, THUS SAITH THE LORD.
I challenge you to test that out and see if that's right or not. That's
true, isn't it lady? It's the truth. All right. I can't heal; will you
believe? Then go and receive… Just as you have believed it; that's
just exactly what you will receive. Go, in the Name of the Lord. Amen.

You believe with all your heart? See, He… The–the–the Light's a
shining; we know where we are now. We're in the Presence of the Lord
You say, "He's reading their minds."
All right, I won't even look at this lady. Put your hand on mine, lady.
If the Lord will tell me this way, looking this way, what's wrong with
you, will you believe it and believe that you'll be healed? It's in
your back. That's right. If that's right, raise up your hand off of
mine. Go, be healed; Jesus Christ makes you well. See? All right.
He's–He's just the Lord Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and forever. All right.

This man coming, you want to be cured of the arthritis. You believe
that God will heal you? Return back and get well; that's just how
simple it is. Just believe it. Go back to your seat, and say, "I
believe with all my heart, with all my mind." You'll get well. Just
believe it with all your heart; don't doubt. All right, sir?
This woman here… 'Course you see she's shaking; she's got palsy.
Maybe there's something else wrong; let's see. Yes, sir, she's got
sugar diabetes. You believe God will heal you of that sugar diabetes,
Lord God, we condemn this evil thing in the Name of Jesus Christ. May
she be healed. Amen. Return to your seat, and get well, sister. You
believe with all your heart?

What about you setting there? You believe? You believe me to be–to be
God's prophet? There's… If you can believe… You that don't have a
prayer card, you that's–that's sick and needy, have faith in God. You
can believe it.
All right. You brought that boy for healing. It's in his back. That's
right. He's crippled. You believe you can take him back down to
Arkansas, and he'd get well and he'd be all right? You want to give up
them cigarettes, and say, "I quit," and be–and serve the Lord and do
what's right? Will you do it? All right, all right; then go. Lay your
hand over on the child now while your setting there. May the Lord God
of heaven heal the child, and make…?…
I challenge you to believe! There's a lady setting here looking with
her eyes down, looking–looking at me. You got trouble with your leg.
That's right. You believe God can tell me who you are? Would you
believe me? Mrs. Wooley. All right, sir. That's exactly right. Never
seen you in my life. That's your husband setting behind you there. He's
a preacher; I never seen him in my life, but that's true.
You believe God can tell me what's the matter with you, sir? You got a
place on your face; you don't know whether it's cancer; you don't know
what it is. Got a rupture too. That's right. You want to be healed.
That's true, Mr. Wooley? All right. Do you believe with all your heart?
Then go and receive your healing in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
That's right.

What about your eyes? You believe God will make you well back there,
setting there looking at me? All right, if you believe with all your
heart. Just have faith in God; that's all you have to do.
Oh, my, it's happening all over now, if you can just believe it. It's
just getting so much in here now, everybody's trying to believe. Now,
do you believe that He is the Son of God? Do you believe He's the same
yesterday, today, and forever?
Now, is there a person here that don't know Him as your Saviour and you
want to be saved? Would you want to do that? You never have received
the Holy Ghost and you'd want to come and be in Christ so you could be
a believer? Raise up your hand if you say, "I would like…"

God bless you. Come up here at the altar right now. (Give us a little
chord on that piano there just minute, 'fore we finish up.) I invite
you to come here to the altar here. Come right here and kneel down.
That's it young fellow. Rise right up… Come here, little girl, you…
That… Look at this little boy; that ought to be a shame this…?…
You want to go over and apo…
You want to come close to Him? Come right on now; come right on up.
Amen. Come right up now in the Presence of the Holy Spirit. That's
right, brother. Come on, now; won't you to come up here and kneel down
before the healing service goes on. Come right up here now and get
healed in the soul, then watch what takes place. Come into Christ. He's
the Way, the Truth, the Light. No man comes outside of Him. Say,
Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterian, Lutherans, whoever you are that
hasn't received the Holy Ghost, now's the time to do it. Come on up now
and come into Christ.

You'll wonder at this; you won't know how to take a hold of it. You
won't understand it, 'less you receive the Holy Ghost. Come now. If
I've told the truth, God spoke to me; God spoke through me. I've told
the truth. He is the only Way; He is the only Foundation; He is the
only salvation. There's not salvation in any other Name given under
heaven, but in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Won't you come receive Him now? How many backsliders is back there and
would like to come up here and kneel down now? You that's backslid and
went away from God, would you come right now? Come on up; this is the
Now look, if you turn this down, I don't know whether's any–be any
hope for you or not. And I ain't saying it, because I'm standing here.
But I'm telling you, friends, what more can God do? This is the time;
this is the hour. God's speaking to people.

That's right, sister; that's right, sisters. Come right on. This is the
hour; this is your time. You'll never be any closer to Him till you die
and go in His Presence. He's right here proving Himself alive. Won't
you come?

O Lamb of God, I come! I come!

Just as I am, without one plea,

But that Thy blood was shed for me,

And that I come…?… to believe,

O Lamb of God, I come! I come!

Just as I am, and waiting not

To rid my soul of one…

Don't have one dark blot of unbelief. Come on! This is it!

To Thee, whose blood can cleanse each spot,

O Lamb of God, I come! I…

How could you turn Him away, after He's come through the Word, come in
Person, let you know that He's here, speaking to you, speaking to you
now? That little voice Who's speaking to you, that's God. He wants you
to come. We ain't got much longer to be around here friends. We're
leaving here.
Won't you come and kneel with this bunch of people, and say, "God be
merciful to me. I now want to accept Christ; I want to be borned again.
I want to be filled with the Holy Ghost…?… I want to be real."
Come on right now down around the altar as we sing this next verse. Will you come now while we come?

Now, some of you good Christian people, come up here around with them.
Some of you sick people, come kneel down too. Some of you people that's
Christians, come up and kneel down with these as we pray.

… receive,

Will welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve;

Because (You come with them, sinner. Come with them, you… ) I believe,

O Lamb of God, I come! (Come right down here in now.)

Just as I am…

To rid my soul of one dark blot,

To Thee, whose blood can cleanse each spot,

O Lamb of God… (You'll miss out of a blessing if you don't come.)

Just as I am, Thou wilt receive,

Will welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve;

To Thee, whose blood can cleanse each spot,

O Lamb of God, I come! I come!

I want…?… the whole church now, bow your heads every one in prayer.
Pray for these people around the altar, each and every one.
Everybody here at the altar now, you've come upon the basis of the shed
Blood. You've come here to receive the Holy Spirit; you've come to be
forgiven of your sins. God, Who is just and willing… There'll be
water waiting; you could come to the pool tomorrow to be baptized down
at the church if the pastor wants to bring you there.
"Repent every one of you and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ
for the remission of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy
Ghost." While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on them
that heard it…?… God of heaven, Who was with the apostles, Who is
God forever more, is here tonight.
I want everybody bow in prayer. Everybody just raise up your voice and pray while the pastor leads us…

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