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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called To Take On The Whole Armor Of God
was delivered on Sunday, 1st July 1962 at the National Guard Armory in Santa Maria, California, U.S.A.
The tape, number 62-0701,
is 1 hour and 57 minutes, and consists of 2 cassettes.

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Thank you, Brother Borders. And let's bow our hearts just a moment now
for a word of prayer. Heavenly Father, as down through these many
years, that song, I've heard it call me to the platform around the
world, all kinds of languages. I thank You, Lord, that all things are
possible. We can think of seeing the disciples at the bottom of the
mountain completely defeated, after You had given them power to heal
the sick, and raise the dead, and cast out devils. And there they was
totally, completely, defeated on an epileptic case.
But coming down the hillside came the Master of faith. The father,
running to Him, said, "Lord, have mercy upon my child. He has a devil,
and oft time he falls into the fire and pines away." And said, "I
brought him to the disciples, and they couldn't cure him."

And we can see, as the wind gives a little puff and His hair blows; He
said, "I can, if you believe. For all things are possible to them that
believe." Father, it's true yet today, that all things are possible
when all doubts can be put away, and faith can take its place. And may
we somehow today, by the power of Almighty God, be able to do that: put
away every shadow of doubt and let all things that's–be possible to us.
We thank You for the great meetings, for the ministers, for their
churches, the people, their cooperation, for the auditorium. Everything
that's been done, Lord, we thank You for it. All of our efforts, we
pray, Father, that each one has put forth will be blessed and
multiplied. And may it return to You like bread upon the water,
forgiving all of our sins and healing our diseases, and helping us to
live so in this present world that people can see Christ in us.

There lays here today many handkerchiefs. laying on the platform on
this pulpit. I pray, Father, that You'll bless each one of them. They
represent sick people, afflicted. And I pray that the Holy Spirit
that's present now will bless these handkerchiefs for their intended
purpose. You watched every one, Lord. You put it upon their heart to
lay them up on here. You knowed what they had need of, and I thank You
for them people having that much confidence, Lord.
Now, I'm offering my prayer upon the altar with theirs, and praying
that in Jesus Christ's Name that You'll heal every one of them, Lord,
from the youngest to the oldest, from the sickest to the best. Grant
it, Lord. May it be done through the power of Christ, for we ask it in
His Name. Amen. Can be seated.

I have–I'm short of words when it comes to saying how I appreciate
this time of fellowship here at Santa Maria. I am very grateful to this
group of ministers that has sponsored this program. And I appreciate
them, in knowing that in their different organizations and things they
have… To have me here they stuck their neck way out, leaned backwards
to do things like that, because I've been accused of an organization
fighter, and that is not the truth. It's far from the truth. I have
nothing against any organization, not at all. But the system of
organization I don't believe in. I–I believe in the men that's in
those organizations.

For instance, if I seen you going down a swift river in a little boat,
and I knowed that boat was going to drop out here after while, and it
couldn't stand those riffles, I'd be an unjust person… I would be
a–an enemy to you to let you float right through them riffles, and not
warn you to get out of that boat. See? It isn't–it isn't I got any
thing against you; it's the boat you're in. That's the thing. You see?
I–I love you. I'm–I'm trying to help you. And these men know that,
and they–and they stuck their necks (as we say) way out and leaned
backwards to have me here. And I will… Keeping the message just as
simple as I possibly could, little dramas and so forth, and to try to
be a blessing to you all.

And I'm sure in leaving here, I'm taking a blessing from being with
you. It's been a great thrill to my heart to see that there is still
people on the earth, even after the revival is over, that's still
trying to press on for the Kingdom of God. I appreciate men of that
caliber, and I–and you people. (I suppose all the debts was made,
everything?) All expenses was made. You had to sponsor that. You had to
pay for it. Wish I could've just paid for it myself, but I–I can't do
that. I can't afford it; I haven't got money like that. And I… The
reason I can come to small meetings, as I have explained…
Now, there's some of our brethren, such as Brother Roberts, and many of
those men, who have great business, and they have radio and television,
and so forth, that they've got to make so many thousands of dollars
every day to sponsor that. See? They have to have it.

Well, the Lord always knows what He's doing. He knowed–He knowed not
to put me in nothing like that. It'd drive me crazy. See? I–I couldn't
do it. I just haven't got the mental powers to do it, and… But He did
let me have people who love me, and I–and I try to take what little I
have got to put my part into the Kingdom.
Now, Brother Roberts, and Brother Allen, and all those other brothers
who have the great meetings, we're all working for one Kingdom (You
see, see?), all of us working for one place. And each man is trying
with his gifts that God has give him to throw souls into that Kingdom.

Well, with my little part, I'm trying my part to put with theirs to
push you up towards Father, and I don't have to have nothing but just
the–the expense, the meeting, the people. I would have it in churches.
Used to do it until it got so pathetic, in cold countries and hot, and
people standing around the churches, the little sick children to be
prayed for, and wives, and be disappointed. So then we got to letting
them rent auditoriums and just let the people pay for it. That's took
up. That's all of it. It settles it.

And I'm–I'm very grateful for men of big caliber that has great
meetings and so forth. I'm very thankful for those men. Here some time
ago I stood by Brother Roberts, one of the most successful one in that
line and in the–out on the field today, I guess, is Brother Oral
Roberts, fine Christian brother. And I'd just been over to Brother
Tommy Osborn. And both of those brothers came into the ministry by
coming to one of our meetings when we first started. And then I–I…
And Tommy Osborn, anyone knows that precious brother, he's–he's just
one of the finest men. He's just a darling. And I've been over to his
place and seen his big business for the Lord and seen his books, and
his secretaries, and the big IBM's.

And I went over to Oral's then, and went through that great millions of
dollar building, how they imported, and the ceiling all woven with
aluminum wires, and oh, I felt unclean to walk on the floors of–of the
place, and the great offices, and see five or six hundred IBM machines
running. And mail's not even touched with human hands. See? Just come
in there, and go through machinery, come through opened up, went down
through conveyers, and through this and out, and gone like that, never
touched by human hands.
And I thought, "My, my, what a system."

Then they put… There was some of my friends waiting outside on the
front. Then the big gang gathered up there, and I couldn't go out the
front way. They had to take me out the back way. And I went out; two
policemen come in and taken me out. I went into the parking lot around
on the other side, and I was standing there looking. No windows in the
thing, just some kind of an indirect lighting. How perfect. You see
them take a coffee break there, and just hundreds and hundreds and
hundreds. And I think, "What a tribute to a faith of one man, one
little Oklahoma boy, that God would grant such a thing." I thought,
"God, I thank You for that."

I looked over there to a little old brother, Tommy Osborn. I thought of
him, of how that he was down there–up here at Salem that night, or
Portland it was, Oregon, when that maniac run to the platform and
challenged me. Maybe people here was there when that happened. Was
going to kill me right there on the platform. And I was speaking on
faith. He said, "Tonight I'll break every bone in your body, you snake
in the grass," and spit on me.
And I–I knowed better than say anything, and I just waited. And the
Holy Spirit said, "Because you've challenged the Spirit of God tonight,
you'll fall over my feet."
He said, "I'll show you whose feet I'll fall over," and he pulled back his fist to hit me.
And I said, "Satan, come out of him in Jesus' Name," and he fell across my feet till he wedged me on the floor.

And Tommy and them seen that. He went home and nailed hisself up in a
room, waited three or four days, then come home up to Indiana, run
around the car, a little, nervous fellow. He said, "Brother Branham, do
you think God's give me a gift of healing?"
I said, "Tommy, it shall come to pass that that talk about gifts of
healing will be run so far into the muck and mire, until it'll be
terrible. There'll be such a mixed multitude go up with this. It'll be
all kinds of sensations, and isms, and everything else arise, till it
come to pass that everybody has to have some kind of a healing ministry
or they won't even be feel they're on the field. And that's only to
degrade the man that's absolutely trying to hold his position.
Remember, you're just as important in the Kingdom of God as anybody
else." And so… And I said, "God called you to preach the Gospel, did
He said, "Yes."
I said, "You look like a promising young man." I said, "Then Divine
healing goes with preaching the Gospel. (And that's right.) So just
pray for the sick." And that's what he's done. How God blessed that
boy: smart, intelligent.

I stood there and looked around. I felt about that big, standing there
before that great big building, looking around. I thought, "My."
I kinda had a little funny feeling go through me, and I thought of
Tommy over there, and Oral here; and I was on the field before both of
them. And my, I'd hate for them to come to my office: one little
typewriter setting in the end of a trailer, and trying to get somebody
to help me answer the letters, and so forth. I thought, "My, what…
I'd sure feel ashamed of myself like that."
I thought, "Well, God, I guess I just wasn't… You couldn't trust me
with that much, that like that. I might have done something that wasn't
right, so maybe You couldn't trust me." Maybe that's what it was.
And now, not degrading to the brethren, or not… Hope it doesn't sound
sacrilegious, but just as plain as you hear my voice, a voice spoke to
me that said, "I'm your Portion."
I said, "Thank You, Lord. I'm happy to have that portion."
"I am your Portion."

So I thought that sounded–made me feel good. I guess He just did that
to encourage me, because I felt so like I hadn't done nothing when I
stood and looked at them, what God had done for those brothers.
Then I thought maybe at the end of my road, when I finally finish my
last sermon and pray my last prayer, that maybe He will give me a
little portion of Himself over there somewhere. And I hope to be there
at that day with all of you.

Amazing, a little boy, little bitty lad, didn't look over twelve years
old (I don't see him here), had a little usher band on his arm, come up
just now, and knocked on the window. I was setting there reading a
Scripture. I'd been studying on a Scripture to preach on this
afternoon, and I–I was looking through to be sure that I had the
Scripture at the right place. And I'd had a few wrote down here, and
I–I was checking them over. And this little boy come up, said,
"Brother Branham, can I take your picture?"
And I said, "Yes, sir. You sure can," I said, "if your camera will
stand it." So I got outside. He took my picture. I said, "You better
examine it. It might be broke." And he just laughed, cute little fellow.
And he said–he said, "I don't think it is."
And I said, "Well, I hope it's not." Then he turned and looked at me. I said, "Do you live here?"
He said, "I do."
I said, "You sure got the most wonderful climate of anywhere I've ever been."
And he said, "Thank you." He said, "Well, Brother Branham, I don't want
to detain you; I know you're studying. And if I never meet you here
again, I'll meet you at the other side." A little boy, was a little
I thought "That's right." Yes.

Partings leave behind us

Footprints on the sands of time;

Footprints, that perhaps another,

While sailing o'er life's solemn main,

A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,

In seeing, shall take heart again.

That's right. Let us see where we can come from; and make footsteps,
that if there is a tomorrow those who come on will follow the
footsteps. Let's be sure they lead straight to Calvary, 'cause that's
the place. Thank you all again.

And now there may not be, the… I don't know who takes care of these
armory, whether it's the–the officer of the day, or whether it's
the… who it is; or–or whether it's a committee, or… Whoever it is,
I want to thank them for this precious time that they have given us,
and this army building here.
And I don't know too much about the army. I always wanted to be a
soldier. You heard my life story, how when I used to just look at
magazines and see soldiers, and I–I–I wanted to have a uniform so
bad. And I–I think it's a credit to have–wear the uniform of this
United States, to what we represent–a great honor. The First World War
I was too little. I was only about four years old. And in the last
World War I was too ugly or something. They didn't take me, so
they–they wouldn't have me.
I went over to register as a minister, and he said, "Are you married?"
And I said, "Yes, sir, I am."
And he said, "We put ministers in the class of 4-H." And said, "When we need them we call them."
I said, "I'll be waiting, sir. I'd sure like to get out there and
encourage the boys, do all I could." They never did call me, so I guess
they–they didn't need me.

So I remember I wanted to wear a uniform so bad, I… A fellow had a
Boy Scout suit, and I told him, "When you wear it out, will you give it
to me?" And he said he would. And finally two or three years passed,
and I kept asking about that suit. And he tried to find it, and he
didn't find nothing but one legging. And I took that, and I wore that,
that one legging. I'd stand up to the blackboard at school to write,
and I'd put that legging on the right leg, so I could stand this way,
you know, and write sideways. Everybody thought I had on two, you know.
I just had the one. So it was a uniform. But I was always kind of
little, and…

You know, after all I–I did get a uniform. You might not see it on the
outside, but it's on the inside as… I'm going to speak on that just
in a few minutes. And I hope that I can live so it will show on the
outside, is my prayer.
Let's read now out of the Scripture, 6th chapter of Ephesians, 10th verse beginning.

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord,… in the power of his might.

Putting on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of…
darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of
God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done
all, to stand.

Stand therefore, having your loins girded about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

And above all, take the shield of faith, wherein ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of faith, which is the word of God.

The army of the United States didn't receive me because, I suppose,
there were men more eligible. But I'm glad that I got enlisted in an
army of the Lord. And He gave me a uniform.

Paul here is speaking, is talking about preparing a soldier for battle.
The Gospel has many leans. You can liken it unto one thing or another.
And Paul speaks of it as a runner in Hebrews the 12th chapter. "Seeing
that we are compassed about with such a great cloud of witnesses, let
us lay aside every weight, and the sins that easily beset us." He's
speaking there of the Olympics, or perhaps the Roman Circus. And so now
he's speaking of armored men going into battle and how he's got to
prepare himself.
I was thinking this afternoon, being that we're closing out here in
this armory today, that I would take that for a text. "To Take On The
Whole Armour of God," be equipped, be ready, because we wrestle not
against flesh and blood, but against Satan, God's enemy,
principalities, and wickedness, and evil spirits, wickedness in high
places. And we're pressing towards the mark of the high calling, and we
are certainly in a battle.

And no nation would dare to send a man on the battlefield untrained. He
might not only get himself killed but another group. He doesn't know
how to take a hold, and so he must be prepared for it. And the nations
are wise to that. They get their men ready.
Now, the spy system of the whole world, you know, it's so that even
though we be friends with other nations like England and–and our–our
allies, yet we have spies in England; and England has spies here. And
we have spies all over the world, and the world has spies here, whether
we're friendly or not friendly. It's the system that they use. It just
seems like that you, in that national affair you cannot trust anything.

And you know why? Is because the whole world is controlled by Satan.
Every kingdom in the world is ruled by Satan. We hate to think that,
but that's the Scripture. You know, the enemy taken our Lord up into a
high exceeding mountain, exceedingly high, and showed Him all the
kingdoms of the world, and said, "They are all mine. I'm the ruler of
them. I do with them whatever I want to, and I'll give them to you."
Watch the wisdom of the Lord Jesus staying with the Word of God. He
knew He'd fall heir to them in the Kingdom, in the Kingdom that is to
come in the millennium. So He said, "Get thee hence, Satan."

Now, you see, Satan can do with them whatever he wishes to. Now, if
these nations were controlled by God, we'd have no war. There would be
no more conflict. There would be… God's. But Satan is the ruler of
every kingdom. He rules the world. But someday…
You see it in the people. Every person is wanting one nation to control
the world, want one flag, and they want to be the most powerful nation
in all the world, and take everything under their own control, and make
all the rest of the nations speak their language. What is it? It only
shows that there is such a place.

As David said, "When the deep calls to the deep…" Now, before there
can be a deep to–calling on the inside, there has to be a deep to
respond to that call. In other words, I've often made this kind of a
statement in saying this, quoting this Scripture: before there could be
a flower to grow in the earth, there had to be an earth first, before
there was a flower to grow in the earth.
And go out here to the seashore and think of the fish. Now, before
there was a fin on a fish's back, there had to be a water for him to
swim in to use that fin, before the fin ever come there. See?

And now, we all are looking for a place where there's no death, where
there's no sickness. Look at us. As little boys and little girls it
was–our main object was win some marbles, or spin tops, or play dolls.
Then we had to go to school. Then when we… Next thing was which woman
would we choose, or which man, for our life's companion? Then the
family come on. They–they–the family has to be educated; the home has
to be paid for. And time that's done, we're finished too. Our hair has
turned gray and slipped out, and we're–our face is towards the setting
of the sun. See?

But we're longing for that something inside of us, that's saying
there–that there is somewhere… What is it? It goes to show that that
place is somewhere. Here you are setting here this afternoon. I
looked–passed by a lady. The Holy Spirit just said, "Turn around." She
was setting there in a wheelchair with her hand up. What's she doing
here? Here sets a beautiful young woman setting here, crippled up;
maybe a man setting here, arthritis; maybe one with heart trouble.
Now, these people in a wheelchair may live an ordinary life. See? You
often wonder sometimes about crippled people. Anyone can see they're
crippled. There's no miracle in telling them they're crippled. It's
this that looks nice and healthy, then tell them where their trouble
is; that's the miracle.

But sometimes when a person's crippled, they think that's the end of
it. Oh, no, no. Just watch. I–I know what it is, but I'm watching to
see what He tells me to do. See? I can only speak as He speaks. But you
see, they're–they're thirsting, hungering for somewhere. Something
tells them that there's a power somewhere that can liberate them. Well,
just as sure as that's in your heart, thinking that, there's got to be
a fountain somewhere of healing. See, see?
See, before there can be a creation, there has to be a Creator to
create the creation. See? And as long as in you is thirsting for
somewhere to touch, there is a–surely a fountain open somewhere that
you can touch, because it has to be. Something's created that in you.
And if–if there was no Bible to tell us so, still it would have to be
a reality, because there's something in you that a Creator has created.
And before there can be a desire, there has to be something to fulfill
that desire.
Did you ever have something you were hungering for and you just
couldn't get the taste of it? After while you got it. There it was.

Now, we're longing for somewhere there's no death, no sorrow, no
heartaches, no old age. That land is somewhere. And we'll never be able
to achieve it by guns, and fighting, and so forth, of the natural
carnal weapon. But there is a land that we can go to, and it's a battle
to get there.
When God gave Israel Palestine when he was in Egypt, but they had to
fight for every inch of it. And he told Joshua (in Joshua 1); He said,
"Wherever the soles of your foot treads upon, that I have given you."
So footprints means possession. See? Just keep walking, walking,
pressing on. And every time you make a step into the Kingdom of God,
that's yours, just on… And all things are possible that's given; and
all things are given that's possible. But it's a battle.

And in our achievement here in–in the nation, of trying to look around
to find out what's taking place, the spies of the other nations here,
spying out on us… We have spies over there spying out on us. They're
watching to see what kind of a new weapon that will come up. And then
they have–take that back to their own country, and find something to
counteract that weapon, that'll beat it, get a little better.
Now, first war I remember is the World War I. I was a little boy. And I
remember my father coming up the road driving two horses and a wagon.
He… And he had a sack of beans setting on the wagon. And we'd go down
on Saturday and buy sack of beans, and a–and a sack of flour, and a
sack of meal, and–and a few things like that to run us through the
week. And I said…

I heard him say, "War was declared, mother. You hear all those
whistles?" Dad was about twenty-three or twenty-four years old then. He
said, "I may have to go."
And I thought, "My daddy go to war? I'll take this sack of beans, and
hit somebody with it if my…" See? And I was just a little bitty
fellow. And I remember his rifle, the old Springfield rifle, how he
said it would shoot through a telephone post. That rifle is absolutely
The old steam engines on the tracks, that used to bring up the
ammunition and–and bring up the soldiers to the battle front, a great
old fellow that old steam engine was, but it's obsolete. They don't
have it no more. They got something far better than what they had then.
Then in the next–next war, the–and Garand rifle taken the place of
the Springfield. And now they've got atomic missiles; the Garand
rifle's gone. They're always renewing and getting something better
to–to combat the enemy.

And we are a army. The Christian church is an army of God. We are
soldiers, soldiers of the cross. And it is the business of every nation
to see that their soldiers has the best that there is. Nothing…
I was preaching the other night about achievement at another meeting
somewhere, and I talked about our American soldiers. When Washington
was at Valley Forge, about half of them had on shoes. They were
bare-footed. But they had a general that prayed all night. He swept
across the Delaware the next day. That's why we got America. It's men,
gallant men who had something to fight for. We should never let them

Now, they had muskets in them days, knives. That's the best they had.
Any nation… They had the best we could give them. And today look at
the difference in our army today than there was then.
But you know, when God… Being infinite, infinite He cannot change.
There's where my faith rests, is on God's Word, because It is God. And

See, a word is a thought expressed. And when God thinks anythings in
His mind, and then when He expresses it, it's eternal. Because no man
is any better than his word, and God is eternal, and His Word is
eternal with Him, because it's part of Him. And you are part of your
own word, and God is part of His own Word.
Now, I can say anything, or the nation can say anything, in a year or
two they have to keep improving it. But God is perfect, and His first
decision is… He cannot change it any more, because it's perfect;
'cause God would not do anything unless it was perfect.

So when God… The first battle that was ever fought was not fought on
the earth; it was fought in heaven, Michael and his Angels against
Lucifer. And they were kicked out of heaven. And then that great army
of the devil and all of his imps fell upon the earth, and God knowed
there was going to be a battle. I believe He knowed from the very
beginning everything that would ever be. If God's infinite, He knowed
every flea that would be on the earth, every gnat, how many times it
would bat its eye, and how much tallow they'd all make together. He's

So the infinite God's going to choose for His army the best weapon that
could be given. And He chose it, and it was His Word. God gave His army
the best equipment that it could ever use, and ever could use, and
would never have to be changed. And He's never changed it since. You
don't improve it; it remains the same all the time. It's God's Word
that He fortified His people with.
No matter how many things Satan ever gets, how many things any other
army ever gets, or anything, it can never take the place of God's first
choice, His Word. He gave them His Word, His promise, and said, "Stay
with it," the best that could be known.

Now, the enemy knowed as long as the human race stayed with that Word,
he'd never be able to touch them. (Now, I'm beginning to feel religious
right now.) As long as the human race stayed with the Word… God
fortified His family on the earth, His army, in the fort of His Word.
That is our Fortress. "The Name of the Lord is a mighty tower. The
righteous run into it and are safe." They're fortified.
The Lord is the Word. They are in there fortified and safe forevermore,
as long as the human race stays in the Word. As long as the church
stays in the Word it's fortified. There's nothing going to bother it.

Now, the enemy, to try to get a spy in there, to try to get in there
some way, he had to get some kind of a tactic to work his way in.
That's the way spies work their way into this nation, is some kind of a
tactic to get through the–the consuls and so forth. They had to have a
way to work theirself in here. Communism had to do the same thing.

While we're thinking about communism, let me give you a little word.
This is going to sound strange for a preacher, but don't you never fear
anything about communism. It ain't nothing. I want any minister, or any
Scriptural leader, to ever show me in the Bible where communism will
rule the world. Romanism's going to rule the world, according to the
Bible. You watch that. Don't you think about communism. It's just a
puppet in the hands of God to fulfill His will. Exactly what He said.
He uses that. But don't you never worry about communism. It's Romanism,
the Bible says.

There's three curtains. As I leave you this afternoon, I leave this
with you. Remember, there's three curtains. One of them's called the
iron curtain, one of them the bamboo curtain (China and so forth,
eastern). And then there's a purple curtain. Don't fear the bamboo
curtain or the iron curtain; but be careful of that purple one. Better
be careful. The antichrist shall be so close to deceive the very
What is the elected? When that light shines upon that (S-o-n) s-u-n
shines upon a seed that's governed by botany life, it'll come to life.
And when the S-o-n of God shines upon that predestinated seed, it'll
come to life that quick, just as soon… I don't care what state of
life. It might be a prostitute, it might be a drunkard or a gambler.
It'll shine at that minute, as soon as it strikes it. "Deceive the
elected if it was possible."

Now, notice. Satan tried to get in there to spy out, to see what–how
he could get a hold of that human race, and he took one of the most
famous tactics that… Well, it showed that he had to be a supernatural
power to think of it. And he used this the first time and was
successful, and he's done it ever since, and still successful to a
certain estate. He used reasoning against faith.
Satan come to Eve and begin to reason against the Word of God, the
great Armor that God had fortified His people with. He begin to use
reasoning. Now, "It's only reasonable that God would not destroy you.
Surely you will not die." But remember, friends, that's Satan's tactic
to begin with, and he still uses the same thing, and still successful
with it: a reasoning.

They try to reason: "Why would we need the Holy Ghost today? Why would
we need Divine healing? Why would we need this, and how would we need
another Pentecost? We're all civilized." They were too.
But you see, if whatever it taken to begin with, and whatever God give
them to begin with, that's what it ever remains. And tactics of
reasoning is what Satan used, and that's what he ever uses: reasoning.
We know our enemy, because any enemy… (Now, Brethren, I have let away
from doctrine, you see, around here, but I've got to say this.) Any
enemy that reasons against… Or any person, any church, any
organization, any individual that reasons against one punctuation of
God's Word is your enemy. It takes the Word to defeat the enemy.

When Jesus of Nazareth was here on earth He never used His power; yet
He was God manifested in flesh. He never used His power when Satan come
against Him. He said, "It's written." What did… He had to do that,
because Eve broke down on that. And what Eve lost, Christ regained.
Where Eve let down, Christ fortified again. "It is written: man shall
not live by bread alone. It is written, thou shalt not tempt the Lord
thy God." It is written, it is written. What is it? He stayed with the
original artillery. But Eve let down. She begin to listening to reason.
And there's people today who can almost reason you right down and prove
to you that the thing is wrong. Satan was very successful with Eve.
What does reasoning do? It makes it appealing. "Well, now, if I want to
be religious…"

Please don't get me wrong now. A man comes to a place he wants to
be–wants religion. He wants to be saved; he doesn't want to go to
hell. No human being wants to go to that place. It wasn't made for the
human being; it was made for the devil and his angels; wasn't made for
human beings.
Now. But the human being sends hisself in there. God throws every red
light He can across it, and the people fights right on beyond it. You
Before you can come–become an unbeliever, you have to bypass faith in
God's Word first before you can become an unbeliever. You have to run
the red light of God.

Notice, these people, how that Satan made it so appealing. And sin is
appealing. I know I haven't got too long on this text, but I'd like
just to take my time for a few minutes. Let's stop on that just for a
moment. We could be here in the morning on the same subject, but let's
just watch.
Sin in the last days, Peter tells us, that he will go about like a
roaring lion. It's getting worse. Now, I want to ask you something. I'm
not condemning; I'm just making a statement. Some of you older men, or
let's take any of us, and go back to a picture of some woman fifty or
sixty years ago that was a beauty queen in her day. Pearl White, Scott
Jackson… She was supposed to be America's most beautiful woman. If
you'd see her picture hanging on a wall, you'd think it was an antique.
What is it? It's women have become more beautiful. Satan is dressing
them in that way, fixing them in that way. See, that becomes that way
because it's become more appealing. It's a…

I–I'd better bypass that, 'cause I promised I wasn't going to get into
them things again. See? But how it is, that was his first tool. He's
bringing it right back again in the last days. Sisters, don't get mixed
up in that stuff. Stay away from it.
Did you notice, in every sex that there is, the male is always the
prettiest. Which is the prettiest, to say the–in the bird family? Look
at the–the little… Someone said, "pheasant." That's all right. Let's
look at the big cock pheasant, how pretty he is, and look at little
speckled hen. Let's take a look at the deer: the doe, a plain little
homely-looking thing, and the buck, a great big beautiful species.

Look at the bull and the cow. Look at the elk, the male and female.
Look at anything that you want to look at, and you'll always find that
the male is the prettiest, besides the human race. And the male is
ugly, and the female is pretty. That's right. If you see a male that's
a little pretty thing, you just remember; there's a misplaced cell
Now, that ought to make all of us ugly ones feel good. But it is. When
you see a man looking and acting like a woman, there's a tiny bit of
perversion there somewhere. And you see a woman trying to act and look
like a man, it's perverted there again. It was both male at the first
time, and God separated them. He put the masculine spirit in the man,
and took the feminish spirit, and put it in the woman. And when you see
a man trying to be feminish, or–or a woman trying to be masculine,
there's something wrong somewhere.

Notice. So that they would be one, both soul and body, He took a rib
from his side, and made a woman. See? A woman is not in the original
creation; she's a byproduct of the man. See? Today in America she's
boss, god, and everything else. She'll twist down the street and send
more souls to hell than all the bootleg joints you could place between
here and Los Angeles. That's right.
But yet a good woman is the best thing that God could give a man,
because it's part of him. But of this Hollywood down here, and such
hellholes as that has corrupted the nation and the life of the nation,
and broke the backbone through the immorals of womanhood and
motherhood, through divorce courts and everything else. (I–I'll get
off my text. I'll come back again sometime.)

It's appealing. Now, he makes it again… He makes it educational,
intellectual. Did not the Holy Ghost tell us in II Timothy, 3rd
chapter, that in the last days it would become an intellectual group in
the church? "Heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of
God, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, and despisers of
those that are good?"
You say, "Them's communists."
Oh, no. Them's so-called Christians (See?), having a form of godliness
but denying the power thereof. And the power is the Word made manifest.
Said, "The Gospel come to us not through word only, but through power
and demonstrations of the Spirit." I'm speaking of the army of God now:

Makes it appealing, rich, glitter… Oh, everything's a glittering with
Hollywood, the swag-hole of the earth. And used to be that we went to
Paris to get model conditions for our women, and now Paris comes here
to take them from us. I preached here some time ago on "The Invasion of
the United States," and overthrow of the American government. You ought
to heard it.
I had a little flapper setting on the platform, or a little twister,
ever what you call it, and said, "Here she is." And that is right.
Lowest of all the nations: more divorces in America than there is the
rest of the world put together almost. Corrupt, dirty, filthy, and the
last civilization, and we're on the west coast, where the east and the
west will meet. That's right. Right in our own churches, right among
our own people…

But Satan makes it appealing. Certainly. It's appealing. Sin's
appealing. But the enemy keeps finding a better bait. He will strip her
off a little more, and do this, and do that. And don't worry, he will
never make her completely naked. She'd be horrible then. See, he knows
just what to do. But Satan keeps bringing sin in. And that was the
original sin. That's the way he's going out: with the same thing as the
kingdom come in, the warfare.
Now, watch. But God doesn't have to do anything more to His, make it
any more appealing. The only thing He has to do is just raise up a
standard of His own Word against the enemy. When the–the Bible said,
"When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God raises a
standard against it." What does He do? He makes the Word that He's
already said more positive (whew!), and taking His same Word, and just
making It more positive.

I haven't got my purse, but did you ever notice on the back of an
American dollar? Over on one side it's got the American seal, an eagle
with the arrows in his claws: American seal. But in the other corner
that faces you, I believe the right-hand corner, he's got a pyramid.
And he's got wrote under there, "The Great Seal."
Why would our nation would think of making an Egyptian pyramid "The
Great Seal," above even our seal of American eagle? Did you notice?
Just above the pyramid is the headstone standing above it like an eye

Now, I've been to Egypt, and in those pyramids… How I could take all
afternoon. Now, I don't believe in doctrines of pyramids. I'm only
making a parable. But as you notice that pyramid, it never did receive
the stone. Enoch built that–that pyramid or in his days. They can't
figure it out.
Now, they got all kinds of religions on it, like they have on the
zodiac. But everything in… God wrote three Bibles. The first one was
in the heavens; the second one was in the pyramid; the third one's on
the earth, and everyone of them agree with one another.

Watch. What does the zodiac start off with? The Virgin. What does it
end with? Leo the lion: the first coming of Christ, and the second
coming of Christ. And we're now in the crossed fishes, which is the
cancer age: perfect. Watch the–the tower here, the pyramid. The first
is way wide; next it become more in the minority; then up close again;
and then the headstone come.
What was it? Luther in the reformation, justification. Then the enemy
begin to come like a flood. He raised up a standard, sanctification, a
little more powerful in the Spirit. Then when the enemy begin to cover
that over and they begin to organize and join this, that, and the
other, then the Spirit of God moved into the Pentecostals, the baptism
of the Holy Ghost. They organized, and went off. Now, what's He doing?
There's no other age to come to, but He's taking that Pentecostal
church and taking the elect out of that, and honing it so that when
this Headstone comes upon it, will have to be like the rest of it.

Why, it's so… Them rocks laying up there of hundreds of tons, laying
up there, it's so close together without mortar that you can't run a
razor blade between them. And when the Headstone comes, Christ comes to
His temple, it'll have to fit perfect like the rest of it. And the
ministry of the Pentecostal church will have to get so perfect till
it'll fit right in with the same ministry that He had here, which will
take the whole thing in the rapture, being the church. Right.
Now, "When the enemy comes in like a flood, He raises a standard
against it." Now, watch. In Eden He gave them His Word for their Armor,
just the Word spoke. Then the enemy came in like a flood, and He took
the Word and made it flesh to dwell among us, a little stronger. From
up there speaking, here He is walking on earth. Glory. Going to call me
a holy-roller anyhow, so you might as well get used to it now.

Oh, first it was the Spoken Word out yonder. Now, here It is; you could
touch it; It's made flesh. And then when the enemy still come in like a
flood, He poured the Word into the person, being the form of the Holy
Ghost. There's your one, two, three again: justification,
sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost, Like Father, Son, and Holy
Ghost, and so forth, in perfection.
Now, notice the Spoken Word. God above us, God with us, God in us: the
Word above us, the Word with us, the Word in us. Hallelujah. Ye are
God's, God's army, marching on: God's Spoken Word above us in a Pillar
of Fire; God's manifestation of His Word in flesh; now God's Spirit,
Spoken Word, in us. Amen. Oh.

Now, as it was in the days of Noah, there was giants in the land, you
know. And so, Satan also has his intellectual giants in the land.
That's right. Oh, my. D.D.D.D., Ph., double L, Oh, my, my, my,
intellectual giants… Oh, they know all the words, all the grammar;
they know–they just know it all, intellectual giants. But somehow or
another they become spies. And that's the spy system. Forgive me now,
intellectual brother, but it's a spy system that sits out among you to
take out the sheep and say, "Why, that's holy-rollers. That isn't so."
If it's with the Word, it is so. Now, we know we've got counterfeits
everywhere. That's right. It's a battle. You've got to know your enemy,
and you've got to know your Armor. Your Armor is the Word. Your enemy
is something that'll reason against It. "Now, I tell you, dear, you
don't have to do this. Our church is the biggest church. We got
more…" Uh-huh, intellectual giants… And you listen to him a few
minutes, he will have you so far away from the truth, till you won't
know where you're at. That's right. Oh, so deceiving, his collar turned
around, you know, and walking down, and say, "Well, we are… We've
been on the road a long, long time."

You know, here not long ago I see where the–the pope of Rome invited
all the churches back to the beginning. I said, "Praise God. I'd like
to do that."
"All of you come back to Rome, where the church begin."
I'd like for some historian, some Bible reader, or some scholar to
prove to me that the church begin in Rome. The church begin in
Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost. That's where the church started.
Rome had nothing to do with it. Rome was the ruin of it when it
But I'll tell you; organization begin in Rome. That's true. But the
church in its birth, in its armor, begin on the day of Pentecost in
Jerusalem. And if the honorable pope wants to go back to that time,
I'll join hands with him, and say, "Bless God. I'll put everything I
can for you. I'm trying to get back to that day."

The Message of the last day, the evening Light messenger (according to
Malachi 4) will be turning the hearts of the children back to the
fathers, the Pentecostal original message. Got it so scrupled up, and
so forth, out here… Take the Word of God.
Spies are in the land. Oh, my. They like to fuss with you. One come
here not long ago to me, and he had, "Only the hundred and twenty went
upstairs, only the twelve apostles received the Holy Ghost, Divine
healing. We speak where the Word speaks, silent where it's silent," and
went on like that. I just let him blow for a little while, like the
Irishman's owl, all fuss and feathers, and no owl anyhow. So he got
through like that.

I said, "Wait. You ought to give me a chance to explain that. Did you
say there was only the twelve apostles received the Holy Ghost?"
I said, "Then Paul didn't have it. Only the gift of healing was only
give to the twelve, you said? Then what about Stephen, that went down
and preached to the Samaritans, and laid hands on them, and cast out
devils in a great revival? What about Paul coming down there and laid
his hands, Peter come down, laid his hands upon them and they all
received the Holy Ghost? How about Acts 10:49 when the Gentiles
received it? Because the circumcision marveled, upon the Gentiles was
also poured out the gift of the Holy Ghost for they heard them speak in
tongues and magnify God. Then said, "Can we forbid water, seeing that
these should not be baptized that has received the Holy Ghost like we
did at the beginning?" Amen.
Glory. That's the truth. Oh, I'm so glad to have the sails set in the
winds of the rushing mighty wind, aren't you? Sails you right through
the Bible, Scripture by Scripture.

But to hurry up, these intellectual giants are too much for God's
humble people. Now, God's people has always been uneducated and humble.
Just tell me one time it was any other way. Watch the two sons. Watch
Cain and Seth's children. Abel was killed, which was a type of death,
burial, and resurrection of Christ. Seth took his place.
Now, Cain's children become intellectual, religious, 'cause their
father was intellectual (Cain), religious. And Cain built an altar;
Abel built an altar. Cain made an offering; Abel made an offering. Cain
worshipped; Abel worshipped. And if God only respects a church, its
order, its worship, its offerings, and so forth, if that's all God
respects, He was unjust for condemning Cain, 'cause he was just as
religious as Abel was. But he didn't come the right way.

How about Moab? There was Israel; there was Moab, who worshipped the
same God we do. What was it? It was Lot's daughter's child. And there
they was. They went out and brought bishop Balaam in. And he made seven
altars, just like they was down in Israel.
Now, Israel was a undenominational, had no nation to go to, but it was
going to one. Amen. Here we have no continuing city, but we're seeking
one to come. Watch. Balaam offered seven clean sacrifices, bullocks,
just like they had down in Israel. And Balaam offered seven rams,
speaking of the coming of Christ. So did Israel.

Then if fundamentalism is all that God requires, both places was
justified. But what was it? What was it that Balaam failed to see? He
failed to see that Pillar of Fire. He failed to see that smitten rock,
that brass serpent going before Israel for an atonement. He failed to
hear the shout of the camp–of the King among them. He judged them by
their works.
God don't judge no one by their works, judge you by your faith. Notice.
I want to clear that up about the little woman last night too. It
wasn't her works of washing her feet. He justified her then before
Simon by saying what she had done; He justified her by works, what she
was doing. But when He justified her in her own sight, He said, "Thy
faith hath saved thee," 'cause no man is justified by works. By her
faith in Him being the Son of God, not what she was doing, but her
faith in Him… And your faith always tells your works. That's right.

These intellectual giants are in them days were far… They… Look
what Cain's children become: scientists, doctors, workers of metal,
great men in the earth. But what was Seth's children? Farmers,
sheepherders. See, they couldn't compare with them at all, and God
likened us unto sheep. If anybody ever raised a sheep…
A sheep's one thing, when he's lost, he's totally lost. He can't go
nowhere without the shepherd. And that's the way God made us. We don't
claim no intellectuals. We just got a Shepherd; that's all. And He
takes us around from pasture to pasture.

So today these great intellectual spies are too much for the poor,
humble children of God. Now, Jude said in the book of Jude, last of
Jude there, he said that they have creeped in among us: creeped in.
That's what's causing to go out in these big tantrums that they've
done. Creeped in among us, men foreordained to this condemnation,
creeped in among us, drawing us away from the Word, causing us to lose
faith in the Word: wandering spots, ships without sails… The rushing
wind could blow, and they just got an old dead organization pole
standing there, going, "Wooo, days of miracles is past. Wooo, no such a
thing as Divine healing."
But if you've got a real spiritual sail setting up there, the Spirit
picks it up and away across she goes into lands that they know nothing
about. That's right. Yes, causing you to lose faith in the Word by
their polished-up seminary experiences.

They attacked Noah in the same way. They've attacked God's children
every time the same way. Nimrod built hisself a tower to get away from
the plagues of God, but it didn't last. Nebuchadnezzar built him a
city, but it fell. Noah, building the ark… Could you imagine
scientists in those days that could build a pyramid that we couldn't
build today, could embalm a body with fluid we know nothing about? Many
things that we've never learned yet that they know.
Could you imagine them scientists saying, "You old quack. Show me. We
can shoot the moon with our radar and stuff. There's not a speck of
water between here and there. How's it going to come?"
But Noah said, "God, if He promised water, He can put water there."
Sure. It's too much for the–these children today, these poor little
children, the intellectuals.

Oh, look at the day of–when Jehoshaphat come down and got off of his
grounds. And he met Ahab. And Ahab, always an axe to grind, and he
said, "Does not Ramoth-gilead belong to us?"
He said, "Sure. Joshua, in dividing the land, give it to us."
Said, "All right."
But you know, Jehoshaphat was a good man, but just out of his place.
That's what's the matter with many a man today in some of these
spiritual morgues, icicles hanging down in, the thermometer,
spiritually speaking, ninety below zero. Go in there, and say, "Amen,"
or "Praise God," everybody stretch their neck like some gander goose,
looking around, see what's taking place: dead, twice dead, plucked up
by the roots. They forget about…

I was preaching one night, and a woman got to screaming and shouting, a
little Baptist brother told me the next day, said, "I was enjoying your
message till that woman went to screaming." Said, "You know that made
chills run over my back."
I said, "Brother, you're living in the quietest world you ever lived
in. If you go to hell, there'll be weeping and wailing and gnashing of
teeth. If you go to heaven there'll be screaming and shouting all the
time. Why," I said, "man, if that made chills run up your back," I
said, "what will it do when you get to heaven? Why, you'll freeze to
death when you get there." I said, "You'd be so out of place. For even
the Angels, with wings over their face and hands are…?… over their
feet and over their face, are singing, 'Holy, holy, holy, Lord God
Almighty. Holy, holy, holy.'"
God is an object of worship. God is worshipped, worshipped. If anything
I honor the Pentecostal people for is to let loose and worship God.

Intellectual giants… There stood Jehoshaphat, been used to
worshipping God. Here was Ahab. And Jehoshaphat, of course, being a man
of God, thought the first thing is consult God. That's the best thing.
He said, "We should consult God."
"Oh," Ahab said, "certainly, your honor, sir." Like saying, "Yes, sir,
your honor. Why, sure. I have a seminary down here plumb full of them.
I've got four hundred of the best there is."
Said, "Call them up."
Here come up Doctor Ph.D., L.L.. All of them come up there. And Micaiah
and all of them come up there, not Micaiah. All the prophets come up
there. And they said, "Prophesy and tell us: shall we go up to
Ramoth-gilead, where Joshua… God give us that land?"
And they go on down. And they consulted God, and they prayed, and they
prayed, come back up and said, "Yep. Go up. The Lord's with you."

Hezekiah went, and made himself a great big set of horns, run through
the crowd, said, "By this, these big iron horns, you're going to push
Ramoth-gilead,. push the Philistines plumb out of the country" or the
Assyrians. "You're going to push them plumb out of the country by
this." Oh.
"Now, let's reason. I say, 'How do you know that's so?'"
"Looky here. God gave that land to us. The food that's grown on that land goes to Israel. God gave it to us by Joshua."
"Amen," all of them said. "That's right, sir, your honor. And our enemy is fattening themselves on our land. It's not right."
"Amen. That sounds good."

Doesn't it sound good, intellectually? But you know, there's something
like that, that just don't always strike a man of God. Jehoshaphat
looked around. He said, "Is this all you got?"
"Why," he said, "we got four hundred here with one accord. Why, the
whole school is out here. All the seminaries are together. All of
them's here."
It just didn't ring out somehow. That was that predestinated seed. You see?
He said, "Haven't you just got one more?"
He said, "Yes, I got one more. But I hate him. I hate him." Said, "He's
Micaiah, the son of Imlah." But said, "I hate him because he's always
prophesying evil against me." Oh, brother. God bless that man. He said,
"Here's every one of our organizations, every one of them in one
accord," like the U. N. up there now.

You know the Bible said He'd–He would bundle the tares first. They're
sure bundling up together, all to the World Council of Churches, every
one of them going, where it's all headed for. That gives the church a
chance to grow then. All right. Get a little persecution where you're
not fed so well everything have to be pushed together. God's got a way
of doing things, you know.

E-72 So first thing you know, that all… He said, "Send and get him. Let's hear him, see what he'd say."
He said, "I'm warning you before he comes. That guy doesn't do nothing but slobber out against me all the time."
"Oh, don't let the king say so."
they sent the deacon board over to get him, to have this meeting. So
when they got–come got him, they said, "Look, Micaiah, do you know
what? You've been put out of the association, you understand. You're
not in the association anymore. We had to excommunicate you. And I tell
you now, you know, and you're an Israelite, the same as the rest of us
are, you know that Ramoth-gilead belongs to us."
"Now, I'll tell you what to do; if you want to find favor, and get back
in your right position again with the–with the brethren, I'll tell you
what you do. You go over there and say the same thing they say."

Brother, he was barking up the wrong tree then. That kind of stuff
don't go with a man of God, a prophet. He knows what fortified him was
the Word of God.
He said, "As the Lord lives, I'll only say what He puts in my mouth." Oh, my, there you are…?…
Now, if somebody say, "That's what I do too," every one would try to
say that. But if he puts something in there contrary to His Word, it
was the devil put it in there, not God. God only puts His Word. Watch
where that prophet is getting. He knowed the Word of God came to the
prophets. And Elijah, the prophet, had already cursed Ahab because of
Naboth, and said that the dogs would lick His Blood. So how could God
bless what He had cursed?

So Micaiah said, "Wait, and I'll see what He says." He's going to have
the vision first and compare it with the Word. That's always. Compare
it with the Word. That's God's Urim Thummim. So then, when he–he went,
said, "Give me tonight." And that night might've prayed all night, and
the Lord come to him, told him what to say.
He went down the next morning, said, "Go on up, that's right, but I seen Israel scattered like sheep, having no shepherd."
See, what had he done? He had compared his vision with the Word, and he
knowed he was perfectly right there. No matter how many of them
intellectuals; great, high, school-trained, and polished scholars, and
seminary, that didn't–didn't phase Micaiah one bit. Why? He stayed
fortified by his vision of the Word. There he was.

One of them smacked him in the mouth, said, "Now, we'll never take you
into the association." Said, "Let me show you something, Micaiah. Isn't
it reasonable…"
I don't care how much reasoning it in, if it's against God's Word, it's
against God's Word. If a intellectual giant come, said, "We don't need
no Holy Ghost. We don't need this Divine healing." I don't care how
much reasonable it looks like; if it's contrary to the Word, God gave
the promise. Amen.

They say, "That was just for the apostles." I just wonder where they
get that. Peter said on the day of Pentecost, "Repent, every one of you
and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of your
sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. For the promise
is unto you, and to your children, and to them that's far off, even as
many as the Lord our God shall call." Amen. Just for the apostles…
For every one that's called. Yeah, don't listen to that giant. See?
We wrestle, the Bible says here, not against flesh and blood. We don't
try to break toeholds in the wrestling ring with flesh and blood; but
we try to break heart-holds of the spirit that's got a hold of the
people, got into their system, into their heart, making them do and say
things that's wrong. Sure.

I used to… You know, I'm an ex-pugilist myself. I got–had the
undefeated bantam weight championship of three–three states. I used to
watch the fellows come to the ring with all kind of fancy stuff, all
fancy fangdangoed on them. That didn't made them fighters. Sometimes
that was a sham. That didn't have nothing to do with it. If he–if he
didn't have some hidden power there to break the holds…
And that's the way we try to bring our churches today: with the highest
steeple, the prettiest pews, the best-dressed crowd. That don't break
the toehold. No, it takes that hidden power of the Spirit of God, that
Word in there to break the hold. That's right.

Like Peter was. He was a good with his sword. When Jesus got in
trouble, he pulled out his sword. He could flop any way, cut the high
priest, his servant's ear off with a sword. But when it come to real
Christian courage, he didn't have it. Yes. But the spiritual courage,
he denied the Word made flesh standing right among them.
He was good with his sword. That's right. He could duel the creed just
as good as anybody could. But he, when it come to spiritual courage, he
didn't have it. So he failed right there. Now, why? He only knowed one
thing, his creed. But brother, after he went up to Pentecost, he put on
the whole armor of God. Now, watch him. He's a different person now. He
put on the whole armor.

What was it? That Word that he'd walked with was in him, burning him up
with fire in his flesh and soul. He had the whole armor of God on.
That's God's provided armor. He had the baptism, filled with the Holy
Ghost. What is it? God makes Himself ever present in His own army. God,
on the day of Pentecost, sent down the full armor of God for His army.
That was Himself among you.
"Yet a little while, and the world seeth Me no more. Yet ye shall see
Me because I will be with you, even in you, until the end of the
world." Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and forever," Matthew 28. All
right. That He has… He is with us, in us. That's the armor. It's Him.
He is the Word, and He is the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is in
us, which is the Word making the promise manifest. This is the promise.
Christ is the Word, and He makes It manifest.

The Spirit quickens the Word, makes the… In other words, he's the
powder that sends the bullet out there with it. Like it was the powder
when David met Goliath with a slingshot with a rock in it. He only had
one place to hit, and that was right between the eyes. Rest of it was
armored. But God got in that spirit.
What was it? He had five stones and a slingshot. Look. F-a-i-t-h in
J-e-s-u-s. Here He comes. Something's fixing to happen, 'cause there's
the Word, the promise, and the power to sling it. That's what we need
today, is a man that'll take God's Word with the power of the Holy
Ghost behind him to press it out there and watch it come to pass.
That's God's army. Amen. His Word of fire, His army is all dressed with
the ever Presence of Himself in there, going with us. "I'll go with
you, be in you. Not you that speaketh; the Father that dwelleth in you,
He doeth the works."

In His army… He presents His army in the form of five offices, first,
apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors, evangelists. That's His army;
that's His soldiers; that's His commanding officers, all with the
baptism of the Holy Ghost, waiting out there to meet the enemy on any
grounds he comes upon; to meet the enemy with the Word of God (Amen.),
each one backing one another up, with Him the Chief Captain, not out
there in front, up here, above, back behind; but in them. That's the
army. Vindicating, vindicating what? His resurrection, by the proof of
His works.

John 14:12, Jesus said, "He that believeth in Me, the works that I do
shall he do also." What is it? It's God in the church in these five
predestinated offices, backing up every Word that He said with the Holy
Spirit Himself in there, which is the Word made manifest, proving His
resurrection, proving that He lives.
All other religions are dead. Their forms are dead. There's only one
that's right, and that's Christianity, because Christ is a living in
the church of Christ (Amen.), making His word manifest, for He is the
same. If it's the same Word, It'll do the same thing, and show the same
works, and the same signs. Matthew 28 says so. Be with His army, in
them, securing them… Think of it. The great Word General triumph in

I may be keeping you too long. I don't want to weary you. But look.
People at home is used to setting for hours and hours when we teach.
I'll try to cut off just a few minutes. I don't want you to go. I want
to pray for you 'fore you go. I think this is more essential to you
than any prayer line. See? It sure is. Now, if you'll just listen…

The great triumph General who came down, and was made… the Word made
flesh took that Word and defeated Satan on every ground, and said, "You
destroy this temple, I'll raise it up in the third day." And why? David
in the Word said that "I'll not suffer My holy One to see corruption,
neither will I leave His soul in hell." And He knew that that was one
promise of God, that He'd be raised up. And He took that Word, and went
to death with it, and knowing that that Word had to come to pass.
There's not one Word God's promise but what will come to pass. Said,
"Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall not fail." Every
promise is perfect. And on that one promise in the Scripture, "I'll not
leave My holy One to see corruption, not suffer Him to see corruption,
neither will I leave His soul in hell."

Now, Jesus knew that corruption sets in the body after seventy-two
hours. The nose falls in. Undertaker, if present, would know that. Now,
the corruption sets in the body. And David said, by the Holy Ghost, a
man, inspired, the Word of the Lord coming to this prophet, said, "I'll
not suffer My holy One to see corruption." And He knowed before one
cell would corrupt, He'd be up out of the grave.
Why? He was the Word, fortified by the Word. And He rose up. He
conquered death, hell, and the grave; and Himself come back in the form
of the Holy Ghost to fortify His army for this last day, in this big
onslaught, where these great intellectual giants rising up, reasoning
against the Word. But "I'll not leave you comfortless. I'll come again,
and be with you, in you."

Again, He said, "I'll pray the Father. He will send you another
Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost. He will abide with you forever."
What is it? The Word, God's Artillery in the human being, manifesting
the resurrection. Think of it. That great Conqueror, Who conquered
every sickness, conquered every superstition, conquered every giant,
conquered everything there was to be conquered on earth, died,
conquered hell, conquered death, conquered the grave, conquered the
atmospheres, ascended up on high, come back in the form of the Holy
Ghost. And we are more than a conqueror through Him that loved us.

What an army. Like a mighty army, marches the Christian soldier. Amen.
Great triumph, He's in us. Not me, He's already conquered it. I don't
have to do a thing but just believe Him and walk on (Yes, sir.), for He
is risen. His Spirit is in us, the great Victor. The resurrection
Presence is in us.
We've raised from the things of the world, from unbelief and creeds to
a living Christ, with every power of the enemy defeated. Even death
itself is defeated. Hell's defeated, grave's defeated, every sickness
defeated. Amen. Not me a conqueror, He conquered. It's not what I am;
what He is. Amen. Where's He at? In me. I've passed from death unto
Someone said, "Billy, you act silly."
Maybe I am, but I feel better this way. Just let me alone. That's
right. In here I got Life; out there I was dead. I'm a lot better off
living today. Amen. Oh, I love it. Don't go before us; He goes in us.

A great fire broke loose down in Jeffersonville, here not long ago. The
Pfau Army, or, the Company begin to burn down, and they sent and got
the fire department. And the Jeffersonville Fire Department standing
around like a boy with a little hose, the chief walking around there
with a cigar like a de-horned Texas steer, walking around there saying,
"Squirt a little water up here. Squirt a little water up here, boys.
Come on, come on." Everybody seen he was chief. "Squirt a little water
up here."
"Well," they said, "we got to get another fire department. It ain't
sufficient." Sent down to Clarksville. Here they come: bang, bang,
bang. Got up there, and that chief walked out. Shook hands with the
other chief, doing honor one to another.

And how can you have faith, when you have honor to one another? Oh, my.
Some great man, bishop, great big guy, presbyter, nothing. We are
brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. There's nothing big among us.
It's what's in us that's big. It's God, the Holy Ghost in every one of
us who believes. No great holy bishops and holy fathers; it's the Holy
Ghost that's in the people. Yes.

E-90 So along come this Clarksville Fire Department. "Good evening, bishop." Yes, like that. The building burnt right on down.
while they called Louisville. Brother, they had something then. I can
just stand there now and see that old hook and ladder coming across
there. And them going along there, saying, "Break out that window.
Squirt a little water in there."
When that Louisville, big trained army of fighters come up there, they
swirled that truck around there in the street, brother. They cleaned
off half the sidewalk when they turned. Who was at the end of the
ladder? They had a power lift that throwed it up. Who was on the end of
the ladder? The fire chief himself. Amen. When they… He had the hose
in his hand and an axe in the other hand. Said, "Let her go." And they
pulled that lever.

Who went first? The fire chief. When it hit up against the wall… He
took that axe before the ladder got against the wall, and slammed it
through the window. Said, "Come on, boys." Not, "Go on, boys, come on,
boys." Hallelujah. That's what Christ done. The Word come, lived as a
human, conquered death, hell, grave, never said, "Go on." He said,
"Come on. I'm with you." The fire was out pretty soon.

That's what it is–the great Conqueror. We don't need no great
intellectual giant denominations. "I belong to the biggest church in
the city." Nonsense. I belong to the littlest one, but it's the One.
I've been in the Branham family for fifty-three years: never did ask me
to join the family. I was borned a Branham. That's right. That's the
way you're a child of God. You're borned a child of God by the new
birth. A Chief leading through every battle, our great Chief leading
the way back home…

When nations (Listen now, in closing.)… When nations here not long
ago begin to provide a helmet for the protection of their army… Now,
they knew they was going to have to use it. They knew there'd be
shrapnel flying, so they knew they had to use it. Oh, it may not have
seemed so necessary in training. But brother, once on the battlefield,
you have to have it.
When they're training soldiers, if there's any here… I think it's a
ninety-pound pack they put on a little rookie's back. Start him out
here, and like to nearly sweats himself to death. In training he don't
think it's necessary, but just wait till the time comes. He will need
everything that's in that pack. He will be glad he had it. Yes, sir.
He–he's got to have it, and he will be glad that they trained him to
use it.

And so now, God, knowing at this last days there will come intellectual
giants, there will come everything intellectual, all kinds of the enemy
with reasoning powers to try to prove to the church that the days of
miracles is past and all this. God packed in the baptism of the Holy
Ghost with what? Speaking with tongues, interpretation of tongues,
prophecies, gifts, and all kinds of things. They may seem hard in
training, but, brother, on the battle front, every one of them's got to
be used. God equips His soldiers exactly what it takes to use. Amen.
Oh, they might say, "Just learn psychology." That won't work. No, sir.
That's as thin as broth made out of the shadow of a chicken that
starved to death. So that's no good. We have to have power of the Holy
Ghost coming upon a man, with all the nine spiritual gifts dwelling in
Oh, you say, "I just don't like to get out. I don't like to pray all
night. I don't like…" Well, then you're going to get killed out on
the battle front.

You stay there till God equips you with the baptism of the Spirit. Then
everything you've got need of in this world or the world to come, lives
right in you. The all wise God knowed how to equip His army. He
equipped it with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. That's exactly what He
sent for these last days.
He knew that we'd have to have it. He knew that people would reason,
would go to reading this Word when it become in print out here, what
would happen. And today we find the people saying, "Well now, where is
that God of history? Where is that God that crossed the Red Sea? Where
is that God that healed the sick?" They try to say, "It's back…"

What good does it do to give your canary bird vitamins, and make him
have good strong wings, and keep him in a cage? That's what they try to
do with the people: feed them all kinds of vitamins of this, that, and
the other, and the first thing you know, tell them all the days of
miracles is past. You're penned up in some little thing down here. It's
a lie. Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God knowed it
would take the baptism of the Holy Ghost to prove His latter day signs.
That's right.
He knew, to be an effective witness… Like our gracious friend (I
don't call his name, because it's not proper. This is going on
tape.)… but a precious friend, a good brother, the kind that's going
down in Sodom I told you about the other night… When he was in India
(You know who I'm talking about.), that Indian bishop challenged him
that there was no such a thing as Christ; it was a manmade religion. He
said, "I'll get thirty people on this side, of sick; and you take
thirty on that side. I'll heal one every time you heal one. And your
Bible teaches that it'll heal."
And this certain great evangelist said, "Days of miracles is past." He wouldn't do such a thing as that.

I think, like Elijah said that time, "Why didn't you send…" If you
didn't have the faith to do it, there's plenty of them here that does
have it. Oh, brother, I might have been defeated, but I'd never let
that infidel stand there, or that unbeliever, and–and make fun out of
the Word of God. If I'd have had to go down in defeat, I'd have went
down trusting the Word of God.
Like the Hebrew children said, "Our God's able to deliver us from this
fire. But however, we'll never bow to these priests." That's right.
You need the Holy Ghost to press out there. Why didn't he say that when
we was in India? Why didn't he say that when that blind man come right
up before the King Nehru there, and come up before them people, and
testified of being total blind in a Methodist seminary, and was healed,
and made perfectly well on the platform. They know what to challenge
and what not to. Certainly do. They think they got a chance.

Satan knows that reasoning and where reasoning lays. Yes, sir. To be an
effectual witness of His resurrection, He knowed it would take the Holy
Ghost, 'cause man cannot do those things. He equipped His army with the
Holy Ghost to do those things, to make known the secrets of the heart,
as He promised. You can't do that with any kind of training. You've got
to do that by the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the armor of God. And
this is the evening Light. To make Hebrews 13:8 reality, it would take
more than a training. You can read words, and read words, and read
words, and it'll never make it come to pass until you have the Holy
Ghost there to manifest that.
That's the Light; putting on the whole armor of God, not just a dress
only, dress up and say, "Glory to God. I got the Holy Ghost." Then
you're spurting all the power out the whistle. You're doing no good.
Put it in action; put it in faith; make it move; make it do something:
putting on the whole armor of God to go out and withstand the wiles of
the devil.

When he said, "Jesus Christ is a fake religion. It's been dead for a
long time. There's no such a thing as this; there's no such as that,
and days of miracles is past," stand there with the baptism of the Holy
Ghost and prove that it's the truth. Glory. Hmm.
Think I act funny? Maybe I am. I've lost my mind to the world, and
found it in Christ. "Let the mind that was in Christ be in you," takes
the baptism of the Holy Ghost, the whole armor of God; not just to
shake hands with the preacher, put your name on the book, or take some
kosher and swallow it, and a priest drink up the wine. That isn't it.
But, brother, stay there until there comes a rushing mighty wind that
fills all your being, takes all your doubts out, takes all your creeds
out, takes everything else out, and puts the Word in there with the
power of God behind It to back it up. Glory. I feel real good. Amen.
God said so. It's the Holy Ghost, not a…

I got plenty more here, but I ain't going to say it. Brother, the whole
armor of God is the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the Word behind it.
And if anybody says they got the Holy Ghost and deny one Word of this,
then it's not the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost wrote this Bible, and He
said, "Whosoever shall take anything out of It, or put anything in It,
the same will be taken, his part out of the Book of Life." The Holy
Ghost recognizes the Word only, because that's His Word, and He cannot
go back on His Word. He has to keep His Word. Amen.

Somebody says, "We got the Holy Ghost, and we don't believe in
miracles." Then it proves you haven't got It. Amen. Anybody that'd call
the power of God, a discernment, and prophets, and so forth, in the
last days, a mental telepathy or something is borned of the devil. It
can't be of God. It's contrary. Don't recognize the Urim Thummim.
Anything that recognizes on this and flashes back the truth is God.
Oh, I love Him. He's here. That old Word, there's nothing brings faith
like the Word. The whole armor of God, soldiers trained…

Jesus said in here, "The works that I do shall you do also." That
truth? How did He make Hisself known the Messiah? By being able to
discern the very thoughts that was in their mind. How did He speak it
in the New Testament? "The very same works that I do you'll do also."
Hebrews, the 4th chapter, He picked it up again. Said, "The Word of God
is sharper than a two-edged sword, piercing even the marrow of the
bone, and the joints, and so forth, and a discerner of the thoughts
that's in the heart." Hallelujah.
Jesus said, "As it was in the days of–of Lot, so shall it be in the
coming of the Son of man," when God made Hisself known in a man, turned
His back like this to an audience, and had His back turned to a woman,
and told what she was thinking about. That's the Word of God. It's the
truth of God.

People, you might think 'cause we're setting here a little four or five
hundred people, setting in the building this afternoon, it's too
little. Remember God never gathers in big multitudes. "Wherever two or
three are gathered in My Name, I'll be in their midst." That don't
mean… You say, "Well, we've gathered in Jesus' Name." That means that
you are actually in Christ. The world is dead to you, and you're dead
to the world; and Christ is alive in you. He's here without a shadow of
doubt. I see Him moving on the audience now. Amen. He's stopping me.
You just believe.

What about you, lady? I don't know you setting there. You got
nervousness, complications, bowel trouble. You believe God healed you?
Raise up your hand if you'll accept it; go on your way.
Lady setting right behind her there, yeah; ulcer. If you can believe,
God will make you whole. Don't doubt it. Believe it with all your heart
and God will take the ulcer away. You believe it? It's on your right
leg. Believe with all your heart. If that's right, raise up your hand.
All right. I don't know the woman, never seen her in my life. If we're
strangers, wave your hand like that. See?
What is it? It's Christ, the whole armor of God. Listen. The Word is a
sword, and there's only one thing that can fight the enemy. That's the
hand of faith to hold that sword.

Here not long ago a man said he dreamed that the devil kept going,
"Boo, boo." And he'd jump back. And the devil'd get bigger and he'd get
little. He knowed he had to fight him sooner or later, so he grabbed
the Word. And every time the devil would say, "Boo," he said, "Boo"
right back, and the devil got little. That's what it is. It takes the
hand of faith to hold the Word. Hallelujah.

E-106 What about you? Got a relative, got a stroke. That's right, isn't it? Yes. You believe she'd get well? Have faith.
say, "You was looking at him." All right. There's a man and woman
setting behind me. The man's got a blood condition, arthritis. His
wife's setting next to him. She's got thyroid trouble. Mrs. and Mr.
Rader, believe with all your heart, and God will make you well if you
want to believe it. Do you, sir? I don't know them. If we're strangers
to one another, raise up your hand. See? There you are. What is it? The
whole armor of God. Hallelujah.
"I love Him, I love Him, because He first loved me, And purchased my sal…"

That stunted you, sir. You didn't know you had that much faith. But I
was standing here watching that Light a moving around. I thought, "If I
turn my back they'll see the same Angel that lived back there, and come
down and manifested Himself, and told what the people were thinking in
the tent. It'd sure know who you was, and what about you." I challenge
anybody in here to believe the same thing. Hallelujah. The power of
God, the whole armor of God, the entire Word of God wrapped up in you:
the great Conqueror.
Oh, He is a mighty Conqueror since He rent the veil in two. That is,
not only one person, but every one, whosoever will, can come behind the
veil now. Haste and stand in the Shekinah Glory. Amen. Be a royal
priesthood. When they went behind there, they could taste where they
had a pot full of original omer, full of–of manna that fell at the
beginning, was kept in there only for the priesthood. We know that. But
now the veil's rent. Not only the priesthood, but every one of us can
be royal priests.

Come in and take a taste of the original manna, the kind that fell on
the day of Pentecost, the Manna for the church, the Holy Ghost, the
Armor, what we're fortified… Not with intellectual education,
doctor's degree, but we are fortified with the baptism of the Holy
Ghost to prove the Word of God is the truth. Glory. Hallelujah. He's
the same yesterday, today, and forever. Do you believe it?
Let's sing to Him, "I love Him, I love Him, because He first loved me." Everybody now.

I love Him (Do you do it? Raise your hand.), I love Him,

Because He first loved me,

And purchased my salvation

On Calvary's…

Aren't you glad? Aren't you glad? Give us "Onward, Christian Soldiers,"
brother, in a march, four, four, if you will. All right. Oh, my. Oh.

… arching as to war,

With the cross of (Let's stand up now.) Jesus

Going on before;

Christ, the royal Master,

Oh, leads against the foe; (What have we got? The armor.)

Forward into battle,

See his banners go!

Onward Christian soldiers!

Marching as to war,

With the cross of Jesus

Going on before.

You're not ashamed of Him, are you? Paul said, "I'm not ashamed of the
Gospel of Jesus Christ. For it is the power of God unto salvation."
Let's just take our hands and say, "Hallelujah" real loud, now. Come
on. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Praise our God. Praise our God.

… army

Moves the church of God;

Brothers, we are treading

Where the saints have trod;

Oh, we are not divided,

All one body we;

One in hope and doctrine,

One in charity. (Everybody now sing it.)

Onward, Christian soldiers!

Marching as to war,

Oh, with the cross of Jesus

Going on before.

Would you like to join? The only way you can join is to be borned. Now,
the great thing is open here, the altar of God. There's room at the
fountain. Any man in here would like to join these ranks this
afternoon, that will lay aside every creed that's contrary to the
Bible, every thought that's contrary to the Bible, every doctrine
that's contrary to the Bible, and with faith walk up here and say, "I
accept Jesus Christ upon the basis of His shed Blood and His Word," I
tell you something will happen to you right here. And you'll be
fortified with the power of the Holy Ghost.

No man has the right to claim himself a preacher until he found them
sacred sands. Moses was just as intellectual as he could be. He had the
power of the–of the knowledge of the Word. He knowed his position; he
knowed he was a prophet, everything. But until he met God on that
sacred sands back there… No intellectual could ever explain it from
him. He was there when it happened.
No man has a right to claim God until you've come onto that sacred
ground, where no intellectual giant can ever touch. You was there when
it happened. It don't make any difference what they can explain; you
know it happened. Oh, glory. Do you want to join us while we sing this
one more time? Come around the altar. We'd be glad to pray for you
'fore we start the prayer line. All right, brother, again, "Onward,
Christian soldiers." Come now, join us. Last call. If you want to come,
come now.

Onward, Christian soldiers!

Marching… (If you haven't been fortified by the Spirit and the Word…)

… Jesus

Going on before;

Christ, the royal Master (great Conqueror)

Leads against the (unbelief) foe (reasoning);

Onward into battle,

See his banners go!

Onward, Christian soldiers!

Marching as to war,

With the cross of Jesus

Going on before.

How many in here is already in that army? already been filled with the
Holy Ghost? believing every word of God? know that it's the truth?
Our heavenly Father, I don't know when I can ever be back to this coast
again to see these people. I hope right at soon again. But, heavenly
Father, I thank You for this great testimony, night after night,
miracle after miracle of the unknown and unseen God works amongst the
people with unknown things that they know nothing of, to see Him
manifest Himself, and make known His Being here, proving that He's not
dead but is risen from the grave.
I pray, heavenly Father, that You'll give this people all the power of
force of the Holy Spirit, that they might be able to be witnesses up
and down this coast in the last days. For truly, Lord, any man that's
got his right mental conditions knows that we're at the end time. Every
Bible reader knows it. The world knows it. Scientists says that we're
three minutes before midnight; the striking hour is here.

And You promised that in this day what would take place. We read in the
book of the Revelation at this Laodicean church age, that the
intellectual giants got in and pushed Christ plumb out of His church,
and He was standing knocking on the door of His own house trying to get
back in. O God, not another–no other age was it ever that way. But
it's in this age, this intellectual age.
But You've got Your soldiers harnessed, Lord. The buckler, the shield,
the helmet, the Word, and we stand this afternoon as a group in the
minority. But O God, hone us; make us; shave us down; take the
disbelief and things of the world away from us, until when the Christ
comes He will fit right into His church perfectly, into their program,
for it'll be the program of the Holy Spirit: led, and moved, and acts
of the Holy Spirit when Christ comes. Grant it, Father. In Jesus' Name
I pray. Amen.

You may be seated just a moment. I'm going to ask everybody now that's
got prayer cards… When usually an evangelist comes into the city,
they find out… They say, "Well, just the preacher… Wait till
Brother Branham, Brother Roberts, somebody." It don't take that. It
takes these men too. I'm going to ask them to help me pray for the sick
this afternoon. You're going to see something happen too. All right.
All right. How many's got prayer cards? Raise up your hand. All right,
I want you to line up right down this way, right down this aisle here,
and come right around this way, everyone with prayer cards.
[Brother Branham talks with someone–Ed.] Do it after–after we start. No, I'll take them right now with the cards first.
Now, line up right here. I want my brethren to come here with me. Just all you all going to pray for…?…

The Bible said… Jesus said… And heavens and earth will pass away,
but His Word cannot fail. Now, listen close, friends. If you don't
believe this, you're just walking in that line of non effect. I want to
ask you. Out of the many, many things that the Holy Spirit has called
over the church this week, has He been wrong in any of them? Has
anybody ever seen it wrong in other meetings? Has it always been true?
If it has, raise up your hand. Always true. See? All right. Then that
same Holy Spirit's right here.
That little woman setting here awhile ago, down here somewhere, had
enough faith for her and her husband. I don't remember; seems like a
dream to me somehow. All right. If you've got faith for some of your
loved ones, pray for them while they're in this line.
Now, we're going to pray for these first. We promised that. And now, as
you come through this line, here's men here with the same authority as
anybody else has got to pray for the sick.

Now, listen. I want all of you to quote this Scripture with me. Jesus
said this in the last commission He gave to His church, after He
appeared to the eleven and upbraided them because of the hardness of
their heart and their unbelief, because they believed not them which
had seen Him after His resurrection.
He said unto them, "Go ye into all the world… (Now, remember, He's
being taken up now.) Go ye into all the world, preach the Gospel to
every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; he
that believeth not shall be damned." That's as far as many read it.
And–and is a conjunction that ties a sentence together. "And these
signs shall follow them that believe…"
You've been taught to shake hands, put their name on a book. Jesus said
different. He said, "These signs shall follow them that believe; In My
Name they shall cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; if
they take up a serpents or drink deadly things it wouldn't harm them;
and if they lay their hands on the sick they shall recover."
That's the last commission Jesus gave, and here's the question He asks:
"Will I find faith when I return?" Now, He never said, "Will I find
righteousness? Will I find a church? Will I find people?" He said,
"Will I find faith?" That's the question.

Now, to you that's coming in this prayer line, these elders and people
standing here, Christians that's filled with the Holy Spirit, is going,
with along with myself, is going to lay hands on every person that
passes through here. And you know that you're going to be healed. Go
right off of here and say, "It's all right. I'm going to be well. That
settles it."
Now, when this line is over, then we're going to call section after
section, 'till everybody gets prayed for that wants be prayed for. I
promised it.

How many out there will be praying for this prayer line? Raise your
hands. All right. Brother, on the organ, give us that song "Only
believe" now, and let's pray now. Everybody, and brother, sister, stand
right where you are. Don't let a person come by without laying hands on
Get someone here, now, who can help the people on the platform, someone
can help them off. Come here, Brother Fred, if you will. Brother Fred
Sothmann there, one of my trustees, come here and help the people off
the platform as they come on. Stand right along here. And somebody come
down there to help down there. Or have they got–they got… Yeah, they
got an usher down there. Fine. All right, let's bow our heads now.

Our heavenly Father, we are here to help You. And we realize as we
minister to Your children, You said, "Insomuch as you have done unto
the least of these that believe in Me, you have did it to Me." Now,
here's mothers, fathers, sweethearts, children, standing in this line
here, little babies. And we pray, heavenly Father, that as we in our
humble way, with all that we know how to do for the people is preach
the Word, explain It to them. Then we see You come down and discern the
thoughts of the people, proving that You're here. That makes You the
great Pillar of Fire, the great Christ of God, the same yesterday,
today, and forever.
Then these anointed people with Your Spirit stands here to lay hands on
the sick. God… Pray that there'll not be one unbeliever among them,
and everyone may go from here happy, rejoicing, and watching the
disease and affliction of their body leave. Grant it, Father. We commit
them to You in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Now, I want some song leader who can lead songs. Come here, Roy. I want
everybody with your heads bowed now, in prayer, and singing in your
heart, "Only believe. All things are possible," while Brother Borders
leads the song. Everybody start praying now as we pray.

Only believe (everybody singing now),

Only believe,

Everybody prayed for now? Isn't He wonderful? I noticed coming through
the lines… Now, just remember, there's people here could testify that
has been in other meetings, and just passed through a line, be prayed
for. And we could pile this thing here full of letters of testimony,
signed statements by doctors: cancer, strokes, polio, everything
healed. You see, you must just anchor and take a hold of it. Don't
leave it; just stay right there. Now, you remember, you begin to notice
after while…

Just recently we had a meeting, and there was a lady come through the
line, and she was a… It told her about what was her trouble. She had
a stomach trouble, a peptic ulcer in her stomach. And it told her,
"THUS SAITH THE LORD, you're healed." And said it, told her to go home
and eat.
And then another lady come through, and she had a growth on the side of
her neck here (oh, I guess an inch long, or something), and told her
the same thing: she's going to be well. And so they was neighbors.
And the lady with the peptic ulcer went on. She tried to eat and she
just couldn't eat. And she would try to take some food, and she'd just
vomit it up. And finally, it went on for about two or three weeks, and
she just… She looked like it was just going to lose. And then we, in
another part of the country about three weeks four weeks later…

And one morning her children was going to school, and she got up. And
every time she'd take anything she'd just–just burn and hurt, and
she'd just vomit it up. And finally her husband said, "Honey, I–I
believe you're bringing a reproach upon the cause of Christ."
Now, you can't do that when you're confessing. "Confess" means "say the
same thing." Confession… When you go to a attorney to–to make a
confession, you say the same thing. And you're saying, "By His stripes
I am healed." That's what He said. And you're confessing that He's done
it. And she kept on.

So one morning she was standing there washing the dishes, crying. And
she… All at once she felt a little funny feeling, she said, come over
her, and her stomach begin to feel cool. Well, she never noticed it.
She just went ahead washing the dishes. She got real hungry. (The woman
may be setting here now, for all I know.) And she said the children had
left some oats in their plate, you know, rolled oats, you know, cooked.
And usually them just burnt her up, with a peptic ulcer. So she took a
spoonful or two, and it didn't bother her.
And then, after while she ate a piece of toast. It didn't bother her.
So then, she just fried her up a couple of eggs, and got a cup of
coffee, and just had a regular gastronomical jubilee. She just eat
right on, didn't bother her. And she waited about two or three hours,
nothing harm–no harm.

She run down to her neighbor to tell her neighbor, and her neighbor was
screaming. She thought something had happened. And here she was shaking
the sheets in the bed. She'd just got up. The growth was gone. They
couldn't find it. She was shaking the sheets, trying to find it. And
they both come to the meeting to give testimony before about five
thousand people. What happened? The Angel of the Lord… See?
Now, remember, Daniel prayed, and it was twenty-one days before the
Angel could get to him. How many knows that? And when the Angel of the
Lord pronounced that blessing, what if she'd have give up? Satan
would've came right in. But she held right on.
And He passed through the neighborhood that morning. He knows where you
live, all about you. He knows you here. He knows where you're at. When
He gives you the blessing, He will confirm it, if you'll just stay with
it. He passed through the neighborhood, and healed them two women,
going on somewhere else. He's God. Isn't He wonderful, so wonderful.

Now, I think that let's… I think it'd be nice if we would–if I could
ask you a question. I prayed for you. Soon I'll be in the mission
fields over there in Africa and India, where witch doctors and devils
and everything… Will you pray for me? Will you be praying for me?
Thank you, until we meet.

Till we meet! till we meet!

Till we meet at Jesus' feet;

Till we meet! till we meet!

God be with you till we meet…

Will you pray for me, now? Would you do that? Now, let's all just close
our eyes, raise up our hands, and sing it. Organist, give us a note. I
started a little low. Give us a note on "Till we meet." And now, until
we meet… And if we meet no more until I cross the river, remember,
I've told you the truth. I'll be there with the same testimony. I trust
that if I never see you again this side of the land, I'll see you over
there. But hoping I'll get to see you again here, until we meet, God be
with you. All right, all together now.

Till we meet! till we meet!

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