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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham
called Thy Loving Kindness
was delivered on Friday, 28th February 1958 at the Memorial Auditorium in Chattanooga, Tennessee, U.S.A.
The tape, number 58-0228,
is 1 hour and 33 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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E-1 Thank you very much, Brother Arnold. Let us bow our heads just a moment for prayer.
Gracious Father, we come into Thy Divine Presence now to offer to Thee
the thanksgiving and to express to Thee the very adoration of our
hearts; for truly, we adore Thee. And we would ask that Your blessings
come to us tonight in the further part of this service.
Let the unsaved, Lord, see the place that they're living today, flee to
the cross for refuge. And may those who are not walking upright before
You, though professing to be Your children, may they become altogether
ashamed of their character as they profess to be children of God and
live a life that's full of reproach.

We would ask tonight that You would remember the sick and the afflicted
that's here in Divine Presence, along with others that's around the
world. Heal the sick tonight, Lord; bring to us the joy that we are
looking for. And those who are wayfaring men and women, along life's
journey, some of them, Lord, has been on the field for a long time. And
not one thing have they ever did for Thy glory that's hid from You. You
remember every little deed, and every heartache, and everything that
they suffered for the Kingdom's sake. And someday they shall receive
that great reward when the crowns will be given out. We ask Thee
tonight to encourage those people.

And may we buckle up the–the armor of God just a little tighter
tonight, go forward in battle tomorrow where right and wrong is
engaged. May we not fear for as to go, but know that the Morning Star
is shining over us. And if God be for us, who shall be against us, or
who shall touch the anointed of the Lord. May that be the consolation
of every believer. Grant it, Lord.

And as we're about to turn back the pages of Thy sacred and holy
Writing that we call the Bible, give us the portion tonight, Lord, in
the Scriptures, that would take care of these requests that we're
asking for. Anoint the reading of the Word and the preaching of the
Word. May the Holy Spirit get into the Word, and into the preacher, and
into the audience, that we would even forget where we're at, that the
Holy Spirit would have us so under control that God would be magnified,
glory would be gotten to His Name. Grant these blessings, Father, as we
further wait on Thee. In Jesus' blessed, holy Name, we ask it. Amen.

Just for a small portion of your time… And I'm sure that you would be
blessed if you should go from the building now to your homes, the
reading of the Word or the songs that we have heard, that you'd be

I was tossed up just a little tonight on the road over, there's been a
accident on the bridge. And I just waited for Billy to come up and see
if they were ready for me, and I was praying because some of the people
that had been included in the accident were–looked like to me
Christian people. And–and they were–the policemen were making us go
on. No one seemed to be seriously hurt, but just moving us on. And we
were delayed just a little. If it be that some of our dear brothers and
sisters has been caught into an accident, God deliver them from any

And now, tonight I wish you to turn (if you keep down the Scripture
reading) in the Book of the Psalms, the 63rd Psalm and the first three
verses. We feel that we have chosen this tonight for our study of the

O God, thou art my God; early will I seek
thee: my soul thirsts for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and
thirsty land, where no water is;

To see thy power and thy glory, so as I have seen thee in thy sanctuary.

Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.

This is a most unusual Scripture. And when I read this Scripture, I was
trying to think of what the prophet must be thinking of when we make
this quotation, "Thy lovingkindness is better to me than life." I can't
think of anything any better than life. You might sum up everything
that you know of, and every good thing that you know of, and there
would be nothing to take the place of life, for all things must have an
end besides Eternal Life.

And David, aware of the Presence of God, and how that God had blessed
him, and how that he seen God in nature as he walked by the shady green
pastures and down by the still waters… And the great psalmist as he
wrote the Psalms out where he found God in nature…
If you'll just look around, you can see Him in all nature. Oh, I love
to look at God. You can see Him if you'll just look through His eyes.

Sometime ago, I was herding some cattle way up on the Arapaho Forest,
out on… cross Berthoud Pass in Colorado. And I was up there just
resting from the meetings. And I used to do a little ranching up there
with another fellow.
And I… One day while we was on the spring roundup of bringing the
cattle in, I was salting the cattle. And I rode… after I'd unpacked
the saddle horse, and I walked up to the top of the mountain. And I was
just looking through my glasses to see where the cattle were getting
their positions and places, from the top of the mountain, and I saw an
unusual sight. I saw an old mother eagle a taking her young ones from
the nest.

And I watched them just a little bit, because God spoke in the Bible
that He likened His people unto eagles. And how that this old mother
eagle, how she got those young ones on her wing, and she taken them
down into a–a green pasture. And there, after letting her little ones
off, she soared way up high to the highest peek that she could find.
And she sit down on the rock, turning herself around looking east,
west, north, and south, to see if there was any danger.

You know, you hear so much talking about the hawk. The hawk is no match
at all to the eagle. His eyes are fifty percent better than the hawk.
He's much faster. He can kill the hawk in attitude–or in altitude as
he goes up. The hawk can't follow him. The eagle's made up. God likened
His prophets to eagles that soar way high that they can see things far
off, coming.

And I thought, laying there on my stomach and across the rock, watching
this big eagle, I studied her as that great big head begin to turn and
look, those piercing eyes watching all around. I thought, "Yes, that's
right. Them little eaglets was born in a nest."
And oh, if you were ever around one of their nests, it smells terrible.
And it's made out of sticks and briars and padded with rabbit skin and
sheepskin if she can find it. But when she gets ready to stir up that
nest, she throws all of that out and makes it real miserable for her
And sometimes God does that too when He stirs the nest. He makes it so
miserable you don't want to stay any longer. He's stirring up the nest.

But then I thought… What she did after she let her little ones down
in a grassy field… They'd never seen green grass before and the
waters rippling by. But she took her perch way high so she could watch
over those little fellows. And she wasn't too high but what the speed
of her wings could go within a–a moments time to their rescue.
I thought, "No, wonder David could look and see God in His nature."
Jesus died that He might save us. And He's climbed the ramparts of
glory and sets at the right hand of the Majesty of God watching over
His heritage, His brood, as the poet said, "His eye is on the sparrow,
and I know He watches me." That's not one thing can happen to you but
what He knows about it.

And I thought, "How unconcerned those little fellows are of danger."
They just got their little wing feathers, and they couldn't fly. But
they were tumbling over each other, and pulling the grass, and just
having a regular Pentecostal revival, care free, because they knew that
mother was watching over them.
And how carefree ought the children of God to be when they know that God's watching over His heritage.

And I looked, and my heart beat heavy, and I'd take my little old red
handkerchief to wipe a tear of joy from my eyes as I lay quiet watching
And by and by, after they had a real good time, there come a storm let
out a roar of a thunder. Quickly, the clouds rise. And you have to
hurry to shelter when a northerner comes, because the rain comes so
fast through those valleys, across the top of the mountains. It's hid
until it comes over the mountain all of a sudden.

And she let a great scream out, and down through that timber she soared
like a mighty big airplane. And when she hit the ground, she let out a
great big scream, and all those little eagles come, set their little
feet right in her wing feathers, took their little bill and got a good
tight hold, and she raised with those mighty wings. And though the wind
sweeping down across the top of the mountain at about sixty miles an
hour, she drove herself with those little eagles into the rock of
Oh, if you'll just look around, you can see God everywhere.
Someday Jesus will come. Before an atomic bomb can destroy His Church,
He will come and stretch forth His wings, and His children will know
His voice, and that familiar cry that He gives when He leaves the
ramparts of glory. And His Church will be taken away on the wings of
His salvation.
No matter how bad the destructions is, He's watching.

And when I heard David here say, "Thy lovekindness is better to me than
life," then thinking that nothing could be any better than life, there
must be another definition, or there must two different kinds of life.
And there is two kinds of life. There's life that leads to destruction, and there's life that leads to everlasting.

And this life that people think that's life, the devil has perverted
the real genuine life and making you think that you're really living
when you're not. He tries to make you think that to have plenty of good
clothes, to own a nice automobile, have the taxes paid up on your
place, you're living. But you're not. That's where America is deceived
And some people think because they're having life, they're out riding, reveling around. That's not life; that's death.

Some time ago in a large Canadian city, I was holding a meeting. And
when I'd come from the–the great arena with a lovely meeting that
night. And I was in this great hotel. I don't know whether it have
anything like it in the States. And I was going up on the elevator, and
I noticed whiskey bottles laying in the elevator.
And also that afternoon there'd been a great bunch of an Americans come
up there. An organization, a society, a lodge, was having their annual
get-together. There was about five or six hundred Americans there. And
they were really having a time.
When I got off of the elevator… All down each floor when you would
pass, you would hear the hollering, and the screaming, and the dancing.
And they thought they were having a good time. But that kind of life
leads to a place to where man wants to gets rid of that type of life;
they take a pistol and blow their brains out. So David couldn't have
been speaking about that kind of life. It gets so miserable until
people jump off of bridges. They take poison to end that life. So David
could not been speaking of that type of life.

And when my elevator stopped, I heard a noise down along the hall, and
I looked. And here come two American women just with their underneath
clothes on, oh, probably twenty eight, twenty six, somewhere along in
there years old, under thirty, perhaps mothers. Only an American way of
thinking, "It's just a little clean fun." It's dirty, black sin. The
Bible said, "She that liveth in pleasure is dead while she's alive."
But, oh, we think that's innocent fun. It's the gates of hell.
And these young women, perhaps their husbands at home playing the
babysitter while their stitch-and-sew party was having a little fun:
drunk as they could be, with their underneath clothes on only, a bottle
of whiskey in their hand, and men pulling them from room to room, just
a little clean American fun."

What do you think God thinks about that? And maybe a many a man there,
pulling these women with his innocent wife at home setting with the
babies. "Just a little fun with the boss and the boys."
And I stepped back in a little place, a little end. And they were
coming down, staggering: beautiful women. And they stopped and passed
the bottle one to the other, pulled up their little skirt of a thing
they had on, their underneath skirt, threw up their legs in the air,
and said, "Whoopee, this is life."
I just couldn't stand it any longer. I stepped out; I said, "You're mistaken lady, that's death!"
She turned and looked at me.
I walked over to them. I had this very Bible in my hand. I said, "I am
a preacher of the Gospel. And I too am an American. And you call that
life? You are deceived, and the devil has deceived you. That's the road
to hell and eternal separation from the Presence of the living God."
They looked at each other, and their make–manicure, whatever you call
the stuff they put on their face, all around where they'd been kissed
and carried on, their hair stringing down. They looked at one another,
and down the hall they went.

Oh, God be merciful to this backslidden hypocritical nation, calling
itself a Christian nation and living in tommyrot and sin like that. If
God doesn't judge this nation for its sin, it'll–God will be just; He
will have to resurrect Sodom and Gomorrah and apologize to them. We are
bound for judgment.
No wonder sputniks are sailing the skies and the nations are fearing.
We're at the end time. God's being merciful. Christ said, "If the work
doesn't cut short for the elect, there'd even be no flesh saved."
Oh, what a miserable thing it is. The devil perverts those things. He makes you think you're living when you're dead.

Now, what makes the fellow then, thirst? There's some reason for that.
What makes people want to drink? What makes women want to be untrue,
and men untrue? What makes them desire to join churches that indulge in
such as card playing, cigarette smoking, and all those kind of things
like that. It's because God made a man to thirst. And God made you up
to thirst. That's why you do thirst. But He made you to thirst after
Him. That thirst was made in you to thirst after Him. But the devil has
perverted it. And trying to make you be satisfied with trying to quench
that blessed holy thing with sin. You have no right to try to quench
that blessed holy thirst with drinking and wading in sin. You remember
God made you to thirst after Him in righteousness. And the devil turns
it around. Oh, there's many things he's tries to quench it with. That's
the reason you people don't go to church on Wednesday night no more;
you'd rather stay home and look at some old dirty television of "We
Love Suzy." Oh, and then say, "You love God?" No wonder we can't have
revival in America.

And you got on your record machines them old dirty songs of Elvis
Presley, and all that other bunch of Tennessee trash over there, "All
Shook Up." You're going to be someday all shook up. Arthur Godfrey and
all that tommyrot you women listen to that on a morning, and call
yourself Christians with all those old smutty jokes trying to satisfy
yourself, when you ought to have your Bible open somewhere in a prayer
meeting praying to Almighty God. Got no right to try to quench that
holy thirst with the things of the world.
And I'm surprised as I looked in the street… A few years ago when I
first started coming to the Pentecostal churches when I left the
Baptist, the women used to dress like women ought to dress. But they
don't any more. What's the matter? Oh, I know, this might make you just
a little bit sick.

When I was a little boy I was raised up here in Kentucky. We were very
poor. Black eyed peas and corn bread was all we had three times a day.
And mama used to get down from the old store, country store, bacon
rind. And she'd render them out to make the grease for the corn bread.
And I remember, every Saturday night all the bunch of little Branhams
would come up to an old cedar tub and take that Saturday night bath,
change the long underwear, and each one take a big dose of castor oil.
I just can't stand the stuff yet. And me being the oldest, I had to
take it first.
And when I would come to my mama, I'd hold my nose, and I'd say, "Mama, it makes me so sick to even smell it."
And she said, "Billy, if it don't make you sick, it don't do you no good."
That's the way the preaching of the Gospel is. If it don't stir up your innermost being, it don't do you much good.

Pentecostal Christian women out on the street with slacks on, do you
know, lady, that the Bible said, "That a woman that'll put on any
garment that pertains to a man, it's an abomination?" And little old
clothes on and shorts… And you get out in the yard just when the men
are coming home from work. Do you realize that's devil possession?
Listen, lady, you wear these little old dirty clothes that they sell in
these stores, sexy looking. You might be as pure as a lily to your
husband. But if you dress like that, and get on the street, and a
sinner looks at you, you are guilty of committing adultery with that
sinner. And at the judgment bar you'll answer for it. Jesus Christ the
blessed Son of the living God said, "Whosoever looketh upon a woman to
lust after her, hath committed adultery with her in his heart."
When that sinner answers for committing adultery, you are the one he
committed it with. Why, you say, "That's his fault." It's your fault
for presenting yourself like that.
Oh, you say, "But, Brother Branham, they don't sell no other kind of clothes but them."
Well, they still sell sewing machines and goods. I know that's old
fashion, but it's what the world needs today. God hates sin, but He
loves the sinner. People just can't take it. That's all.

E-27 You say, "What about the men?"
right, here you are. A man that'll let his wife dress like that, and
smoke cigarettes, it shows how much man you are. That's exactly what it
is. You're supposed to be the head of the house, but you're not. That's
true. And the devil does that trying to quench that holy thirst. If a
man loves God, he can't love mammon at the same time. If you love the
world, or the things of the world, it's because the real love of the
Father's not even in you. Now, do you see why we can't have a revival?

E-28 You may not love me after this, but at the judgment bar you'll know I've told you the truth.
What happened? There used to be an old Methodist preacher by the name of Brother Kelly. He used to sing a song.

We let down the bars,

We let down the bars,

We compromised with sin,

We let down the bars,

The sheep got out,

But how did the goats get in?

You let down the bars (That's exactly right.), compromising with sin. Oh, God, be merciful.
You know what the Bible said? Christ is your satisfying Portion to every believer.

It would be no mysterious thing to me if I went out in the country and
seen a–a pig on a manure pile eating. That's his nature. But I'd sure
be surprised if I saw a lamb eating with him. That's right. The spirit
in you bears record what you are. "By their fruits you shall know them."
Pentecost, we need a cleaning up from the pulpit to–all the way to the
basement. That's for you Baptists too, Methodist, Presbyterian, the
whole bunch of you. We need a house, cleaning, God's holy fire. You've
got the fire in the basement when it ought to be on the altar and in
every heart, not in the basement.
We've changed the upper room to a supper room to get enough money to
pay the preacher. I'd rather lay on my stomach, and drink branch water,
and eat soda crackers, and preach the truth, than to have fried chicken
three times a day and compromise with sin. Amen.

Trying to quench that thirst that God put in you, not to hear after a
scandal like Arthur Godfrey, or some of those other dirty mouth
impostors… That's not real Americanism, that's hellishism. Right.
It's out of the bosoms of hell. No wonder our nation's gone, such stuff
as that. And it's drifted right into the Church.
The devil knowed how to keep the children from the picture show; he put
it in the house with you. That's right. You know that's right. Just let
them listen to any old dirty thing, all those old jokes and things that
they tell. "Bring up a child in the way they should go."
No wonder we got juvenile delinquency. No, we've got parent
delinquency. We've got home delinquency. Junior's out somewhere with
his hot rod on Sunday; sister's down to a rock-and-roll, and mom's out
to a card party, and–and dad's over to some kind of a poker game. And
the church pews are setting empty because the Blood of God has vanished
from the church of the living God.
You love God with all your heart, you won't do those things. It's true.

Another thing he tries to quench it with, he tries to quench it by
letting you join church. Oh, you think, "I belong to church, I don't
have to listen to such stuff."
You might not have to set and listen to it; you can go out. But one day
you're going to be judged by it anyhow. You'll have to stand for that.
All this tommyrot, join church…
"Well, my organization has been a long time organization." It might
have been that. That's no sign that you're secure, not a bit.
Oh, how pitiful it is to see that blessed holy thirst that God put into
men to thirst after Him, and the devil perverting it to make you, "Oh,
I belong to church. You ain't got no business telling me them things,
Mr. Branham."
The Bible speaks of those things. And I'm a preacher and duty bound to God to explain them. Then the blood's off my hands.

What happened to all the Pentecostal women and their long hair? That
burned, didn't it? But it's the truth. The Bible said, "This hair was
given to a woman for her glory." No wonder you don't have much more
glory, you cut it off. You know that's true.
What happened? You got to looking too much at television. You got to
impersonating some movie star, married four or five times, living with
three or four husbands. Aren't you ashamed to quench that thirst after
such scalawags and prostitutes as that, and leave God's Holy Spirit
great–grieved away from you? Certainly.
Maybe I'd better quit a little… No, I'm not. Bit listen. It's got to be told. And it's the truth.

Oh, if you'd only take God for your satisfying Portion, if you'd only
change all that tommyrot into a worship of a God, how the Holy Spirit
sweep over my soul, sweep over my soul…
And the Church has got into the Laodicean Age just to beat a
tambourine, or beat a piano up-and-down, jump and shout and act like
the world all the time; when the love of God constrains us to do that
which is right. Yes, no wonder we're getting nowhere. No wonder gifts
can't come in the Church.
God's got to have a foundation to put that Church on. He's got to have
a Church to put those gifts in. He will never put it into a bunch of
stuff like that. It is true.
All different… "I'm a Presbyterian." "I'm Assembly." "I'm a Church of
God." What's that?" Pot can't call kettle black. If you don't think…
You belong to Christ, you got a love for the entire body of Christ
whether he be Methodist, Presbyterian, Assemblies, or the Church of
God, or whatever he may be.

Oh, David, when he cried out, "I long to see Thy Spirit; I long to see
Thy glory like I saw it in the sanctuary. My soul cries for Thee in a
dry and thirsty land where no water is." How that prophet saw this day.
David over in Psalm 42:1, he said, "As the hart panteth after the water
brooks, so my soul thirsts after Thee, O God."
Him being a woodsmen, David was acquainted with nature. And the hart is
a deer. And I've seen it many times, being a hunter myself.

They have a wild dog in Africa, and in America it's the wolf. And this
wolf is a sneaker. And when he gets to a place he sees the hart, the
deer, he slips up just as cunning as he can, keeping himself disguised.
And that's the way sin does: innocent.
And when he gets a good shot at his prey, he runs and makes a jump. And
he's got two fangs; they're called blood fangs. And he… His favorite
place to grab the little deer is just behind the burr of the ear. He
sinks his teeth deeply. The jugular vein comes up the side, runs to his
heart. And the wild dog grabs this deer, and sinks his teeth into it,
and then swings his weight in front of the deer. When it does, those
fangs slits the throat of the deer. On the ground he goes; the little
fellow's gone, the blood spurting. Before he gets through kicking,
there's dozens of dogs picking him to the bone.
That's the way the devil does. You get out some of you innocent kids,
try to let these long sideburns grow like Elvis Presley, and a big
bunch of hair sticking out the back of your necks, and an old jacket

God bless that man at that school, not long ago, that said, "I'll close
this school. You'll go home and come back dressed like gentlemen." Amen.
When they dress like that, they act like that. That's trash of the
street. And it isn't becoming even to a good citizen, let alone a
And some of you little girls get out on the street and one of them old
wild dogs give a whistle at you, and you got yourself all poured into a
bunch of scandal, dirty clothes, and your mammy home maybe praying for
you… And you'll give what they call "the wolf whistle." And you turn
around with those little lips all painted up, and "Tee-hee," look
around. You don't realize that's the wolf in hell after you. Just turn
once, and he will get you to a rock-and-roll party and you're finished.

By the way, speaking of that paint on the face, you Pentecostal women
used to not do that. What happened? I'm just asking you. What happened?
You did run well, what hindered you? Did your pulpit get weak? Then put
him out and get a pastor will preach the truth. If your denomination
let–lets you down, get to another denomination. Certainly.
Listen, sister, I don't meant to hurt you. I just come back from Africa
and in the heathen land. It's–that is a heathen trait. The Hottentots
in–of Africa, that's where painting come from: heathens. It's a sign
of heathenism. And it's condemned by God. A pretty face ain't what God
looks for; it's a pretty soul that He looks for.
And listen, there was one woman in the Bible who painted her face, and
her name was Jezebel. And God fed her to the dogs. So you can see what
a painted face woman is in the sight of God; it's dog meat. There
that's right. I don't say that for a joke. That's truth. You could just
see it, God's got some dog bait going there.
And the wolves of hell (you're baiting yourself so they whistle at
you), pick your bones till you're no more than a street harlot. Though
you could live just as clean to your husband as you could be, you'll
answer for committing adultery at the day of judgment.
And you sons of God, letting your wives do such a thing as that, shame
on you. I don't think there's much man in you. Man's not measured by a
big pair of wide shoulders; that's brute. Man's measured by character.
I seen men that weighed two hundred pounds and muscles like one of
these mules out here, and had no more man about him then to throw a
baby out of a mothers arms and ravish her. That's brute. Man is
character. God help us.
That thirst in there is for God and not for the world. God be merciful.

Then if this little deer is quick, and the wolf grabs her… If he
can't get by the ear and drag her in somewhere. (He will get her to
fixing up and dressing herself.) And the other hold on the wolf is to
grab the little deer in the flank. If he misses the throat, the jugular
vein, the quick kill (a cigarette, or drink of whiskey, or
rock-and-roll), he will grab her by the flank, and then he throws
himself. And that's the balance part of the deer. The hindquarters are
heavier than the front quarters, so he can throw the deer; it's out of
Now, if the little deer's quick, comes to herself, what happens? She
can throw herself in such a way that the wolf will jerk a whole
mouthful out of her flank. That's what David was talking about. Away
she goes. Then she's all bleeding, wounded. She's been to a revival.
And she comes wounded.

And any hunter knows that if he wounds a deer, and if he can get to
water, you'll never get him. He will run right straight to water. I've
watched them a many times. He will drink, then run up and try to get
away from the dogs, come back. And he will never leave that stream. As
long as he can find water, he will live. But if he can't find water, he
will die in a few minutes. That's the reason David said, "As the hart
panteth for the water brooks, my soul thirsts after Thee, O God."

Picture it. He must find water or die. Watch, his little ears up, his
heart beating fast, his life leaving his nostrils. With every whit
that's he's got, "Oh, water, where are you? Where is the water?"
Hearing the hounds howl, he's got to get to water or die.
Blessed be the Name of the Lord God. When the Church gets to that place
that it's got to find Christ or die, you'll see a revival break out in
the land, but not until, not until that time.
Oh, what God wants to do with His Church. He sends us gifts; He sends
us wonders; He sends us revival; and we just 'doze right on into the
world. Come out, dispersed.

Here some time ago I was in India. And the day before I come there…
(I got a piece out of a paper.) When I arrived, the day before there,
there was a great earthquake. And before that earthquake took place,
you know what happened? All…
Now, India don't have fences like you do in Tennessee; they have big
rock fences. And all the cattle and the sheep got away from those big
fences and went out in the middle of the field right in the heat of the
day, and stood there. All the little birds that had their nests in the
little coves in those fences and on those great big high walls, they
left their nests and went out into the forest and set in the trees.
What did it? And they stayed there until the earthquake was over. If
not, they would've perished along those walls and those big towers.
And, brother, sister, let me say now: if God could give instinct to a
bird to get away from danger to come, surely He can give it to man.
Danger's at hand. Get away from these great big old cold, formal,
starchy things that's of the world. Get out and flee to the center of
God's Salvation, Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, and there
plead for mercy, for destruction is at hand.

When you see revivals and things going on like is going on now, just
remember, destruction comes. Jesus said Himself, "In that day when the
Son of man reveals Himself from heaven…" He's revealing Himself now
in mercy to His church. The next revealing will be in judgment on those
who's rejected Him.
"My soul thirsts after Thee, O God. I long to see Thy power, like I
have seen it in Thy sanctuary." The real true servant of God is
hungering and thirsting for God. The first move of the Spirit, their
soul jumps to grab it.

But those who are so indifferent, they see God perform miracles and do
things like He done when He was here on earth, the Gospel being
preached, they set and chew their chewing gum, fix their makeup on,
say, "Yeah, I guess that's right." How can you escape the damnation of
the wrath of God?
"Oh, you spoke with tongues," you said. So does Satan. I'm not against
speaking in tongues. I know there's a real speaking in tongues, and
there's a false one. Don't let the devil deceive you.
You say, "Well, I shouted and danced in the Spirit." I seen witch
doctors do the same in Africa and drink blood out of a human skull.
Don't think that that's 'cause you got it.
When your life tallies with Christ, that's when you've got it. "By
their fruits you shall know them." And the fruits of the Spirit is
love, joy, peace, longsuffering, goodness, meekness, gentleness, not
grudges, and fusses, and fights, and stews, and arguments.
See where you got out acting like the world, living like the world, and
the coming of the Lord at hand… God be merciful, children. Satisfy
that thirst tonight with Christ. How cold the church has got, how it
cooled off. But that compares with Scripture; it's supposed to be that

Here some years ago, down here in the south when slavery was legal,
they used to go around and had brokers that would buy slaves just like
you do in automobiles today, in their automobile lot. You'd go buy a
automobile and take it over and sell it to another used car lot; they
done slaves that way years ago. And there'd be brokers come by who
would buy those slaves.
And one day a broker come by a certain plantation. And these slaves
were sold over here from Africa, and they were… They would cry;
they–they wouldn't work; they were away from their home. They'd never
go back no more; they'd never see their baby no more. They'd never see
papa and mama, any more. They were plumb across the sea here in an old
wooden ship. They'd never go to their homelands again. So the owners
would have to scold them or whip them and make them work.
And one day this buyer come by; he said, "I'd like to look your slaves over."
He said, "Look them over."
And he noticed the different ones, great sturdy ones, and some small
ones, and so forth. How they'd–someone out there to make them work.
And they had one certain young man there; you didn't have to make him
work: shoulders up, chin up, "Yes, suh." Anything you want done he'd do
it. You didn't have to whip him; he was right at it and do it.
The slave buyer said, "I want to buy that slave."
And the owner said, "But he's not for sale."
He said, "I never seen quite a slave, as many as I've bought, never
seen one act like that before." Said, "Do you ever have scold him?"
Said, "No, sir. He's always up. He's the best slave I ever owned."
He said, "I tell you what you've done, you've made him a boss over the rest of them."
He said, "No, sir, he's a slave just like the rest of them."
Said, "Well, then, perhaps you feed him a little better then you feed the rest of them."
Said, "No, he eats out in the galley with the rest of the slaves, just like they all do."
He said, "Well, what makes him so much different than the other ones?"
He said, "I often wondered that myself until one day I found out that
over in the homeland where they come from, he's the son of the king.
His father is the king of the tribe. And though he's an alien and away
from home, he still knows that he's a king's son. He conducts himself
like a king's son."

God Almighty, be merciful, though we're aliens in this dark world of
sin and distress, we ought to conduct ourselves like sons and daughters
of God, and we're not like the kings of the world. Our Father is the
King. What do we care about the devil's domain? Let's act like sons and
daughters of God, taking His Word and calling anything contrary as
though it was not. Let's live, and act, and dress, and talk, and sing,
and shout, and love the Lord, and act like the Lord by believing His
Word. We are sons and daughters of the true and living King of heaven,
God Almighty. "My soul thirst after Thee in a dry and thirsty land
where no water is." Think of it while we bow our heads just a moment.

Listen, Christian woman, man. Since you have come to Christ, are you
conducting yourself as a Christian should? Are you got yourself off in
some little denomination, saying, "Me and my little group, we believe
it this a way. We'll have nothing to do with that, nor have nothing to
do with this or that." Oh, may God speak to your soul tonight. What can
we do? The hour's coming when you're going to beg for this, and you're
not going to find it.
Sinner friend away from God, little woman, little man, do you realize
that you're trying to quench that thirst that God give to you to thirst
after Him, and you're quenching it with the devil's pleasures? Moses
forsook Egypt to be Pharaoh of Egypt, esteeming the reproach of Christ
greater riches than the treasures of Egypt. Oh, and he endured as
seeing Him Who is invisible.
Take off them clothes, lady; put you on some decent looking things. Let
your hair grow out and wash your face. You men, get to be men: walk
around with a pack of cigarettes in your pocket, and a deacon on the
board, cigars, taking a little sociable drink, staying home and
watching television, washing your car on Sunday instead of spend at
Sunday school, aren't you ashamed?

Dear heavenly Father, God, I don't want to be rude, but what can I do
when my soul cries out, Lord? I think of the difference between now and
just a few years ago when I was here in Chattanooga: what a falling
away, what a difference. And my Spirit grieves. Lord, here it is even
just two more nights of the meeting, and the little auditorium which
was packed, and fifteen hundred turned away, and now, something's
happened. [–Ed.]

When the Spirit of God comes and reveals and shows His Presence, the
people set just as quiet, and never seemed to be thrilled about Your
Spirit just falls…?… Greedy, selfishness, ministers at each other
throats, and… Oh, Lord, what a condition. Be merciful, God. What can
we do, Lord? Men and women that won't speak to each other because of
denominational differences… Be merciful, God.
We pray, Lord, that this call now, may their souls that can remember a
former day, that can read the Bible and know that God's in His
sanctuary; may their soul so thirst to be like that, Lord, and to see
Your great power displayed again. Grant it, Lord.
Men and women here have become so cold and indifferent till they really
seem to think that they're doing all right. Shake their souls tonight,
Lord, and may they smell the breeze from a cooling stream of peace
again, long and satisfy their thirsting, and surrender their lives to
Thee again, Lord. Stir them up like the eagle does her nest. Make it so
miserable for them that they'll be willing, no matter who's setting
here, but they'll be willing to come, raise their hands to Thee, and
say, "Wash me, O Lord, and try me. If there be any false in me, take it
away and purge me, O God, while there is time for purging, while the
Fountain is open." Grant it, Lord.

And while we're setting in prayer and every head's bowed, I just wonder
how many of you, and all you sinner friends, would you just raise your
hands to Christ, and say, "Be merciful to me, God; I raise my hands."
Put up your hand, will you do that? Lord bless you. God bless you. Up
in the balconies to my right, put up the hand, up there, sinner friend,
say, "I now will resign from sin; I accept Christ. I'm finished with

The balconies to the rear, balcony to the left, raise your hands. God
bless you. Anyone on the center floors here? Raise your hand, say, "Be
merciful to me, God, I–I…" God bless you, sir. God bless you. "I now
see my mistake. I've tried to go to pool rooms, Brother Branham. I've
tried everything. I've joined church; I've done everything, and nothing
satisfies. I want to come to that place where I can have Christ as my
satisfying Portion and He will witness the thing back to me by filling
me with His Spirit. I now accept Him. I want Him to do it tonight."

Another hand or two before we go further? God bless you, sir. Someone
else? God bless you. God bless you, lady. Another? "Be merciful to me,
O God," you'd say. Anywhere in the building, before we close. God bless
you, lady. Another, just before closing now.
I'm going to ask for you backsliders that knows that you've done wrong,
aren't you ashamed right there to leave? You're going to die. Is there
something in you, just the weakest little voice speaking somewhere,
saying, "Come to Me, child. You can't die in this condition. If you do,
you know you're doomed."?

Will you raise your hand and say, "God, I now raise my hands to You,
saying, 'Be merciful to me; I want to come back home, God, from tonight
on. I want to be satisfied and have that good feeling that I used to
have, and that real worship and fellowship where I just love to read
the Bible and go to church and sing the old songs. I want to have that
again.'" Would you just raise your hands? God bless you, sir. It takes
a real man to do that, brother. But I got confidence in a man that has
made a mistake and willing to confess that he's wrong.

Now, to you bunch of Christians, you women and men that's trying to
satisfy that holy thirst with things of the world, if you've got any
real Christian principle and you're guilty, will you raise your hand to
God, and say, "God, be merciful to me. From tonight on I'm changing my
ways."? Raise your hand. God bless you. That's the way; that's the way
to do it. Amen.
The balcony to the right, raise your hand. Come on, Christian. God
bless you, up there. That's right. Man, I've got real, real confidence
in you. The balcony to the rear. God bless you, that's good. Balcony to
the left, raise your hand. Say, "From now on…" God bless you. "God
spoke to my heart." God bless you; that's right: dozens of hands
"I'm ashamed of my life, I've acted wrong; I know I'm wrong Brother Branham. I oughtn't to have done that."

How many here that's never had the Holy Spirit, and you want the Holy
Spirit to come to you now, and to bless you, and to give you… You
been up and down, up and down, look like you–you never on the housetop
but just a few hours at a time, and then the next day you're down in
the dumps, as we call it. Then you–you never seem to keep the victory,
got just halfway life. God don't want you to be like that. He wants you
to be full of His grace and power all the time. God's got it for you.
You want to accept it by just raising your hands, saying, "God, You see
my hand." Man, God bless you. God bless you, yes, yes, just all around.
Put up your hand and see how it feels. Just mean it from your hearts.
God bless you, that's right. God bless you. All around the balconies,
I'm looking at you. Certainly, God sees you if I don't. God bless you,
sir. That's good.
Oh, bless your heart. That's what Chattanooga needs, is what the rest of the world needs, is a revival.

Are you all finished? Has the Holy Spirit spoke just so–a few more?
Don't let It pass. You know, tomorrow may be too late. You may not be
able to do it tomorrow. You see, you're–you've turned yourself because
of fussings be–between churches and denominations, and peoples,
and–and all the luxuries of the world.

The American people want to be entertained. They don't want the Gospel
no more; they want entertainment. And the devil's given them all that
he can, just led them in all around everything. And they don't thirst
for God no more.
All the kids in this country… Ninety-five percent of the kids in
Chattanooga could tell you more about Davy Crockett than they could
tell you about Jesus Christ. Ninety-five percent of the women can tell
you more about Arthur Godfrey or Elvis Presley than they could about
Jesus Christ. Think of it. Think of it. Can't you see it's gone?
Flee, Christian. There's a fountain open. Water is near. Life is near.
Flee to it quickly. Drink, drink, drink till you can't drink no more.
God will satisfy that thirst. God bless you. Now I'm going to pray for

Lord God, from this little broke up message tonight there's been over a
hundred and fifty hands or more, two hundred, went up that they long
and need to serve You. Many backsliders, many that's living in sin, and
they don't want no more of that, they want more; they want to come to
the Fountain tonight. They've been bit by the hounds of hell; they've
been tossed about with every wind of doctrine. But they want to come to
Christ tonight to the satisfying portion that God gave them. Grant it
just now while we're waiting to see You appear on the scene.
Come, Lord; let this audience know that You're here, that You're
willing, that the message is give in their behalf, not from prejudice,
but from purely of the Scriptures and a heart that loves God and His
people. Hear, Lord. We commit them to Thee in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Just be reverent a moment. Don't be angry with me for preaching
straight and clean. You might different with me, but read your Bible.
The message of Divine healing is wonderful. But Divine healing is just
something to get your attention attracted.
If you are healed–Divine healing, you may get sick again. Lazarus was
raised from the dead and died again. A doctor can heal you of pneumonia
by giving you penicillin, or kill the germs in you, and tomorrow
pronounce you sound and well. And Monday you can die of pneumonia
again. Certainly.
But if you're saved, that's different. You've got Eternal Life,
Everlasting Life. You haven't got everlasting health, but you've got
Everlasting Life. Accept it tonight, friends.

Now, let's be reverent just a moment. Just that you might know, these
young Christians and those who come back to Christ before we make an
altar call, that you might know that the Holy Spirit is here, we'll
pray for the sick. But I want you to be reverent just a moment.
I can't do that; it's too late.
All right, how many in here doesn't have a prayer card and you want God
to heal you, raise up your hand just a moment? All right, be reverent.

If the Holy Spirit, as I have taught you the truth… Surely, Christ,
when He was here on earth He identified Himself by telling Peter who
his name was, telling the Jews, when they come, Nathanael, where he was
found at under the tree before he come. Told the woman at the well her
sin, and each one time that He did that, they recognized it to be the
Messiah. Is that right? How many knows that's the truth?
But you'll never find a Scripture where He did it in front of the
Gentiles. He said, "Don't you go to the Gentiles, for their days are
not full yet, there's things that's not heaped up yet; they've got a
day of grace." That's this day. And when He did it before, they said,
"He's a fortuneteller, a Beelzebub."
Jesus said, "Say that about Me…"
Who said that? Great religious leaders, holy and renowned men. Jesus
said, "Your father… You are of your father the devil." But He said,
"You speak that against Me, I'll forgive you. When the Holy Ghost comes
and does the same thing (in other wise), one word against It will never
be forgiven in this world or the world to come."

I may never see you again, it perhaps is my last time in Chattanooga.
We're too close to the end; I'm going overseas. One miracle that's
performed in this meeting, one miracle that takes place of
I've seen one time it happened, and thirty thousand raw heathens
accepted Christ. I made one prayer, and twenty-five thousand got to
their feet, crippled, lame, and blind, and was healed. And the next
morning seven truckloads of crutches and things going down the streets
of Durban, South Africa, and the people walking behind them, singing
"Only Believe."…
"Oh, but of course, we belong to the certain churches. We know better
than that." Go ahead. That's the way, just go ahead. God's Bible's
obligated to tell you. But you're obligated to what you say about it
and do about it.

If Christ the Son of God, which I know is present now, if His Spirit…
How many's been in the meetings before and seen Him do it, let's see
your hands, all over the building, anywhere? Sure.
If Christ, the Son of God, He promised the things that He did, we'd do also.
The woman touched His garment, and He turned around, said, "Who touched
Me?" He didn't know. He wouldn't have said that if He did know.
And they rebuked Him, said, "All's touching You."
He looked till He found who it was, and He told her what her troubles
was and she was healed. How many know that's the truth? Sure.
The Bible said He's the High Priest that could be touched by the
feeling of our infirmities right now. Then if He's present… And if
that part of the Bible is true, the rest of it's true.
You without prayer cards… You other prayer cards, we'll call you
tomorrow night, maybe a whole group of you. I want those without prayer
cards. Look this way and believe. How many's out there knows I'm a
stranger to you and don't know nothing about you, raise your hand,
anywhere, I don't care where you are? All right, you believe.

E-63 I don't say that He will; I trust that He will at least give us three as a confirmation.
is it? I just yield myself to the Holy Spirit. Your faith touches
Christ; Christ turns back and just uses my voice to speak to you.
He said, "I am the Vine; ye are the branches." You know that, Saint
John 15? Then the branch bears the fruit, not the vine. The vine just
gives the life to the–to the branch. And if it's a pumpkin vine, it'll
give pumpkins. If it's a watermelon, gives watermelons. It's grapes, it
gives grapes. If it's Christ, it brings forth Christ. If it's some
stiff starchy theology like they had back there, that's what it'll
bring forth. But if it's Christ, it brings Christ.
Do you believe with all your heart? (Watch now when three…?… for a
preview, call my attention.) I can't make it; it's you. You look to
Christ, the High Priest, and say, "Christ, I've understood night after
night and seen those things done. Now, that man doesn't know me. And if
You'll just speak to me, Lord, I'm sick. I need You. And just to
confirm that You are here, I'm going to believe You with all my heart."
Just believe with all your heart now and see if God will grant it.

Here's a lady setting, looking at me, right back here, just moved her
head back and forth just a moment ago. Yes, ma'am, you that moved your
head then. You got a prayer card? You haven't. If God will reveal to me
what your trouble is, will you believe God? You're sick; you want
prayer, don't you? You prayed before you left home that you would get
to be in the prayer line. And when I said that awhile ago, you said
within your heart, "I ask You, God, to let him call me." If that's
right, raise your hand. All right, you have stomach trouble. If that's
right, stand on your feet. You–you have no prayer card. We've never
met in all of your life; we don't know one another. If that's right,
raise your hand. All right, you can go home now; you're healed.

I just ask you to believe God. What about some of the rest of you
people through here, will you believe? If thou canst believe, all
things are possible.
Little lady setting right back there on the end of the row, you got
spinal trouble, lady. Right down here, do you believe? Have you a
prayer card? You have a prayer card. Well, no, sir, I don't want that
then, your prayer card. Little boy's been healed anyhow, so you just go
ahead. You won't have to come in the prayer line.
Somebody else, somewhere, I challenge your faith. (Is that two or three?) God, let us have one more. Three's a confirmation.

What you pointing at yourself for, sir? You sick too, setting there,
man pointed to your chest? Have you a prayer card? You don't. You and I
are strangers to one another. I suppose this is our first time meeting.
God knows us both. If He will reveal to me what your trouble is, will
you believe me to be His servant? You will? You're suffering with sugar
diabetes. That's right. You're not from this city; you're from Atlanta,
Georgia. Your name's Mr. Adams. That's true. All right, go home and be
well, if you believe it.
Do you believe God? Do you believe His Presence is here? Then you
people that wants God in your life, come up here at the altar. I want
to ask you something just a minute before you do it. Let's pray; bow
your heads. Now's the time to be healed, no matter what's wrong with
you. I want you to pray this prayer after me; you say the same thing I
Almighty God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life,
Giver of every good gift, send mercy to me, through Thy Son Jesus. I
now believe through the preaching of the Word, through the working of
the Spirit, I believe that Christ is present. I now accept Him as my
Healer. I'll serve You, Lord, as long as I live. And I promise You,
from this night henceforth, I accept my healing, and I call those
things that are, as though they are not, because I believe Your Word.
Help me, Lord, in Jesus' Name.

Now, just keep shut in. Just keep shut in; keep praying. That–that's
your prayer. Did you mean it? If you meant it, you're going to see
something happen in a minute that you've never seen before. His
Presence is here. Now, I'm going to pray for you; you keep praying.
Now, keep… "Lord, You're coming in. I'm beginning to feel better. I
believe the Holy Ghost is here. Something's happening to me." I'm going
to pray for you.

Lord God, it is written in the Word…?… "These signs shall follow
them that believe." It is also written, "If you say to this mountain,
'Be moved,' and don't doubt in your heart, but believe that them things
that you say will come to pass, you can have what you say."
Lord, twenty-seven years I've tried to serve You up and down the nation
and around the world. If I've found grace in Your sight, Lord, seeing
these people tonight after a real hard stern preaching, rebuking them,
but seeing their humble hearts repent, show this people Thy Presence,
Lord, again. And let them know, even after You've identified Yourself
in our midst, not a dead Christ, not One on a cross, but One in the
hearts that's raised from the dead and is alive forever more. Blessed
be His holy Name. I ask You to heal every person that's in Divine
And I challenge the devil in Jesus' Name. He cannot defy the Word of
God, for the Word of God has deceived you, Satan, and you are stripped
of all the rights that you ever had. When Jesus died at Calvary He gave
us the keys to the Kingdom, and you have no legal right in our bodies
any longer. And we adjure thee in the Name of Jesus Christ, leave every
sick person here, and every crippled person, every blind person, every
deaf person, every lame person, every sick person, everyone: leave. In
Jesus' Name I ask you to go.
Stay shut in. Be sincere.

I hope that I found grace in Your heart. Keep your heads bowed, people.
I am your brother, and I'm telling you the truth. Christ, the Son of
the living God, is in this building. There's the Light hangs near.
Beneath It is a little darkness that's just a little suspicion, little
superstition. Oh, if we could just now reach out by faith, touch that
garment that's hanging so close to you… Do it right now. You
confessed that you would. Believe it.
And I want the first person that was deaf, dumb, blind, or crippled,
that couldn't move a hand, maybe you couldn't move your hand, I want
you to start moving it. You couldn't see out of one eye, or an eye,
look, see, you can see now. Couldn't hear out of one ear, put your
finger in your good ear.

Listen, the first one of you that feels that God has healed you, I want
you to come to here to the platform and testify and tell the others.
If there was something wrong… If you couldn't move you hand, move it.
Move it; in Christ's Name move it. Put your faith to a test. If you can
move it, rise up and come here. If you couldn't hear, you can hear now,
rise up and come here. If you're suffering with a headache and it's
gone, rise up and come here. If you were sick at your stomach, and the
sickness is gone for you–from you, rise up and come here.
Here comes a lady now to give testimony. That's the way. Come up and
give God glory. Has He done it? Anywhere. Every last one of you, do you
really believe it? You said you would. Now, see if you do. Christ keeps
His word.
Somebody else that couldn't hear, or something, come up. That's right,
lady, rise up. Come on, someone else now. That's right. You couldn't
walk, come up now. If you couldn't speak, come up now and testify right
here. You can do it. You're not afraid, are you? Are you afraid to put
Christ to the test? What was wrong with you? If you're healed, raise
your hand. Rise yourself up; come up here and let's testify to the
glory of God. Give God a chance for–to verify. That's right. Come on.
See Him coming? You rise up, say, "Oh, I can't do it." Try it now.
That's the way. You couldn't raise your hand, raise it up. If you
couldn't speak, scream, "Hallelujah." Prove you believe Him.

Are you just bluffing? Was you just kidding Christ? Christ has to keep
His Word. How did I stand here with that challenge night after night if
He didn't keep His Word?
Looky here; they're ready to testify. Maybe some deaf, dumb, blind, I
don't know what was–their trouble was. Whatever your trouble was, come
on, give God a chance. Testify. Raise up; don't be afraid; don't be
ashamed. You ashamed of the testimony, come on.
While they're coming to give testimony of their rising, you people that
raised your hands awhile ago you wanted to repent, you want to make
your life right, come here and stand here just a minute; I want to pray
for you. Come right out and come up this way, you that raised your
hands awhile ago. And you that knows that you want to come and thank
God for taking the temper away from you, taking the world away from
you, and you're going to dress different, you're going to act
different, you're going to live different…?… Come up here. Be
sincere. Stand up around the altar here.

Now, I want you people to look here. I want you ministers. Can you see
what tears the heart of a preacher? Can you see what tears the Holy
Spirit; when people will raise their hands that they'll do that, and
then will set there and won't move? What's left but judgment?
You'll cry someday when I'm gone. You remember that. I speak in the
Name of Jesus Christ. You'll long to hear these things and will never
hear them. Come on now. I invite you in Christ's Name.
Was you ashamed you raised your hand? Then you wouldn't make a good
Christian to begin with. That's awful rude. But, brother, it's time
that the Gospel… Let us take off the kid gloves and tell the truth.
Christ is here; He's raised from the dead. He's present. That's the
reason we do the way we do.

Come on now. That's right; raise up. If mama says, "Set down," say,
"mama, you go with me." If husband says, "You can't go or I'll leave
you," say, "Good-bye. Come on, we're going." That's right; that's the
way to do it. Walk right up here and give your personal testimony. Come
down out of the balcony, you that's been backslid, you that's done
wrong and want to make it right with God. These are coming for
testimony for healing; we're going to have a little revival started
here as soon as you get to your feet and do something about it. God's
never going to pull you up in there. You're going to walk under your
own free will.

Do you believe? Come up and give…?… just as they're getting healed
and going through the line… Those who are moving out of common sense,
"God, I can't see it. If the people see me, they know that they were
wrong." Some of the church members? Yes. "But here now sets his…?…
Now, what would she think?" It ain't what she thinks; it's what does
Christ think of you. Your soul's thirsting, come on, there's a Fountain
open. While we're waiting. Come on now.

There is a fountain filled with blood,

Drawn from Immanuel's veins,

Won't you come now? Don't leave; stay still now…?…

… now beneath that flood,

Lose all their guilty stains.

Lose all their guilty stains,

Lose all their guilty stains;

And sinners plunged beneath that flood,

Lose all their guilty stains.

Hundreds had up their hands. I wonder what happened. You're waiting for
another chance. I hope you get it. You may not. Let me just talk to
you. It just keeps pouring through my heart and pulling through my
heart. I've got to say it. You're looking for a greater day, but this
is your last one. This is the final call. Now, you write that down in a
book and see if you ever see things happen any greater than you see
happen now. Just remember; you're trying to place it off somewhere
else. You Gentiles have a short revival at the end. It's just about
All right, you standing here around the altar, everybody reverent. Are
you ashamed of your life? You want God to help you now, be merciful?
God bless this, lady, come right on. That's the way. The Lord be with
you. God bless you, lady. That's right. Come right on up; just take
your stand. "He that will confess Me before men, Him will I confess
before the Father and the holy Angels."
If you're ashamed of your life and you want God to help you, will you
just raise up your hand, to you around the altar here. That's right, be
a real man and woman. "And though your sins be as scarlet, they shall
be white as snow."

E-76 Look at the testimony for healing, just keep–they just keep feeling the power of God moving through them.
get around behind me now, each one of you. These men here are men of
God, who has the churches here in the city, who's cooperating in this
meeting. They're going to give you a hand. If you don't already belong
to the church, you're just repenting, they'll see that you're baptized
in Christian baptism. They'll take you into the church as a member of
their church; they'll feed you, do what's right. They're men who
believe in this ministry. That's why they're here, to represent. Now,
everyone that's concerned about these souls, let's bow our heads just a

O eternal and blessed God, these…?… ones that's come tonight… And
it is written in the Scripture, "No man can come to Me except My Father
draws him. And he that will come to Me I will in no wise cast out."
There's men and women who's sinned and did that which was wrong;
they're standing here tonight repenting of their–their difference, and
being indifferent towards You. Some of them, no doubt, has made
confessions in churches, but they've never lived up to that confession.
O blessed Holy Spirit, sweep into their souls just now and give to them
the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Baptize them in Thy love and power. O
Lord, take away all ungodly things from them. Take the world out of
them, Lord, that they might be presented to God that day by Jesus
Christ, faultless and blameless, standing in His righteousness alone.
Grant it, Lord.

These ministers are standing around them, some of them with hands on
them, and they're praying with them. The church has their heads bowed.
We see Your Spirit as It moves through the building, that's bringing
conviction. It heals the sick. Here stands a row or praise and
testimonies. God, we pray that the Holy Ghost will now be dropped down
into this building like a rushing mighty wind. May It cleanse all their
hearts from sin, and give to these people, fill their hearts with
goodness. Take the world out of them, Lord, and let them thirst after
Thee. And Thou has said, "Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst
for righteousness, for they shall be filled." Grant it, Lord. May they
be filled with the righteousness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed be
His Name.

Each one of you standing here now, that's repented of your sins, and
you believe with all your heart that Jesus Christ is come to you in
peace and love, and you feel different from what you did when you come
up here and just had this word of prayer, will you raise your hand? You
around the altar here, just raise up your hand? That's good. God bless

Now, minister friends, you walk right up here and then shake their hand
and offer a little prayer with each one of them. Now, walk right up to
them, you, each one, right up to them.
All right. Let the lady now who laid these here… (Brother Vayle, come here.) I want…
Please hear these testimonies now as they come, while these are making theirself welcome to their churches and so forth.
All right, lady, come right ahead now to testify to give God glory.

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