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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called It Shall Be Even As It Was Told Me was delivered on Friday, 18th August 1950 in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
The tape, number 50-0818, is not available any more.

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E-1 Good evening, friends. I'm happy to be here again tonight. And I want to thank Brother Baxter for his comments about–for myself and for my mother.
I want my mother to set on the platform with me, if she will. She's as bashful as I used to be, and Sunday when I'm giving last service…?… It used to be, she would turn me over her checkered apron. So now… She can still do it. I–I would…
Well, everyone thinks about their mother, you know. I think mother, the good true mother is the fifth Gospel: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, mother. Mother gets them first. That's the one who brings them up first, is mother.

E-2 And so we're happy to be in tonight. Sorry that it's raining the way it is, but I'm… We're just going… We're just the same. That won't hurt anything.
And many who wish to, that's standing, I believe there's a few seats down at the other end. If they wish to set down, just make… Whatever way you feel the best, that's the way to be. That's–that's what we want everybody to do, is to feel the best that they can. And that's my–the reason I'm here, is to try to help those to feel their best.
There's many times that I know that I make so many mistakes, and fail in so many things, that I'm ashamed of myself. But I… But in my heart, I'm trying all that I know how. I'm just doing all that I know how.

E-3 And if… The day when it's over, I… And if–and if He turns me down at–at the day that it's over… Now, I know each night, some dwindle away. But if at the end of the road He turns me down, He's still Judge. You see? He… Now, He's right, because where would I… If I had to live and there was no heaven to go to, if there was no such a thing as heaven, I–I would still want take my life a Christian. I–I–I want… Now, it's just so much better, so much peaceful and everything to know that–that this blessed hope that we have… And to live for Him, it's… And there was no heaven, I'd still take my choice being a Christian. I've tried both sides, and I know that it always is best to be a Christian.

E-4 But, oh, how infallible–how many infallible proofs we have that there's a–heaven is, and we're going there someday. And just as sure as we're in Christ, God shall bring those with Him who are keeping Christ at that day.
And we… So many people try to work themself into it. So many people try to do so many merits to get in. It's not by good works; it's not by your merits, nothing you could do or nothing that you could work yourself to; it's believing Him, accepting. By faith are you…
There He hangs on the cross. You'll never have to stand the judgment. God judged your sins in Him. See? God judged Him, and He took your place. Is that right? We were guilty, alienated from God, without hope, without mercy, Gentiles, carried away with dumb idols, aliens from God. And Christ took our place.

E-5 And you notice, Abraham slept; Isaac slept; Jacob slept; the patriarchs slept, but Christ died: separation. In His death God wasn't with Him. He had to suffer the absence of God in His death that we would have the Presence of God in our death. See? And there God struck upon Him our judgment. And there's our judgment.
Some men's sins go before them and some follow. Let's confess ours now, so it'll go on before us. And Christ met our judgment. And God, in the garden of Eden, when He pronounced death upon the human race, "The day you eat thereof, that day ye shall die," every human being. And "death" means "separation." That's the reason we call it death for one another. We just separate from one another.
But there is no death for a Christian, "He that liveth and believeth in Me shall never die." That's it: never die. And "He that believeth My Words and he heareth My Words… (John 5:24.) He that hearth My Words and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath (Past tense) passed from death into Life… shall not come into condemnation." You see?

E-6 Now, then God, upon Christ, put my sins and your sins, and He bore them to Calvary. He put my sickness upon Him. He put my iniquity upon Him. And there He paid the supreme sacrifice for you and I, and every human in the world. Every person that ever has a ailment was healed at Calvary. Every sinner that ever was or ever will be, was forgiven at Calvary. But the thing we have to do, is accept it. See, see? By His strips we were healed: past tense. That's when He done it. Every…
A certain religious group of people at Louisville, Kentucky, teaches that if a baby dies and his parents did not have the Holy Spirit, the baby will never be no more, that it's finished forever.
And I was discussing this briefly with one of the people. I said, "Oh, that can't be. That poor little innocent baby has no control of its… Why, it had no way… How did it come here? It couldn't help being here. It couldn't help 'cause his father and mother was sinners."

E-7 I'll say this by the authority of God's Word. Every baby that's under the age of accountability, dies, goes to glory. Yes, sir. Christ died to take away the sin of the world. And when you come to the age of accountability… We were all born in sin. But when He died, He taken away the sin. And when you come to the age of accountability, then you're responsible from then on. See? It isn't… You're not responsible for something you did not do, Christ done died to save you to take away the sin that Adam caused. But when you sin, you have to confess your sins. First, you have to confess it.
But the baby's done no sin. It's not accountable for what it does. And Christ died to free that baby. And I… If it's born of a parent, drunkard, or whatever they might be, that baby goes to heaven. I believe it. And I believe it'll come to recognition of the cross when it gets there, to know that Christ died for it. I believe that. Yes, sir.
Oh, I–I'm the greatest believer in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I–and for what He's done, and what He is to me tonight. He's more than life to me.

E-8 I just get to talking to you, and I get passed my place. I want to take just a little time and… Many of you might be wondering why I'm not attending the service a lot. I just…?… first place, just twenty-five and thirty a night that's been on the platform, and so forth. I'm just trying to conserve myself, to hold out till next week…?… time.
This will is the–be the longest meeting that I've ever held–the longest time. And Brother Lindsay told me, said, "Brother Branham, just go up and preach a few nights, and hold yourself over." Say to me…
'Cause I just come right out of a big meeting there. And went right home and been just constantly on the run, and then right in here again. Going right out of here, right to Kansas City, and right on into California. And it's hard telling where from there. And it makes it pretty hard. You see? Well, if it was just this meeting, would be different.

E-9 But I never want to let myself get to far out again, like I did the other time–setting at the platform for eight days and nights without leaving (See?), eating at the platform, sleeping on the side of the pulpit, and the prayer line still standing there. I'd just lay down and sleep a little bit, and wake up. And I'd hear that music, just "Only Believe, Only Believe." They'd put me in a car to sleeping. I couldn't sleep then. And they'd put me car just to… Used to then, there were interviews about five minutes.
And I started to go home. I'd drive up the road. I had an old Ford. It was just about gone. And I–I would drive up the road a little piece, then stop. And I'd pulled all the hairs out of my hand (There ain't hardly any of them there now.), trying to keep awake praying for the sick people, wake myself up, like that. And I was hit the side of my knee on the old Ford till I beat the side of it out, like that, trying to kept awake, making sick calls.

E-10 I remember a little joke. It's not a joke. I don't mean to say it that way. But just something was kinda funny. I was going up the road. And I got so sleepy I'd hear cars blowing. I'd be on the other side of the road. And I…
But one time, I woke up, and I was way out in a cow pasture with my hands out saying, "It'll happen, sister, if you'll just believe." I really was praying for the sick. I thought I was praying for the sick out in the cow pasture.
My wife… Listen. I–I got home, and she tried to put me to bed. And I–I couldn't sleep. There they was, lined up all around the house. And I was…
I woke up, and I had a pillow hugged up in my arm, like this, saying, "God bless you, honey. You're sure to get well."
And she was standing there, crying, shaking me. She said, "Honey, what's the matter?"
I said, "Oh, honey, I thought I was praying for the sick." And I laid the pillow back down. And I'd go over there. I remember I just barely got to sleep, just barely asleep. And she went out. We had this little old two room shack, cold as it could be. And we had an old quilt in the door stubbed together to keep the kiddies from taking pneumonia. And there was…

E-11 I remember laying across the bed. And I was so tired. I just couldn't move. My little baby didn't know me; I'd lost so much weight, my little girl. And I went in and I laid down. And I heard and old car coming up and stop… [–Ed.]… Outside there was an old, about '30 model Chevrolet, and the lights wired on. I heard a little baby out in the kitchen making a noise. I was in the next room.
I heard my wife out there, saying, "Well, don't… Let's not wake him up." Said, "He's just barely got to sleep." Said, "You just stay around, and it's getting towards daylight anyhow."
And I'd heard the little baby making a funny noise, going [Brother Branham illustrates–Ed.]. And I–and I heard the mother say, "It's been almost six weeks now I've had this…?… crying." Said, "No one know what's the matter. The doctor can't stop it. They don't know what's wrong." Said, "I constantly drove all the way from Ohio (By the way, they come from Ohio.), all the way down." And–and I heard her say, "Well, if you…"
"He's just been sleeping about five minutes," Meda said.

E-12 I was laying there. I thought, "Well, I'll try to go back to sleep." Could I go back to sleep, and poor little old mother setting out there and a baby in her arms in the kitchen? To think that maybe a little intercession would help the baby. I couldn't do it. I got up, put on my shirt and tried to go out into the cold. And got out to the kitchen. There sets a mother there with a little baby. And my wife was talking to her, kind of wanted to make her something cold–or, a cup of coffee, or something.
Said, "No, we just got something to eat coming down."
I said, "How long has it been crying, mother?"
She said, "Almost six weeks. They don't know what's the matter with it."
I said, "If I'll ask the Lord, will you believe He'll bless it, and then you can–you'll go back home believing, holding that?"
She said, "Yes, Brother Branham."
I knelt down, wife, we around the table. The mother laid her little baby on the table. And I put my hands upon the little thing. And I said, "Father, it… You brought this little fellow into the world. It can't talk. They don't know what's the matter with it. Doctors can't find the trouble. But will You just help the little thing."
And while we yet had our hand laying on the little baby, it quit crying. In a few moments, it was gooing and laughing. We set there and talked to each other a few moments. And the baby was normal and well. They just taken it and went on home.

E-13 And oh, my, friends, God only knows. Someday I'd like to take each one of you out and set down and talk with you awhile.
Today, I… My little girl, they taken her down to a little place down here, a little…?… a little zoo. And I thought she'd stayed a little long, so I was being a little troubled. My brother and them taken her down, mother. We set down, got the car to run down sign posts. They just got in there, was looking around. The car was gone. So they was headed… already come back.
There was this sister walked up. My brother first. And he said, "Brother Branham?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
He turns around, shook his hands. Said, "I'm from Indiana."
I said, "Yes, sir."
Said, "I set in the meeting."
Said, "What's your trouble?"
And he said, "It's my wife." She walked up.
While I was standing there, that poor little woman with such a–a case. I looked at her. I felt what it was. And I said, "I can tell you what's wrong with you, sister." Said, "You have a tumor in your heart."
"That's right, Brother Branham." He said, "Oh, if I can just get a prayer card before the service is ended, to get in the prayer line." I trust that she will.

E-14 Over in the 27th chapter of the Acts, let's read just a few verses, begin at the 20th verse. This is Paul on his missionary journey. I just love to read about… While you're turning… I see some of them getting in their Bible. I love to read about those things of those days.
I was thinking of Peter up on the housetop, waiting for dinner. He's down at the Si–at the Simeon's house, the tanner, down at Joppa. And Cornelius, a righteous man, good man, was in prayer. And an Angel came to him and said, "Send down to Simon the tanner, and ask for one Peter who'll come, tell you all things."
While Peter was on the housetop, he seen a sheet let down, full of all kinds of creeping things. And…?… waiting, he had a vision.

E-15 And I thought of–of… Here come… When Paul was passing through by Philip's house, it was… He had four daughters, and they were prophets. And when they went in, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, this man will be bound when he gets to Jerusalem."
I thought of Agabus, a vindicated prophet of God, came down from Jerusalem, seeing Paul, perhaps standing in the yard there, and walked over, and pulled the latch girdle string from around him, tied his hands, and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, the man that this has bound will be bound in chains when he gets to Jerusalem." Seeing the visions of the people, then to read of Paul: storms. He told them, said, "Don't loose from this place and go, 'cause it'll be to your harm."
See, God's always had ministering Spirits. I believe in them. I believe in ministering Spirits sent from the Presence of God. The Holy Spirit, ministers, lead the church, guardian Angels that watch over us. "Their Angels always behold the face of My Father, which is in heaven." Is that right?

E-16 Notice, 20th verse now when Paul was out there, and the storm was fearful.

And when there was neither sun or stars in many days appeared, and no small tempest lay on us, and all hopes that we should be saved was then taken away.

And when there was neither sun or stars in many days appeared, and no small tempest lay on us, and all hopes that we should be saved was then taken away.

All hopes, think of it. Maybe you're setting here tonight and all hope is gone. Maybe your little bark that you're in, sailing across earth, all hopes is gone: you got cancer, something else, tuberculosis, heart trouble, or something that'll kill you right away.
Remember, a person that's got cancer, heart trouble, or TB, something like that, if something isn't done right away, they're not going to live long. Heart trouble's number one. Cancer's number two. Tubercular's number three.

E-17 Notice, all hopes was gone.

But after a long abstinence Paul stood forth in the midst of them, and said, Sirs… (Oh, my. I believe he'd been down in the gallery, praying. Don't you believe so?),… you should have hearkened unto me, and have not had loosed from Crete, and to have gained this harm and loss.But now I exhort you to be in good cheer: for there shall be no loss of any man's life among you, but of the ship.

Think of it. "Why would you say this, Paul? It's still just as dark as it ever was. And the storm's just as hard as it ever was. What makes you stand so boldly now?"
Everybody… Fourteen days and nights, no sun, moon, stars, or nothing, ship blowing, winds blowing, didn't know where they was at out in the middle of that ocean. And if you was ever out there, when the biggest of ships now look like a peanut hull, almost, on those waves, and what would those little old ship then look like? All hopes was gone.
Paul said, "Sirs (I love that.), you should have listened to me and not loosed. But there'll be no loss of life, but this ship."
Watch, 23rd verse.

For there stood by me this night the angel of God, whose servant I am, and whom I serve,Saying, Fear not, Paul; thou must be brought before Caesar: and lo, God has given thee all them that sail with thee. (Listen at his–his faith in his vision.)Wherefore, sirs, be of a good cheer: for I believe God, that it shall be even as it was told me.

Oh, don't you just love that? "It'll be as it was told me." If the Angel truly comes from God, and is sent from God, it's bound to be. It's direct message from glory.

E-18 Now, I want to just bring an instance that I told you I would tell you, run a prayer line. Does it bore you for me to tell you those instance? See? If it does, I'll just start…
I–I'm only doing it to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ with you, friends. And some of the ministers tell the other things through the day services, and so forth. I try to get something that they…
A book, friends, that thick, three or four hundred pages wouldn't hold the testimonies that the Lord has done directly. No wonder He said, "These things that I do, greater shall you, for I go to My Father."

E-19 Now, notice this one thing. For your faith, that you might have perfect confidence… When you're told anything, stay right with that. Don't you leave a bit of it. No matter how she twists or blows, you stay right there. God promised it; God will do it. Is that right?
Now, in this–in the gift working… The Word will do it Itself. But the gift working is a double confirmation of God.
Now, you're setting here. All of you looking at–this a way, and listening to the Word. God in heaven knows I do not see a person that I know. Only there's One that does know you; that's God. God knows all about you. And God can heal you.

E-20 Now, He's here. First, His Word tells you what He will–what He will do. God's Word says what He'll do, gives you a promise. We all believe that, don't we? It's God's Word. Then He sends a gift down into the church. And now, a gift… People…
Now, I–I love you all. God knows that. When this life is over, I want to make an appointment with every one attended this meeting, just to spend a thousand years together, just one day to talk things over, down by the sea of Life.
This is one of the smallest meetings I've ever had–smallest audiences. But it's been one of the most sweetest and glorious meetings that I've ever been in in my life. There hasn't been too many miracles. There hasn't been too many things happen. There's just a sweet heavenly atmosphere.
Now, I know what it is. It's groups the people that never knew this glorious matchless way. They're coming in daily, giving their hearts to Christ. And that pleases the Father. That's what is happening. Wished I had a way to stay in Cleveland, a reason to come back again (See?), right… 'Cause here's where it needs it.

E-21 Looking around over the city and seeing the conditions, walking in the city and see… Many of the people go out… This gift is a pioneering. It must go into the places. It must bring forth. There'll be people who'll follow me in here, Gospel ministers, and so forth with revivals.
But first, before you can even get the people, there's got to be a godly demonstration of something to pull the people, to let them recognize that it is the truth. That's right.
And now notice, the meetings are glorious and wonderful. And I love you all. Gifts must be confirmed. Anyone can say anything they wish to. And they can have impressions. But when God really sends something, He'll vindicate that to be the truth. See? God will speak of it. The Bible said in Hebrews, "God testifying of His gifts…" Hebrews 11:10. Is that right? God testifying, then you got God's testimony. The Holy Spirit is the gift of God. You believe it? When He comes to you, He'll testify that It's there. All God's gifts testify.
It isn't nothing you try to make believe. That won't work. You got to be positive.

E-22 Now, a confirmation of the Presence of God is that He's here through the Word, then He's here through gifts. Now, notice how they work and how they are confirmed.
Quickly, I shall hurry quickly now. And your faith is getting real high; I believe just about as high as I can see faith rise. The thing you need now is to let your faith loose. See? But what you're wondering, is to get up here on the platform, seeing those people healed here… But if you'll just turn yourself–your faith loose out there where you are, it'll be just the same where you are. It's your faith anyhow. See? It's your faith. Only faith is the only way you can get it from God–anything. You get salvation, forgiveness, anything comes from God through faith. Believe it. Accept it.

E-23 No matter what it looks like here… We don't look at what we see; we look at what we do not see. Is that right? Anyhow, "to see" doesn't mean "to look at." The word "see" means "to understand." Jesus said, "Except a man be borned of water and Spirit, he cannot see the Kingdom of God." In other words, he can't understand the Kingdom of God until he's borned again. See? You have to accept it by faith. And then when He comes into you, you understand it.
You accept healing the same way. Stay right with it. Not what you look at, what you believe, what you understand to be the truth, what you're looking at, the unseen, then stay with that. That's why all these visions. I just lay my life right on any, for it never fails. I have faith in it. I believe it. If I can get you to believe the same thing, it's over then. See?

E-24 Now, quickly to a vision. (I told you I would tell you tonight. I'll just take about fifteen minutes longer, if possible.) It happened two years ago. I was in my room right after a big meeting. And I seen a rocky, hilly country, just as natural.
It's not what you had at… Now, not a dream, friend. A dream is a dream. A vision is something you're looking at, like I'm looking right now to you, or you looking to me.
Sometimes, I'd be standing right like this; I'd set in my room, been setting in my room talking to my family, and move completely away, be gone for a hour and a half or two hours. And I'd set perfectly still, without a speck of breath. That's what medical science can't understand. Where it done not even a speck of breath. You could put a… as fine a thing as any you want to around my nose, and not a bit of breath, they tell me. But my respirations, heart beats just the same. But they don't understand it.
Fading out into another country, another world… And when you return, you have just exactly what God had said. And it's never failed. And it can't fail; it's God.

E-25 Now, I know it seems maybe pretty strange for somebody to think that a person without even a grammar school education, or something like that, to make these statements, and say, "Oh, where could it be? It would be something… If gifts come, it would come through some great church, perhaps say the–the…"
Someone said the other day. Now, remember, my people were raised… Behind me I was Catholic. And I have nothing against Catholic people. They're just as good as anybody else. That's exactly right. We're all… [–Ed.]
But we're borned again. If the Protestants would be just as true to their belief as Catholics are to theirs, it'd be a lot different.

E-26 That's the reason you notice, they'll bring a Catholic to this platform. Brother, he's… I know what I'm talk… They believe that what the priest says is right. That's right. What the priest says, that's law and gospel. And if they can see the signs and wonders performed, then they believe me. And that's all they have to do, is believe it (See?), and it happens.
Now, these gifts and callings without repentance… Now, notice, God works these things out in His own way.
Now, in the room when it happens, I become a semiconscious, leave the earth, somewhere, return back, see just what's happened, and tell the people, write it down. And maybe some has this vision I'm fixing to tell now wrote in your Bibles. I told it all over Florida, up through central America, through Canada, down through Windsor, back down into the eastern part of America before it happened. It's wrote in my book, which is coming out, already put in the book.
The vision is… This is one vision that has never has been fulfilled, but I said, "THUS SAITH THE SPIRIT OF GOD, it shall be fulfilled." And before the book come off the press, the vision's fulfilled. Go take it up to prove it.

E-27 Now, I was in a vision. I saw a rocky country, all around. And I seen a child about the age of this little lad laying here now, that seems to have a terrible affliction. And he was–had dark hair, dark brown hair, a little flat looking face, flat nose, a cute looking little boy. He was about ten years old, but very poorly dressed, laying dead on the side of the road, killed in an accident.
And I went by. The Angel of the Lord said, "Can the boy live?"
And I said, "Sir, I do not know."
And He showed me how to get down before the boy. And I laid my hands upon him. They was fixing to take him to the morgue or somewhere. And the boy came to life and lived again. And I begin…
Has anybody here heard me repeat that before? Let's see your hands there. Yes, sir, there's people. All right. Fixing to tell you the story now, how that it happened. And here it's witnessed by an entire nation (That's right.), the chief governors.

E-28 I went to Miami, Florida, in Dr. Bosworth's meeting when it began. I went down there. He had a little meeting there that… I beg your pardon. I went down there to assist a little boy in a couple night's meeting. And they turned the tent over to me. It's a little boy, little David we prayed for the other night when he was been unconscious for a while.
And I went… he asked me if I'd come down to spend the night with him. And I went down to spend the night. And the night before that, I had the vision. I thought, "Well, the reason I went," I said, "it may happen down there."
But it looked like a rocky looking country. And so I said I couldn't take my mind too much off of it. I just watched so I would know the country. Just exactly when I seen it, and I–when I looked and seen what was taking place…
I went into the–to the tent, a tent about this size, I suppose. And I told the people. I said, "Somewhere there's a little boy." described how he looked. "He's going to be raised from the dead. All of you write it down in your Bible." And I said, "If it doesn't come to pass, you people who take Brother Lindsay's paper there, the little 'Voice of Healing.'" I said, "Brother Lindsay will put that article in the paper." I said, "It…" And Brother Lindsay witnesses this himself.

E-29 So we went ahead. And the next afternoon, there'd been a little boy drowned in the–in the irrigation ditch coming through, out the west side of Miami. And when I went to the tent that night, they had a group way back there, said, "There's a little boy drowned this morning. And he's laying back here now. They hadn't taken him to the morgue. And since you mentioned that last night, the people wondered if this is the little boy."
I said, "I'll be glad to do it."
And the ushers and many of the ministers taken me back. I said, "Now, you remember what the little boy looked like?"
So I went up, the little boy was about five years old, coal black headed. Said, "No, no. That isn't the child at all." So I said, "This boy is eight or–about between eight and ten years old, got a funny cut hair–funny like a–a–chopped off here in the back, like that. His hair is very…" This little boy had a very neat hair cut, and a little bitty fellow. I said, "No, that's the wrong boy. It's too young." Said, "That boy isn't five–about five years old." And I said, "This boy's about eight or ten, huskier than that child." He–that little boy was dressed pretty neat, but this little boy was all… Oh, his clothes were all off of him, almost. And I said, "But I'm sure it was an accident by a car. I'm not… For it looked like he was all beat up and tore up." I said, "But anyhow…" And I offered prayer for consolation of the family.

E-30 And a minister from Indianapolis was there, by the name of Raymond Huckster. Many of you might've knowed him. And he was with the little David. He buried the little boy. It was a couple days afterwards.
I went on up through, telling the people in the meetings everywhere. I said, "Now, there's one vision that hasn't come to pass: A great master vision is going to stir everything." And we went on through Canada. And many of you, as you know, been in the meeting, I said, "Write it in your Bible, for THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT; it will be. It has to be."
And in Kuopio, Finland, wh–we were up there which is way up near the laplands the land of the midnight sun. And I had been up in a tower, fasting. Many of the ministers had been up there. I had one interpreter, Mrs. Mae Isaacson, many of you might've noticed her, seen her… And so she was an American, Finnish-American. And we came down. And there was an Englishman there from England, was drunk and going on…
But, the singing of the songs, "On Golgotha." And they all sing their songs in minor.
I like that. I like something you feel in your soul (You see?), a feeling. I–I like jubilee songs. Brother, give me, "Nearer My God To Thee," "Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross." That's right. Those are the things that gets down in my heart.

E-31 And the man… We was lead–trying to lead him to Christ. Brother Lindsay, Brother Baxter, a group of them, we got in a car and started down the hill. Many of them went on.
And the most of them over there, they… I realize I'm speaking to Finnish people. And they're very poor. If some of you American women, young women especially, had to dress like them poor Finnish girls, great big thick clothes, and… Oh, my. But they're lovely, just the–the very cream of Christianity.
And so we… Coming down, they had their… They had a taxi up there, horses and buggies for taxis, going down the hill. Well, many of them went on, and I stayed back with some ministers. And Brother Lindsay, Brother Jack Moore and I, and Mrs. Isaacson, and two more ministers was coming down the hill.
And cars are very, very scarce in Finland. We seen the time where we had ten thousand, or more, gathered, and thousands standing on the street. And maybe five cars setting there. That's… Gasoline about sixty-five, seventy cents a gallon, and cars cost about four or five thousand dollars. You can imagine it.

E-32 Now, then coming down the mountain, we come way down and was going out. I was back there. They said, "Brother Branham, can't you break your fast and eat just a little?"
I said, "No. The Holy Spirit doesn't want me to eat."
And I went on down. I thought there was something odd. And all of a sudden, I looked. I seen crowds gathered on the road. And there's a little boy had been run over by a car and killed.
It's two little boys was crossing the road, and the car hit them straight this way, and hit one little fellow by the chin and just rolled him over that way. A about a '35 Ford sedan, driving the speed of about sixty miles per hour, and drove the little fellow that way. And they'd got him in the car–in another car, and had taken him to the hospital.

E-33 But this little fellow, he didn't swerve as it turned to try to dodge the children, knocked him across the road to the north. And the other little boy fell to the south, and knocked him to the north, run over him, smashed him under the car, and kicked him out from behind the car–the wheels did when it run over him. And he was laying on the side of the road, all bruised up, like… Over, way over in the grass flat, far as that post is. And they had something over him, very pathetic.
And Brother Lindsay, crying like a baby… And then when we got out, there was a great group of people gathered there. And the mayor of the city (They called him the chief governor there, I think, or something, which means about the same as the mayor of the city.), was standing by.
And when I got there, they said… Now, here's what they said. Mrs. Isaacson told me. They said, "Here's that miracle worker from America. Let's see what he'll do about this." See how that Satan… Oh, my. "We'll see what he'll do." Like I could do anything about it. But in all, God's wise providence, how He can…

E-34 Now, I've looked at many children before. When they got the little child there, looked at it, I said, "Say, I've seen that baby somewhere." So excited. I have a little boy that's a little larger than that myself, and I was thinking about that poor mother, heart broken, her little boy laying dead, coming home from the school, the little fellow dressed real poorly… But being so worked up over that, and here's Brother Lindsay crying, and all of them. I was crying myself. I couldn't help it. Anybody who's got a feeling for a human being would be crying…?… And Mrs. Isaacson was crying, Brother Moore…
And I said to Mrs. Isaacson; I said, "Ask that pastor if that little boy comes to his church."
Said, "No."
And I'd already talked back and forth through the interpreter. And I said, "Well, ask if he give it…"

E-35 [–Ed.]… bawling, looking at him. I kept wondering, "Where have I seen that child?" And I said to Brother Lindsay and Brother Moore; I said, "I–I've seen that little boy somewhere." I looked at him again. I thought, "Well…" I took hold of his little coat, and I said, "How long has he been dead?"…?… Cold, still, his little mouth open, his eyes set way back, dirt, a little blood hanging on his face. There he was, all mashed up, his one little leg setting up like this, little pants leg back, like that (Oh, my.), where it just rolled him under the car. And they were all crying.
And I said, "O Father, be merciful, console the dear poor mother that's going to hear this news and the father." I said, "Have mercy upon them."
And I looked back at the child. I said, "I just can't get it out of my mind. I've seen that child."
And the Angel of the Lord spoke to me, said, "This is the boy that I showed you. It's been nearly two years."
I said, "All right. I know him now. THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD: the boy's going to come back to life." Oh, my.
I said, "Brother Moore, get your Bible." He had it wrote. I said, "That's the little lad. Look at the description. There he is just exactly. He's going to live again." Oh, my. I knelt down according to the way I seen the vision and laid hands upon the little fellow.
He let out a scream, and there he was, back to himself. The people didn't know what to do. Normal, not a broken bone in his body, nor nothing, just as normal as he could be, went on home.

E-36 Two days, the mother of the other child, father laid on the steps. They had to drag me out. I tell you they stirred till thousands stood in the streets everywhere.
A little crippled girl I remember going in that night. I never shall forget that testimony. I was going in that night. Two officers was taking me down, two men behind. We were going in. None of them could speak English. They had to meet me about two city blocks away to get into the lines, to get to the auditorium.
I was starting in, and I happened to go through it. There was–there was a dormitory back there. And I noticed. Must've been the little girl visited one of the rest rooms. And coming through… I shall never forget this testimony. Have I got time to get it?

E-37 Now, you bear with me a minute, will you? I just have to bring this in, this testimony. It's so sweet. I looked, and here was a poor little Finnish girl. And she was in braces around her waist, down around her legs. That leg was paralyzed, shorter, and big shoes. A something in her toe of her shoe come up, went over the shoulders, and hooked back here by a snap in the back. She had two crutches. And she looked at me like that. And she was trying to walk across to me, standing there. And her little baby blue eyes, and tears running down her little cheeks, she smiled. She looked at me. Her little heart, she looked like was just a jumping. She had her little crutches. And she looked at me. And she wanted to get close to me when I–when I passed.
I've got a little girl at home too. I've got one in heaven, died about ten years ago. I shall tell you about it Sunday.
Then I looked at her, and I knowed she wanted to come over to where I was, the poor little thing. I stopped. She set her little crutches out. She'd take her little shoulder, point it back to make that strap pull her toe. That leg was helpless. And she'd set it out there, and these big braces on both sides, would support… [–Ed.]… to make her with her crutches so that she could make a step. If it didn't, that would just be limp, and she had no way to hold herself. Can you hear me? [–Ed.]… like that…

E-38 And I just stood still. Two behind me stopped, tried to push me on. And I couldn't tell them "No." I just stood still. [–Ed.]
And I wished… couldn't use it. And I'd get out on the streets when all of them get in the auditorium. I'd go down to where all of them little kids was, you know. And I'd give them money. Oh, my. I'd have a string of kids. Oh, they were… There was a little group meets me out here every night, the sweetest little fellows. And I just love little children.
And–and the little Finnish girls, they'd pull their little skirts out, like this, and say, "Kiitos." That means "Thank you." See? I had given some money, you know, and they'd say, "Kiitos." And I'd seen her coming up to me. And she got close, and I wondered, "What does she want?"
And she got right up close to me. She took her little braces, stood. And she… Them little baby blue eye looked up at me; her little lips was quivering. And she got ahold of my coat. She pulled it up close to her, kissed my coat, let it drop back. She got her little crutch, moved back, and looked up and her little lips trembling, pulled her little skirt out, and said, "Kiitos." Oh, my.

E-39 I thought, "What a lovely child." I knowed that baby was healed. There to God in heaven, couldn't keep it back from healing that child… No, sir. That Angel said, "If you get the people to believe you…" That's right. That child believed in child-like simplicity. Yes, sir. I knowed that baby was healed.
I was trying to tell it, "You're healed. You can remove your braces. You're healed. God has healed you."
And they kept pushing me on. I went on out to the platform. That night after the service over, there was a lot crippled people there in the line. If you'll get the "Voice Of Healing," I guess you'll notice the whole arm-loads of crutches and things there were people had been take Laplanders and all… I was just getting a little rest; they was fixing to take me. And I said, "Let's have about ten more prayer cards called."
They said, "What number shall you call from?"
I said, "Call from a certain number." And I turned around like this to get a drink. [–Ed.] And there… was the first one on the platform. Oh, my. [–Ed.] How her little heart was just jumping, you know. Tried to get to me, pulling herself back, like that… She got real close to me.
I said, "Sweetheart… Come here, Sister Isaacson. I want you to tell her. Tell her that she was healed out there. See? Go down there on the side of the platform before this audience." One limb a little shorter than the other one. And I said, "Tell her to take the braces off of you. Let your hands go right down, like that, as it goes off. You're healed."
I went… [–Ed.] brace. She went over there, said, "Kiitos." And she got over there. She took her braces off. Here she comes back down the platform, running with her braces over her head, screaming and crying, run up-and-down the steps as hard as she could go.
And it happened to be one of the officials around there that brought her. Then we had a service, sure enough, in the city. Couldn't even hold the people. The next day… [–Ed.]… Somebody's keeping them away. Then trying to keep the people out…

E-40 And so Sister Isaacson said, "Brother Branham," said, "that little boy, the other little boy was hit," said, "he's dying. This is the third day." And said, "He's dying." Said, "They want to speak to you.
I said, "Well, bring them on up." And I went out there, and I…
Through the interpreter, they said, "We come that…"
I said, "What do you want of me?"
"We want you to go heal our little boy, like you healed–like the other one."
I said, "Look, sister, brother. I can't do that. That was a vision. God showed me two years ago."
Said, "Will you go down to the hospital and raise our little boy? He's going to die. And we love him."
And I said, "Sure you love him." But I said, "I can't do nothing until God shows me what to do first." And I said, "Then if He tells me something, well then…"
She said, "Go…" [–Ed.]
Said, "No."
I said, "Look, if I wanted to find favor with God… If I wanted a favor from Him, I'd try to find favor with Him first." I said, "Now, look, I don't say your little boy will die, or whether it will… I don't know."
Said, "But if the other could be raised from the dead, surely our little boy could be saved from death."
I said, "God can do it. But I'm just His servant. He has to tell me."

E-41 So she said… I said, "You give your life to Christ. Your little boy dies now, and you all not Christians, you'll never be with him no more. But if you die… If he dies, and you're a Christian and you die, you'll go up to heaven and be with him forever."
Well, they seen that was a–a good proposition. So they asked what to do. We knelt down there. And I had them to repeat prayer and to give their hearts to Christ, which they did. And then they raised up. And they said, "Go in and ask God what to do."
Well, I said, "I shall go in and pray, then I'll let you know."
Said, "We'll wait and find out what He says."
I said, "That's very lovely. But He don't have to answer me. See? He might not answer me for a week. He might not answer me, might answer me in an hour. But you go on home, and I'll tell you what He says."
Said, "No, you go down at the hospital."
I said, "He can answer me in this room just the same as He could at the hospital." I said, "Go and believe now. And whatever He says… If He says your baby's going to die, I'll send you word. If He says your baby's going to live, I'll send you word. But I can't say until first He tells me."

E-42 All right. I went in and prayed: nothing. So I went to the hospital. The little boy was getting worse, sinking all the time. That night passed. That was the night the little crippled girl was healed. Then the next night come along; nothing had happened. I went…
And oh, those people were frantic. They were calling every fifteen minutes on the phone, nearly to Mrs. Isaacson, "What has the Lord said about our child?" Nothing had been said.
I went in that night. My brother, Howard (set–standing over here, works in the prayer line), he went in with me. And their candy over there… The poor people don't have sugar to put in it. And he'd got ahold of two little pieces of candy that day, about that big. He said, "Brother, I'm going to give this to you," as we went up. Brother Baxter went to his room, Brother Lindsay, and them rooms.

E-43 And I had a room to myself so I can always be alone to pray. And I took these two pieces of candy and went in. And as I went in, I laid them down, like that. And I walked over there to the window. It's still light. It don't get dark there that time of the year. And I raised up my hands, and I said, "O great Jehovah, how marvelous…" at the window, in the hotel. I said, "Oh, You're the root of all goodness. You're the Fountain of Life. You're the Beginning to the Ending. You're God." I begin to praise Him from the window. And I said, "Oh, how I love You, how Your Son died to redeem me and what You've done to that little girl tonight… How I appreciate working for You, Father."
And I turned around to walk. And as I turned to look this a way, turned around, I looked… Bible in my hand… There He stood looking at me. He set a vase down on the table. And in that vase was two American Easter flowers. We call them daffodils or whatever, you know, bright looking daffodils, Easter flowers. And I may give that the wrong name. I don't know nothing about flowers. But anyhow, I call them Easter flowers.

E-44 And they were in a little vase about that high. And I looked at them, and one fell to the south, and one fell to the north. And I looked at that. He said, "That's the two boys."
And the one to the north, raised up; and the one to the south raised part of the way up and went wilting down. The one went to the north was the little boy that had been–that come back from the dead. And that one in the south was dying, going down.
And I said, "O God, have mercy."
He looked at me, and He said, "What's that your brother give you?"
And I said, "Candy, Sir."
He looked and He said, "Eat."
I picked up one piece of it and eat it. It taste real good. Then that one from the north, it straightened right straight.

E-45 Now, I started to take it out. And that was… And this Easter flower in the north, or south was going down.
Now, I think I was… [–Ed.] "Oh, my."
He said, "If you refuse to eat that, the baby will die."
I put that in my mouth, and chewed it, and I swallowed it, real quick. And as I swallowed it, the one to the south raised up and stood with the one from the north. And He looked at me, vanished from my sight. I stood there.
I ran outside. I said, "Brother Moore, come forward. Sister–Sister Isaacson, all of you, come here. Get ahold of the father and mother and say THUS SAITH THE LORD, your baby shall live."
Because that he done… doctor done give it up. They hadn't washed him since he'd been there, they were so bad, concussion of the brain and everything. They hadn't washed him. That afternoon they washed him, for they said it was going to die anyhow.
And so they called down at the house, and the woman that taken care of the other little child, said, "They're at the hospital. They had an emergency call. The baby was dying a few moments ago, and they rushed to the hospital."
She called the hospital. And the mother come to the phone, weeping. She said… Mrs. Isaacson said, "Brother Branham said, 'THUS SAITH THE LORD,' your child shall live and not die."
She said, "Oh, Sister Isaacson, about five minutes ago, we were watching for the last breath. [–Ed.] Standing and weeping, and all of us… Here come the mayor of the city with a… All of them had wrote in their books and everything. All of us trying and…?… [–Ed.]

E-46 Never…?… could be proved… Do you believe that, do you? God, Who I stand before and Who will judge me at judgment bar, knows that's true. That's right. Those visions cannot fail. That's the major way and the first way the gift works. The second way is the same here. We know by discernment. There's three ways it works. First is by… That's the way it works. Second is to stand here. You see the diseases and little things the people's done, and so forth; that's second. Third is to pass by and lay hands on the sick. For Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe: If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." That true? God knows that these testimonies are the truth.
Now, let us pray. Heavenly Father, seeing of the outside, the rain just makes so much noise now. Thou art here, Son of God. All I've seen…?… across the sea, thousands of those poor little children… Thinking daily we great a privileged Americans set down at the table as much as we want to eat. Oh, there's much leftover. I'm thinking tonight, way over there in Finland, those countries, of the little hungry children walking the streets, crying, wringing their little dirty hands and their eyes, crying for a piece of bread, have some…?… O God, we're unworthy.

E-47 Someday, it'll be over, won't it, Father? Then we'll all go to gather at Your big welcome table. As of tonight, setting here in this audience, great men and women who's fought the battles of life… I see some of them stricken in sickness some in age. I think some night, when it's all over, we'll gather up at Your house, where it won't be raining, but the power of God reigns.
We'll set at the table, the welcome table. May we all gather there as unbroken families, Lord. Grant it to everyone present here tonight be there when the roll calls. I'll look across the table and see some of them, these old veterans, these saints of God… We'll be setting there; we'll have to cry a little just to reach across the table and get one another by the hand, and say, "You remember Cleveland when we had the meetings?" Weep…
Then the King will come out in His beauty, walk down along the table, and take His nail scarred hands, wipe all the tears from our eyes, and say, "Don't cry no more. It's all over now. There's no more sickness." You'll never have to have another healing campaign. There'll be no more weary nights. It's all over. No more hunger and you all eat here." To see every…?… [–Ed.]… out of this world of chaos, and into the marvelous light of the Gospel of the Son of God. Grant it, dear Father. May signs and wonders be done tonight to magnify Him, Who we love, for we ask it in His Name. Amen.

E-48 [A brother calls the prayer line–Ed.] [A sister prophesies–Ed.] Amen. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. God bless the sister that give that. Have faith and believe.
Trying to believe, aren't you, sister? Just have faith. For your boy, isn't it? The boy has heart trouble, doesn't it? That right? Haven't you just recently become a Christian too? I thought so. You believe me if I tell you something? You've already done the thing to cause the boy to be healed. Don't doubt nothing; just believe. Do you believe if I'll ask God from here, you'll be able to take the boy and go home, and he'll be all right, if I'll ask Him? Let's bow our head a minute.
Father, a little lad that's here is going to die if something isn't done for him. I know that You promised us that You'd bind on earth what we bound. And I pray that You'll bind the spirit of the enemy that's trying to take that child's life. May this newly converted mother and the child, be a happy and healthy the rest of her days, for I bless them in the Name of Thy Son now, Jesus Christ.
Mother, take your boy and go home. It's going to be well.

E-49 You, brother, setting right behind there, all worried and broke down with TB. Isn't that right? You go home too. You're healed also.
Just have faith. Don't doubt. Believe with all your heart. God will make whole any of those who have faith and believe Him. You believe that? All right.
Yes, sister. It's all right now. That's–that's okay…?… sister. You're healed, sister. [The Tape is unintelligible–Ed.]… you were born. You were born. You're either parent's divorced…?… That's your trouble. It's in your…?… Now, if God can reveal back, to tell you those things that you know that it is the truth… Is it? Well now, the next thing is for you to recognize, that in the Presence of the Almighty God you now stand… Someday at the judgment when we stand there, He'll give witness that He was here. You worship Him.

E-50 Now, the things I've told you has been the truth, hasn't it? Now, the next thing, if I've seen what has been since you was a little girl, down your life's journey, and even your parents before you down this far, God will heal that crippled leg and make you…?… Believe that? With all your heart?
All right. Every one bow. O Jesus, merciful Son of God, borned of the virgin Mary, suffered under Pilate, crucified at Calvary's cross, the Innocent for the guilty, died, buried, rose up the third day, setting at the right hand of God the Father, now making intercessions for us; I come to Thee, and to help a sister here. Down through the cycle of time You spoke to her since even before she came on the earth, concerning her parents; and from her, down to this age… Here she stands tonight, bound in her left limb, suffering a nervous condition. Many things has bound her. And Thou, Who knows what's been in the past, knows what the future will be. Speak it through Thy servant's lips, O God. Hear my prayer.
Satan, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, leave the woman.
All right, sister, look this way, believing…?… go to a hospital…?… I got eight…?… Thank the Lord for your left limb, sister.

E-51 You could be healed of that back trouble, if you'd just believe. Do you believe? Stand on your feet then, for Christ has already healed you of it. Amen. Amen.
Come. All right, you can come forward. Good evening, sir. Let's have your hand now, brother. Come here, brother, I'm going to ask you something right here, brother, before the audience. Now, when you came up there… After you was there just a few moments, you begin to get a strange feeling. It's on you right now. Isn't that right? Just raise your hand. [–Ed.]
All right. Just…?… to raise your hand so the people will see that that's right. Hear, my brother, you're already healed. Jesus makes you well. You believed it before I even told you what was wrong with you. But you had a nervous condition…?… Your sickness is over.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Now, his faith healed him. Now, be in prayer. Friends..?… now God is…?…

E-52 All right. Good evening sir. Come forward, let's see your hand. Yeah, before I take ahold of you, I feel it hitting me already, it's…?… That's the most…?…
There's so many vibrations coming, I would have caught it before, probably. I just happened to feel it as he walked close. Now, that demon knows. Now, if that–if that man will only have faith, he has to leave. Now, I can't make him leave him, unless he believes me. [–Ed.] Oh, yes. Here's a… [–Ed.]
Keep believing, then it'll have to leave you. Then that's what the Word is right now. He knows that God is here to make him go. Believe with all your heart.
Bow your head. Mothers, keep your children.
Father, bless this man who I bless in Thy Name. Satan has bound this fellow, take his life and throw him anywhere, or try to kill him, shorten his days. But You promised whatever we asked and believe, we receive it and you shall have it. That's written in the Word.
Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask you to leave this man.
Now, look here, sir. [–Ed.]
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. All right, everybody be reverent.

E-53 All right, sister. Oh, yes. You're the lady that I met down there at the zoo place the other day. Isn't that right? Amen. Let's see your hand, sister.
All right. This was the lady and you finally got your prayer card. She asked me if there's any way she'd get…
I said, "Sister, I cannot give a prayer card." I said, "If I–if I… Now, you go ask my brother; he's giving out the cards. And if you'll stand in the section, he will give you a card. But now, whether you're called, that's in the providence of God." (Is that right?) But it seemed like that it must've worked. I do not know. The lady come up to me and was standing there; her and her husband was talking. As soon as she drew near, she was such a believing, until the Spirit of the Holy–the Holy Spirit hit, spoke right out and told her what was wrong with her. (Isn't that right, sister?) All right, let's pray now. Bow your heads.
Our heavenly Father, You're near to make this poor little frail woman whole. God, I realize without Your help, it's totally impossible for her to exist. But Thou art here to help her. And I bless her now in the Name of Jesus Christ for her healing. May it leave her, never come again. May she go home singing, happy, praising God. And may it cause an old fashion revival up in that part of Indiana, for I ask this in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
All right, sister, look this way now with all your heart and believe. The vibration is leaving now. God bless you. Go on your road. Write me your testimony, and I'll…?… you believe, that "God's making me well." God bless you, sister.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everywhere…?… weakened her. All right, everybody be reverent. (What's this? Oh, it's…?…)

E-54 All right. The man is… And this man is in worse condition. Made you weak, didn't it, sister? Just don't fear.
Any powers that can draw a cancer, or straighten a crippled limb, or could bring a man from death to life, it isn't just to be looked at lightly. Now, the man here, very hard of hearing. And he's got something in his wrist that's cutting off the circulation of his wrist, 'cause he can't do a fist or nothing. All right, bow your head everywhere.
Our heavenly Father, Who brought again Jesus from the grave, I ask You to be merciful to this man. Satan has harmed him. A deaf spirit come upon him to cause him to walk before a vehicle somewhere and be killed, shorten his days, cutting off the circulation to his limbs, taking one of his hands. But he comes tonight, Father, as a believer. Make his testimony great in the community that he lives in. May his testimony cause a revival. He's getting aged. Just a little while, the works of Jesus. And may he be able by his testimony to win many, many souls to You. Grant him this opportunity, Father. We're taught that all things work together for good to them that love You. Help me now in this challenge of faith against Satan.
Thou demon powers that has bound this, our brother, in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God, come out from him. Go on reverent. The vibration has left him. Just a moment now…?…
Answer me. All right. You can raise your heads. Hear me now? Say, "Amen." I want you to say it. I want you to… You hear me? You can hear me all right? All right. Move your hand up-and-down, like this. Put your hand back and forth, like this. God bless you. It's over; you can go home and be well, brother.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," every…

E-55 Come forward, sister.
Now, dear brother, in about… You could hear a whisper or anything by morning or day after tomorrow. Then you're going to go almost completely deaf again. Just keep praising God. Keep that trumpet away from you. God bless you. You got it.
How do you do, sister. What if I tell you what… You got healed up, setting there in the chair, would you believe me? Heart trouble, so you can move off the platform now, well, while you're praising.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. He's here to make known His secrets and do all things well.
How do you do, sister dear. You believe with all your heart? I know what's wrong with you, but you haven't yet received your healing now. But you have two things wrong with you. I see another one coming in. Let me… so… You're trying to have faith, aren't you? You're just pressing yourself, aren't you? But that isn't it. Just's just settle yourself, sister, and say, "I believe." It's isn't what you can make yourself do; it's just what just simple faith… Just…
What color is my shirt? White. Now, you have a sense of sight that says it's white, doesn't it? Now, if your faith says, "I'm going to be healed right now, the same as this." You know it just as well as your sight says that shirt's white, it's over. You believe it with all your heart? Let's see. It's there.

E-56 Now, I'll have to be honest with you, sister…?… I–I'd–I would like to see you healed right there. But that… Want you look at my hand here a moment. See how it's turning red and little white things running over it? I'm going to take your hand off of mine, put my hand on there. Isn't there now, is it? I'm going to take your other hand. Don't hold nothing in this hand. Over here, put this hand here. It's not there now, is it? Now, there's just as much feeling in this hand as you are in that hand, aren't you? But then He told me to take the patient's right hand in my left hand, which is near my heart. See? And I do it with all my heart. See?
Now, look, and I want you to watch. Now, see my hand? Now, watch here. See it now? Now, stick your hand right back the same way that was. Looky there. See what I mean?
Now, sister, that's the power of Satan. You have a female disorder, isn't it? It's almost to a cancer. I want to ask you a question. Thought I seen here… [–Ed.] Now, that was just a question. Now, ask her, was it true, sister, that I told you? If that's right? True. Just a–a secret I couldn't speak before the audience. Believe me with all your heart and be healed. Will you do that, sister?

E-57 Let's bow our heads, everywhere. Father, we thank Thee for Thy mercy tonight. Bless our dear sister now. May this power of the enemy leave her. She's trying, Lord, trying to have faith. And she comes to Thy servant to help her in faith to intercede for her. And I'm blending my faith with hers. And I go in this channel now of faith to challenge this demon that's bound her.
Satan, you who bound this poor little woman to take her life, I come in the challenge of faith in the Name of Jesus Christ, claiming the gift of Divine healing ministered to me by an Angel. Come out from the woman through Jesus Christ's Name. Now… Amen.
There it left her. Now, before I raise my eyes and look… Sister, you look at my hand. Is it normal just like the other one is now? Now, look, sister dear, something happened, hasn't it? Now, you know that beyond a shadow of doubt. Standing here, telling you things of your life (Is that right?), what was wrong with you… Now, watch. Now, there's my hand, just the same. Now, take yours, just the same. Now, put this other one, just the way you had it awhile ago now.
Something's happened, hasn't it? Well, you're healed, sister. That's what it is. Yes. You go on your road rejoicing.
(Everybody be just as reverent as you can be.) Believe with all your heart. Different now. You notice it dropping down.

E-58 All right, bring the lady on. Good evening, sister. (Come play the…?…) Look this way. Oh, your trouble's in your back. Isn't that right? You believe with all your heart? You believe if I'll ask God, He'll give you its freedom again?
All right. Let us bow our heads, if you will.
Our heavenly… [–Ed.] To tell her, she's serving You in the capacity here at this camp, for Thou has so ordained that she should do this. We thank Thee for her healing. And pray, God, that she'll be a great testimony in her community, through Jesus Christ. Amen.
God bless you, sister. You know when it happened, so that's… All right. It's gone.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. Oh, my. What you think that it–the power of the Holy Spirit just numbed her too when He…

E-59 All right, bring the lady, and everybody be real reverent now. God bless you sister, have faith now. You're just a little…?… [–Ed.]…?… your trouble
Oh, I see. I was going to tell you something. You had two or three things wrong with you, main thing is you–you got arthritis, haven't you? Just now I could see how you're moving. And when a vision comes before me, I seen what was happening, the way you handle yourself. All right.
Now, you've had trouble in your life, haven't you, quite a bit of it? You've had an operation in your life. And you've been bothered with other troubles, which you know what I'm speaking of. You understand. Is that all true? All true. All right. Your faith is at the right place, sister, just at the right place to be healed if you'll just accept it now. Will you do it?
Let's bow our heads. Heavenly Father, bless this, Thy handsmaid, Lord, that she may be free of this demon tonight that's binding her.
Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ, leave the woman. [–Ed.]
Now's the time for you to act on what I tell you to do. Raise your hand up in the air. Put your feet up-and-down, like this. There you are; your arthritis has left you, sister.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," every one.
You'll be well the rest of your days. God be with you and bless you.

E-60 Everybody believe. Good evening, young lady. You have a very…?… faith to be healed. What are you… [–Ed.] You think it's wondrous. You believe that what I told you is the truth? All the things that you've heard are the truth? You do? I mean what you've heard me say here, what you were thinking tonight, and told you what was wrong with you. But I would be able to do that. So… And He promised me that I would, and then I–I know I would… it'll be all right. Something you have in your heart, don't you? And it's a female disorder. You're suffering with a female… That's right. Isn't that right? It's gone from you now. God bless you, sister. But how do you…?… [–Ed.]…?… Lord Jesus… Let no one…?… believe…?…
They had several things, but when the Holy Spirit says so, you've got to say them things. That's right. God bless you…?…
All right. Come right ahead, sister. Go off the platform and be well of your tumor. And God bless you. And you can go home…?…
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." You believe with all your heart?

E-61 Lady, your little boy's about fifty percent different now than what he was, 'cause there's light beginning to come around him to make… So you can take him home now if you want to. Be well.
How many would like to receive their healing right now? Now, remember, friends, if God is here to reveal things and to tell things, and if anything ever happens to make you doubt that, God have mercy. That's all that anything could be done. Isn't that right? God have mercy. Now, you must believe with all your heart in order to remain or retain your healing.
There's some handkerchiefs here. He wants me to pray over them. Yes. This part in here, I just prayed over this. There's somebody in Holland, or Hot Hotel Hollander. Holland, H-o- double l-a-n-d-e-r, Hollander. All right. This is… Their handkerchief's laying right here. They may come and receive it. I just had it at the room. That's all of those…?…
Here, what's this? It's a telegram. Just a minute. "Please pray for healing for my dying…" Oh, this is the reason, this prayer request.
Now, just before… Let's bow or heads while we pray over these.
Our heavenly Father, You know all things and can do all things. And we're committing these letters to You now, these requests, laying here on this platform on the pulpit, that You'll heal every one of the people that they represent. There's many that's deeply and sincerely in distress and in need. God, hear the prayer of Your children as we're binding ourselves together now. And with one accord, we pray that You'll heal every one of these people and make them well through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

E-62 Now, how many wants–will believe, if we'd ask God just now, you'd be–you'd have your healing? Now, look, it would take… It would take about an hour to get through one… Oh, more than that. Now, God knows all of that.
Now, see, when… Here's what it is, friends. When you go to believing like that, it–it begins to seem that–that it just… You have to single it out. And when everybody's looking… Just imagine, just about three thousand things buzzing against you at one time. You have to almost get the person right before you when it's coming like that, before you know just what is.
But please, if I have found grace in your sight, if you believe me… And God, Who I stand before, knows that about the gift and the visions, is true, so help me, dear Lord Jesus… I want to go to heaven when I leave this earth. And I don't want to go there and try to get in as an impostor. I wouldn't get in. And I'm testifying of the truth.
And nightly, I feel condemned to having… We bring people up and tell them what is wrong, and bring… And make the people kinda get in this place, yet they say… [–Ed.]… now, to get all the people into the prayer line. That isn't necessary, dear friends.

E-63 Now, I know there's people goes through the country, and says they're the only one that has the right to pray for the sick, and so forth. Now, that is an error. Any Christian has the right to pray for the sick. The Bible said, "Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for the other." Everybody. Your pastors here has just as much right to pray for the sick as I, or anyone else.
You don't have to follow healing campaigns. Sometimes in the healing campaigns, you'll see the things going to pass. Someone may get a–a testimony of healing. It stirs your faith. You see signs…

E-64 But do you remember, the Angel of the Lord said, "As the prophet Moses was given two signs to prove to Israel that his testimony was true, so will you be given two signs." Have you heard it before? You've heard the story. And Moses performed those signs one time. That was enough. Is that right? Here went Israel following him to the promised land.
I trust that God will give you grace for the next five minutes to believe that I'm telling you the truth. See? I say this upon the merits of Jesus Christ, and the Bible, and the testimony of the gift to confirm it, that Christ's attitude is exactly the same towards every one of you. He's here to heal you this night.

E-65 Maybe you might not have the spontaneous faith to bring something, just a miracle right to you. You may not have that kind of faith. But Jesus said, "If you had the faith like a mustard seed, you could say to the mountain, 'Be moved,' and by and by, it would come to pass." It wouldn't vanish it away. But by and by it'd come to pass.
Now, the mustard seed, the reason He said that… You could mix kale; you could mix spinach, breed it together, but you can't mix mustard with nothing. It won't mix. It's just mustard to be mustard.
And if you've got just the least little grain of faith, that's genuine mustard seed faith that won't move, stay with it; it'll bring you out.
Now, some people have faith like this. Some has that much, some has that much, and some can go plumb over their heads in miracles. But because you haven't got that much, that doesn't mean that you can't be healed. If you had the least little bit of faith, just stay right with it. It'll take you out. Will you believe that? That's the truth. God will make me answer for it, if I haven't told you the truth. Can you accept it now upon the basis of God's…

E-66 Little girl, you've been healed for the last twenty minutes, honey, setting there, the little Spanish girl setting there. And–and don't worry about that. I seen you healed awhile ago.
Now, notice. Look. Every person in here can receive their healing right now. When you will believe that you're healed, just the same as you believe that's white. Believe that you're healed, accept it, and say, "Thank You, Lord." Walk right away, and take it, accept it upon those basis and be healed. How many will believe that now, say, "Amen."
All right. I want you to stand up while we have prayer.
Look. There's a man setting here that my heart bleeding for. Come here. Are you a real believer in Christ, brother? You usher, which I see you are. Come here just a moment.
How you feeling, sister? Better? All right. That's the way to accept it though. Go home and be well now. You're out of your wheelchair. You can go home and be made perfect. Now, you didn't have to lay your hands on her now. God bless you, sister. Your faith has saved you, a little Mennonite woman.

E-67 Let's bow our heads. Our heavenly Father, Thou art here to heal the sick, to perform miracles, to cast out demons, to reveal the secrets of the people's hearts, to call demons by their names, to heal all manner of sickness and diseases among the people. Lord God, we thank You for everything that Thou hast done this night, and pray, God, that this will be a great night, that every person in the building may rise, as this woman out of a wheelchair just now, standing by faith, believing. God, may they go home healed, every one of them, and made completely whole. I now ask this blessing of their healing through Jesus Christ's Name.
Satan, thou ungodly spirit, you that tries to bind people with unbelief, tries to make them doubt, you are a loser. You're defeated. I now plead the Blood of Christ around every believer, that you foul…?… spirit leave this audience. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out from the people. Liberate them through Christ's Name.

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