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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called How Faith Acts (Africa Trip Report) was delivered on Saturday, 16th August 1952 at the Kellogg Auditorium in Battle Creek, Michigan, U.S.A.
The tape, number 52-0816, is 1 hour and 13 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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E-1 …?… Good evening. I'm very happy to be here tonight, to pray for the sick and the afflicted again. And trusting that God will make His love manifest to all of you people…?… the service right away, and Brother Baxter…?… preaching about…?… speaking…?…
A real man who knows what missionaries need will be speaking just before me, tomorrow afternoon. Think that's about two-thirty, three o'clock. Brother Baxter will probably announce it. My bosom friend, Brother Jackson from South Africa… And we're very thankful that Brother Jackson's here with us, from all the way from South Africa. There's been many meetings there he was in. I'm sure you'll be delighted to hear him speak. I'd like for all…?… tens of thousands and thousands that never heard the Name of Jesus Christ. It's not fair for ordained ministers to be over here in America, and things like that, and preaching and arguing about little doctrines and things, and millions that never even heard His Name called. My heart goes to them…?… since then.

E-2 Although sometimes they go down there and teach reading, writing, arithmetic, but that's not what they need. A civilized native, educated man, is a thousands times worse off than what he was before he left the…?… before he left his…?… All he really needs is Jesus Christ. That's just what the world needs today, is Jesus Christ.
I'm very thankful to… for this opportunity we've had to be here. There was a little mix-up in us coming, which was a little error to the managers, and the ministers, and…?… to my understanding…?… was just to be here till tomorrow morning…?… have to be in Minneapolis, and so the Lord has led me over that way. And in speaking, there was Mr. Baxter, just kind of misunderstood it a little bit, in giving out to the ministers. Which was rather slow. I believe that the ministers…?… pastors, about it.

E-3 I'd like to speak to you for a time, and I know that that was the… our Lord, and I only had one way to do, and that's follow the way He leads. I'm sure all Christians do the same thing. I was…
Although, Rev. Mr…?… tried to speak to continue on for longer. As well as I would like to do it, within myself, I must strictly obey God. And that is the truth.
When I was in Africa, many of you has read the story what happened in Africa, haven't you? The Lord told me not to go to a certain district. Well, they told me down there when I got there, they said, "You must go down to this district."
And I said, "Well, that's all right with me; I'm just here for the…?… I didn't care where I pray for the sick at.

E-4 So that night, Mr. Baxter come to me; he said, "Well, you'll be starting out about tomorrow, or I mean the day after that, tomorrow. He said, "We'll be starting down to Kerksdorp." Said, "We will go from Kerksdorp, to Kimberley, from Kimberly to Bloemfontein, from Bloemfontein to Cape Town, from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth…?… and to Durban."
Well, Durban is where I thought I was going all the time. Well, I said, "That's where Miss. Nightingale was healed. I just didn't know too much about my geography.
When I told my wife, she said, "Where are you going to have these services at, honey?"
I said, "They'll be Durban, Southern Rhodesia." That's like saying, "Battle Creek, Canada." As far as I know, there's no such a thing.

E-5 Well, Durban is not in Rhodesia; it's in South Africa. Which, I think, Rhodesia, I think that's controlled by the–Belgium. And the South Africa is controlled by British. And so that was certainly quite…?… The people, I guess, thought had some meetings over here in United States, and they sent my mail down into Durban, South Africa.
And so then, that night I was in the meetings, and had such a glorious meeting. The Angel of the Lord had came down, medical association called me up, they had breakfast with me, give me the right hand of fellowship, said, "Anything in our hospitals that you'd showed us to…?… come on. Anybody wants to come, come be prayed for. Said, "Rev. Branham that's true Divine healing." They said, "We're not opposed to that."
And I said, "Thank you."

E-6 And so we… And all the newspapers, speaking, and how the Lord was blessing. Seemed pretty strange to have to leave, where many, many, many thousands of people, they couldn't even get them into the city. They was way out in a great big field of a place, where they had a grounds out there. And so, well, I said, "I'd like to go down to Cape Town." That's about as far south as you can go, without going to the South Pole. And I said, "I'd like to go down there." So I said, "It doesn't make any difference to me."
And that night, the Angel of the Lord appeared to me by a vision. He said, "Don't go with them men. You stay right here for two more weeks, and then go to this farm, where the man that's going to speak tomorrow, Mr. Jackson. And then from there, you go on over to–to Durban. And stay there a month."
Well, little did I know, that that was the only place that they didn't have segregation…?… meetings were…?… and Brother Baxter said, "We'd see the national committee." And I went to see them, and oh, my, you talk about going nuts." The…?… got an ecclesiastical setup, said, "No, sir. You're not going to do it. You're going on down that way."

E-7 I said, "Brethren, the Lord told me not to do it." So I said, "No, I can't do that." So I just refused to do it.
Well, here come the car, and taken me anyhow. And on the road down, I said, "Stop the car!" I said, "The Lord is telling me not to do this." So I stopped.
There's a lot of locust in South Africa, and so I pulled off some of the leaves off of the locust tree, throwed them on the men's feet. I said, "In the Name of the Lord, we can't take that trip." I said, "It's not the Lord's will."
"Oh, yes it is." And the ministers got right back at me.
One of them walked up and said, "Brother Branham, don't you think God speaks to somebody else besides you?"

E-8 I said, "Korah had that idea, one time, when he talked to Moses. The earth swallowed them up." I said, "Just remember…?… I don't know what He has told you, but I know what He's told me." And I said, "After I stood there for at least three or four nights in Johannesburg, and you seen the way it was moving and so forth, and then you want to tell me that I wouldn't know what God said?"
Mr. Baxter walked up that time, called me over to one side, and talked to me. He said, "Well, this is all up to these men here. They're turning…?…"
I said, "But, Brother Baxter, this is a vision from the Lord."
He said, "I had no idea." See? "If it's a vision from the Lord."

E-9 And I know… and most all of you here know Brother Bosworth, a very fine Christian gentleman. And he was with us. He walked over to me, said, "Brother Branham, I think you're wrong in that."
I said, "Oh, Brother Bosworth," I said, "you'll see."
So..?… I was right there just a few nights, and then…?… a little place of about six thousand people, and probably two thousand there, no place to eat, sleep, or nothing. So it was laying out there. It was a nice fine warm day. And just before they got ready to take me to the meeting that night there come a tropical storm. You people in American don't know what a storm is till you seen one of those. It like to have drowned everybody out there. At ten o'clock it was still going: no service!

E-10 All the ministers came back to the place where I was. I said, "I told you." They were…?…and satisfied. "He was angry, because that we are doing out–out of His will."
"Why," they said, "the Lord told us to do this."
I said, "He might have. But He told me not to."
And he said, "Well, then," the next day, he said, "oh, [–Ed.] time, Brother Branham." So the next day, just about time they got ready to take me over here come a blizzard, like to like to froze everybody to death.
When they come back, I said, "Now, tomorrow night we'll have a earthquake, perhaps."
So they said, "Do you mean we'll have an earthquake?"

E-11 I said, "No, if He–if He told me we'd have a earthquake; but, brethren, we're out of the will of God. And we can't prosper doing this."
So two o'clock in the morning, there they was still going strong. And I said, "The Lord has told me to return to Johannesburg and stay there for two weeks, and then go to Durban, and stay there a month."
And they couldn't see that. Said, "We've promised the brethren."
I said, "It doesn't make any difference what you promised the brethren; God is speaking."

E-12 Men sometimes, we just get ourself so wrapped up till… Just the way it was, that's the way it is today (See?), same thing: so wrapped up, and they just simply has to be according to the way your association says so, or you're not in the running. You're wrong. God deals with individuals (That's right.), always has. And He does things that's very hard to understand; you have to know God to understand Him. And you know that. You know the Scriptures. If you know the Scriptures, you know it's true. So we just had an awful time.
Then I… about two o'clock in the morning, somewhere along there, it was getting late, I said, "Well, they all…" [–Ed.]…?… I said, "Oh, He has a permissive will, to permit something, but who wants to work God's permissive will? I'd rather do what He wants me to do (See?), not be in His permissive will.
Well, it went on. So they got… "Oh, my! His permissive will, go ask Him about that."

E-13 Well, I went in to pray. And Billy Paul went in with me, my boy, the little fellow that gives out the prayer cards here. And when we went in the room, I shall never forget. He put his arm around me, as we walked in the door, said, "Daddy, you listen to God. Don't you listen to them preachers out there." Said, "I'm with you." Said, "If we have to swim home." See? Said, "I will stay right with you, daddy. You better listen to God."
It might have been a million times better off if I'd have listen to the boy, too. Now, I say that with respect. He's just a kid, but he's certainly… God was with him.
And I got down to pray. He was going to pray with me. 'Course, just being a lad, and he got sleepy and went to bed. And I prayed on till long in the morning.

E-14 He came into the room. I said, "What are those men? What do they mean?"
He said "Go on down with them." Said, "You're in…?… It's been let out like this, so you'll have to do it." He said, "But, remember, it's not the will of God, and you're going to pay for it." See?
Said, "Go on." Said, "You might know this." Said, "Go wake up your son, and tell him, in the morning, you're going to send you to Sunday school, and you're going to decide the pray for the sick, and on the road back, you're going to start back, with a man in a little black car. And they're going to pick up another little man. And on the road down there'll be a native dressed in a white safari suit, standing by eucalyptus tree…?… stop…" Said, "Your son will call your attention to it. And by that, you'll know that I'm letting you go. But, remember, you'll pay for it."

E-15 So when He left the room, I went and woke Billy up and told him. Mr. Baxter, which is right here now, sitting right back behind the platform here, he can walk out and give a testimony if there's any error to this, Mr. Jackson who is sitting present, and many others. And I will…?… after waking Billy up, and telling Billy what the Angel of the Lord said. See? God respected him because he was on the right side.
So I walked in to where the men was; I woke them all up, Brother Bosworth, Brother Baxter, Brother Stadsklev, all of them. I said, "I have the word from the Lord. He just met me in the room. Now He said, we could go down there, but it will not be as successful as it should be. And we're going to suffer; I am, myself, going to suffer a great loss. And you all are going to suffer, too." And I said, "Because He told me that I was–was not obeying His orders. But He would permit it, being that you Afrikaans ministers and things had set this up, and done that. But it's not His will. And I will have to pay for it."

E-16 And Brother Baxter, which is listening to me now, I said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, if we take that meeting, it'll be… when you go make you America, it'll between six and months and a year before we ever have another service." See? I said, "Something is fixing to happen."
I was standing in Shreveport, Louisiana, the Holy Spirit came upon me, and I was prophesying, and said that there was a trap set for me in Africa. See?
[Someone speaks to Brother Branham–Ed.] You mean now? What say? Be back in a few minutes. All right. He's called on a place to go. So we… I went down, and I said, "Well, all right. We'll see what takes place."
And Brother Bosworth, a dear old man, like a daddy to me. He turned over in the bed; he said, "Brother Branham, you're wrong."

E-17 I looked at him, and my heart just broke. See, no matter who it is, you got to put your trust in God. See? And there, my own brother, and Brother Bosworth said, "Brother Branham, you're wrong there." Said, "If you go down, to take this itinerary down through there, you're going to see the exceeding, abundantly above all…?…"
And I said, "Brother Bosworth, do you mean to tell me? I'm speaking to you, Brother Bosworth, that God has appeared in a vision, which cannot fail."
And he said, "Brother Branham," said, "Satan… I read in a book one time where Satan give Adam a false vision." My brother!

E-18 I said, "Brother Bosworth, you stood with me on the platform for the past five years, nearly. And you've seen everything in their purpose." I said, "I don't know what Satan did to Adam, but I know this come from God." And I said, "Now look here." See, you, no matter who it is, when God tells you to do something, you do it. I don't care if it's your mother, daddy, if it's the pastor, if it's the prophet, or whoever it is, you listen to God. See? And you remember, I'm telling you the truth. Witnesses are standing near. And God is my witness. I said, "All right." And I told him what was going to happen, went on out.

E-19 That morning, when I went down there, sure enough, they come back, the… when it come time to pray for the sick, a young fellow come up, and he was with Billy in a little black car, 'cause they're not supposed to speak to me, 'cause He done told me to make ready the anointing to preach and to pray for the sick. And on the way we picked up another boy on the road up. And Billy was all thrilled about that. And on the road down, he turned around and said, "Daddy…?…" Stand by a eucalyptus tree, by a bridge, stood a native with a white safari suit on, just by the side of the road. He said, "Daddy, look at that man! Get a look at him."
And I said, "You remember what I told you?" And the little fellow cried, when he seen what the Lord had done.
I said, "You see, Paul? I can go, but dad will suffer for this." See?

E-20 Well, after we left there, we went to…?… There trouble set in: first one thing, then another. One minister there, minister, said, "The brothers told me it would be held in my church." About fifteen thousand people, with a church that would seat about five hundred. "No, sir, we wasn't going to get no other place. They promised it would have been in his church." And that's where it was going to held.
Brother Bosworth just took off and…?… and walked down the street. Brother Baxter walked away, and he thought he had a place to stay.
I said, "Brother Bosworth, is that 'exceedingly, abundantly, above all that you could…?…' Remember what was told you? It'll be this, until we go home." I said, "You see if it isn't."

E-21 And Brother Baxter who's is near now, as a witness before God, and know this to be the truth, knows that that is the truth. And there it just started from one thing to another, just as… what was piling one on top the other, one on top the other, until we come back down…?… time. Now the Lord blessed with His great power, His work, went right on just the same, but when it came to the place that we started back up towards…?… town, out of Port Elizabeth, Brother Baxter taken very sick, very sick. Billy Paul taken very sick. Now we started with one thing piling on top of another. And then, after while, I taken sick. I went to the Lord. He turned His back on me. We went on to Durban. I stood there, and under the inspiration, God brought thirty thousand people in one altar call to the altar. And yet, that was God's grace to me. I knew it.
And then when we got to Durban, that was the only place they'd let the–the black people and the white people come together. The other… The Holy Spirit knew that in the beginning. See? And so there was just as far as you could see, people, out on the big race track, just as far as you could see, just a solid mass of people, and for four city blocks down the street was just setting, just like you're setting here, blocked off in city blocks. Pouring down rain, and so forth, they never noticed that. They just kept standing there. But…

E-22 And then when I got there…?… They had the meeting already… been there for three days in Durban. Then I had to go plumb over to Southern Rhodesia, plumb up into Rhodesia then. And then come back down to…?… after being up there two days, and so sick, I couldn't hold my head up. Then I went back to the men, and all of us sick, and all tore up, everything gone wrong. I went back to that men, I said, "Do you remember what I told you?" Coming across the sea, I said, "Brother Baxter, do you remember?"
When I got here to America, come to find out, that down among the…?… somewhere, in there, had set in parasites, setting in the stomach, down through the intestinal tract, which was causing a dysentery, it was just about to die, every one of us, sick, upset.

E-23 Then God begin to speak to me. Then I promised Him as I walked the floor, and crying. And we never had another meeting until it was between seven and eight months, after that. I was so sick I couldn't go. Just so sick, I just couldn't even raise my head up hardly, just laying there waiting for God.
And then, one night He came down in a vision. Oh, you'll never know how it feels. He walked down there. I was laying in the room. He came to me and He said, "Now, don't fear." My sin was forgiven. He told me what was going to happen. And He said, "Now, it's going to go away from you; you'll be all right." Said, "Don't disobey no more, 'cause I've told you." He said, "Now, you're going to take a meeting," and He set me down, "again at Durban, South Africa." And I seen a little meeting, there was many, many thousands standing into the blue, to the West. Setting before me, set tens of thousands of people. And He told me, said, "Turn to your right." When I turned to my right, a great Light came down from heaven, hung over where I was. It was an oscillating Light. And in there were men dressed half, like this, with something wrapped around, little skinny-looking men, with their hands up in the air, a praising God.

E-24 And I said, "Well, look like evening." And then this Light came down, an oscillating Light, and went way back over the world, and there was thousands times thousands of them in there. And then, I said, "Are they all black people?" And He put it down in front of me…?… They were white people. And I looked back this way, and they were this Indian-type people. And I said… And then it was showed real close to me, and I heard the number that It called.
He said, "There's three hundred thousand of them in that meeting." Now, mark that down in your book. And see if there isn't a meeting held that and see if there's three hundred thousand people. That's before it comes to pass, that you might know.

E-25 How many remember the prophesying of the little boy would be raised, about two years before he was raised in Finland? Hold up your hand, you that know about it, who had witnessed it to (See?) all just exactly, what he would like, where he would be, just how it would be. And he was laying dead for around thirty minutes on the highway. Many of you remember the story, and how it was. Then…?… in the "Voice of Healing." There, with the Finnish officials with their stamps, laying in my house today, government seals on the paper; that had taken place. See? A little boy had been struck and killed.
Then when a vision of the Lord came down, and told about the other boy, you've heard the story many times, about it in the book. Now, those things are what God says do. Now, the other day, when… I–I wouldn't make a move until God spoke to me. And then I felt very definitely impressed about Hammond, Indiana. When I went down to Hammond, to look around, when I seen the auditorium wasn't air conditioned, everybody said, "That's a graveyard. Don't you go there. Boy, if you go there, that's–that really a graveyard." Said, "There's–there's nothing there." Said, "Some fellow has done got in there was preaching Divine healing, scattered the things." Said, "It's horrible."
Well, the Lord told me to go to Hammond. So I went to Hammond. Said, "How long are you going to stay?"

E-26 I said, "From one day, till Jesus comes. I don't know." And I said, "Now don't never make a meeting any definite time, 'cause I don't know, just… I promised God just as He would lead, I'd go, just wherever He went. I don't… That's the reason I'm not with the "Voice of Healing," none of those papers. I can't have no papers. No, sir. If I follow God, I ain't got time for papers. I got to do what He tells me to do.
Some of these men can set their meetings for two or three years ahead, if they live. That's their ministry. Mine is not that type of ministry. I've got to do what He says do. All of you realize that. And then He sent me to Hammond.

E-27 There's a man in here, down here in Baltimore, I believe it was, got a auditorium that seated ten thousand people, absolutely free, the whole month of July, air conditioned, with five hundred preachers signed up. I got the papers laying on my desk today, some of the Methodist, some of them Baptist, and Full Gospel preachers; five hundred of them to cooperate with the meeting. Brother Bosworth said, "You can't beat that, Brother Branham."
I said, "God can." One place where He'd tell me; I don't care if there would five people there. If He tells me to go, that's where I want to go. It isn't the idea of how many people is there; it's the will of God we have under consideration.

E-28 Now, these men who would pray for the sick, and come up, and they say, "We'll be there in this year, and we'll be able back at a certain date." And the papers are going out. That's all right. That's their ministry. Mine's not that type of ministry. And so, I don't know where else to go tomorrow. And I… Wherever the Lord will would say…
And then, Brother Baxter said, "There's many people here; there's some people from Battle Creek; there's some people from over in there, and down here, and up there at Minneapolis, and all around, people from San Francisco, and so forth, those meetings to be set.
I said, "Brother Baxter, I have no leading at all, none at all."
He said, "Well, let's go into Chicago. They got a great big place up there, big arena of a place."
I said, "Sounds all right."

E-29 Then he started to go down there, one day, he said, "Well, shall I secure it? Mr. Boze and some of the ministers, was on."
I said, "No. You better wait a minute."
I took my wife and them, and went down, and took my mother to the…?… in the room with then. I walked back and went over towards this place, and the Holy Spirit, said, "Stay out of there." And I stayed out, too. I just bypassed it on by. So then, I don't know why. I don't know. Then He said, "Turn aside to Zion." I'd promised that a long time ago, and I was still under obligation. I said, "All right. I will go over to Zion."
And then Brother Baxter come to me, said, "What about… Where we going from here?"
I said, "Now, Brother Baxter, I have no leading."
He said, "Brother Branham, if we get an auditorium, you got to–we got to trace it down."
And I said, "Yes, that's true."
He said, "Well, what do you think about Battle Creek?" Said, "Would you like to go up to Battle Creek?"
I said, "Battle Creek is just the same as it is any of the rest of them." And I said, "I think it'd be all right."
And–and so he–he said, "Well, I will find out. I'm going leave that up to the ministers, call them up or something another." He come back, he said, "Do you feel like you'd like to go to Battle Creek?"

E-30 I said, "Yes, I have two under consideration. One of them is Minneapolis, and one of them is Battle Creek. I'm thinking on those two, praying about those two, but I don't know just yet." I said, "I believe I feel a little more leading towards Battle Creek." I said, "I'd rather go to Battle Creek, I believe, because I've been to Minneapolis before," I said.
He said, "All right." Said, "I will make it Battle Creek."
And I didn't know it was set for a big long time. So then, finally I even told…?… I said, "We'll be leaving this coming Monday, if the Lord permits." I said, "As far as I know, that's… I had… I said, "I feel like between the two places, because I had a reason not to go to Battle Creek, or to… over there, because I've been there before."
Well, about–about four days before I went to make… get… Brother Baxter said, "Brother Boze said that we can have the auditorium of his church, if it was…?… and wanted to come by two or three nights 'fore going over."
I said, "Well, I will take it under consideration." I said, "Now, we may be there one night. If the Lord says move, I will go."
He said, "You better take…" He said, "We better take the church then."
I said, "All right." Yeah, I said, "Now, if it's all right, maybe one night." All right.

E-31 We went on over there. We had a great blessing, and… But before I went up there, one night, I was laying there, and I was… Now, listen closely. This is a confession. When I–I been up way late at night, people coming and everything. And I went to sleep, and I–I slept through the night, and about five or six o'clock at morning, I was a wakened up by a terrible dream.
I dreamed I seen a great big, muddy road a coming, and struck a little…?… And I knowed my wife was in there, and I went in and grabbed her, and got out of the place. And I said, "Oh, thank the Lord." And I–I woke up. And I said, "My, that's an awful dream."
And I looked over to her, and she was asleep; the baby was asleep. I said, "Well, now something is happening right there. I don't know what it was." In a few moments I said, "Well, this is strange. I was thinking about a dream that I had in my room." And here I am setting here in a…?… real clear, blue water, not muddy water, clear blue water. And I was going up the street. Not…

E-32 I thought, "Well, say, am I dreaming." And in just a moment I heard something behind me, making a noise going. "putt, putt, putt, putt, putt." I thought, "Well, this, what's… I–I don't understand it. Just like if I was somewhere else, and say I was speaking on a microphone in church, just a few moments ago." See? Just… I thought, "This is strange." And it kept coming. I noticed there was a little something in the water…?… up that way, and he come up to me, and then he turned that way. He would go down, come back around this way, "putt, putt, putt," and it'd turn that way and come back again.
I said, "I don't understand this. And something drew near me." Said, "Looky here." And I looked, and there was a road turned to the right in the water. There was another one turned to the left. Said, "What it's trying to tell you, 'turn to the left.'"
And then I thought, "What's?" I come to myself. I thought, "What–what was that a dream? Or was it and I…" Will the Spirit of the Lord come on me, and first time in all my life it ever did that. And I thought, "Well, that's the strangest thing that I ever seen."

E-33 And I woke up my wife; I said, "Honey, something is happening. I don't know whether to announce a vision, or whether… I–I went to sleep; I don't know." I said, "It seems too clear to be asleep. But I'm not sure." I told her what it was.
"Oh," I said, "we'll see if it was a dream, 'cause I was awake," I said, "I might've went back to sleep. See?" I said, "I don't know, I can't tell what happened."
In a few minutes we went on out and was called out to breakfast, and after breakfast, all day long, I kept saying, "…?… keep staying with me." I tried to throw if off my mind, you know. And I just dreamed that. You can't put confidence in a dream. You know that. So I–I just… Well, that's a dream. That wasn't that. I said, "It felt…?… with me."

E-34 When I over to Chicago, I called Brother Baxter. I said, "Brother Baxter, the strangest thing, something tells me turn to my left." And I said, "I don't know."
He said, "Well…" He–he was in a hurry. He went on. He come over here. And then when I got over here…
The Holy Spirit caught me the other day, "I told you to turn to your left." And then, in my room I'd been kind of perplexed about the way things was going. It didn't seem like the Spirit of God was operating right in the meeting.
Brother Baxter come, said, "Brother Branham?"

E-35 I said, "Yes." I said, "Now, if it's a gift of God, that operates anywhere. That's gift and callings are without repentance. You see? God will hold you responsible for what you do with it. See? And so then, I said, "There's something wrong." I said, "Little auditorium that won't seat over twenty-five hundred people. And there's that little group." I said, "That… But that isn't it, Brother Baxter." I said, "There's something wrong, the whole thing."
Said, "Brother Branham, I can't even speak."

E-36 And I said, "I don't know what's wrong." And I said, "I–I can't tell you." And I said, "Well, I'm taking tomorrow afternoon and closing myself up, and stay before God." And that's when He told me; I repented. And we called a minister. One of the ministers, Brother…?… from the… Brother Baxter said "Will you speak to him?"
I said, "Yes. I will speak to Brother…?…" I said, "Brother Baxter, I don't know." And then I said, "here I stood after He revealed it to me coming up to that Lake Michigan, that blue water turning that way." I said, "Certainly! I don't know what in the world is the matter with me, Brother Baxter, that I didn't recognize that…?…" And I said, "I–I've asked God to forgive me and I've asked Him to forgive me." You heard me speak in the meetings, or in the beginning of the week." I said, "I don't know why I ever did that."

E-37 Then Brother…?… came up, he's setting in the room, as a gallant pastor of a little group of people, we discussed it. And he said, "Brother Branham, I have… I–I–I know that God did this."
I said, "I'm not disputing your word, Brother…?…"
He said, "But looky here."
Then Brother Baxter said, "Now, Brother Branham, we got the minister, this brother here, under consideration."
I said, "Yes. That's right."
Said, "The rest are cooperating ministers, fourteen churches, and got them under consideration."
I said, "That's right, brother." And just then the Holy Spirit… I felt It. If you believe me to God's servant, you listen to me now. God Almighty has permitted me to be kind of mixed up in that vision, for the first time in my life, to get me right back on the same principle that I was at…?… , South Africa. There it was. The ministerial group, with this all under consideration, and even the manager, speaking towards the ministerial group, and here I was standing here, to make myself to serve God, do what God did, or do what the ministers said do. That was my place. I… The grace of God proved out.

E-38 I said, "Brethren, I love you. You know that, and God knows that, with all my heart." I said, "But the Holy Spirit tells me to go yonder on the other side of the lake." And I said, "I'm not going to do like I did in Africa, wait till something happens." And I said, "I'm going to the other side of the lake."
So then, I said, "I love you. And God knows that, but I must be obedient to God. And I promised Him I'd never do it again." And I said, "I must do it." And I said, "Now, Brother Baxter, in confirmation…?…"
And just as the day…?… waiting for the auditorium and so forth…?… See how it was? Just exactly. I said, "Now, we don't want to do this other thing, like this…?… them here."
Now, Brother…?… I guess he's setting somewhere in…?… listening to me, and he's a very fine Christian gentleman. And he was fighting for church, of course, and for his prestige. And if it be…?… he said, he told the people of this meeting, and so forth. I said… He said, "What will I do about the public?"

E-39 Now, I knowed that was a hard thing after he had set the meeting up. That was a slip up on Brother Baxter. He shouldn't have made the meeting like that in the beginning. He should've set it just like we had it agreement to. But he seen the other meetings had done already…?… thought maybe this one was the same.
So he said, of course, he's setting, listening to me. And he said, "From this on, I never did set that up like that again. I will let it be according to the Holy Spirit."
Then, notice what taken place. Then, "Come…" To Brother…?… He said, "Look, I can't understand, Brother Branham, that why that God would answer our prayer, and then make all these things possible here, and then turn around and send you."
I said, "Brother…?… you know what you need here in this city?" Now, here we are, friends, I am responsible to God. "What you need in this city is a good old-time, Gospel Holy Ghost church in the city. You need a revival, not a healing service. You need a revival, and get people back on the spiritual line. Now, surely… Now, I love you. But, remember, friends, I'm duty bound to Jesus Christ. You need a–a revival. See? I said, "Looky here. Do you…
He said, "Well, the Christians might understand," but said, "the…?…"

E-40 I said, "Look at Philip having the biggest revival they ever had and the Holy Spirit told him, 'Get out of here and go out to the desert, Gaza!'" Is that right? He never returned back no more. He went on; the Spirit told him there, and he left that meeting standing there. Philip was…?… the revival, had his revival.
Now, I said, "And also…"
He turned around, and the Holy Spirit said, "Move over to Brother Baxter." I seen that Light move down in the room, "Move over to Brother Baxter." I thought He was going to have me say something to Brother Baxter, but it switched and come to Brother…?… I seen there what He was doing. I said, "Now Brother…?… the Scripture you're thinking of now, is right by that Isaiah that went up to Hezekiah." Said, "That's what it was. That's exactly." Confirmation, the Holy Spirit there to prove. I said, "Looky here, there's a real Scripture." I said, "God told Isaiah, go up there and tell the King Hezekiah, set your house in order, for you're not coming off this bed. You're going to die." Is that right?

E-41 Now, let's just take this just for a moment. Now, the first thing you know, here comes all the people. Here's the high up's church, standing in the king's palace. There's the guards at the gate. There's the poor people on the outside looking. Here goes the prophet in to see… with the Word of the Lord. Comes back out, and here all the delegation of the king standing there saying, "Prophet of God, we know that the Word of the Lord dwelleth in you. What about the king?"

E-42 "He's not coming off of that bed. THUS SAITH THE LORD. He's going to die on that bed." All right. That settled it.
Walked on out to the gate, and I can see the gate man, say, "Prophet of God, what saith the Lord concerning our king? He's a righteous man. He's a godly man. And he's laying there on the bed. What saith the Lord concerning him?"
"THUS SAITH THE LORD, he's going to die on that bed, and not come off the bed."
Walks on out into the poor–poor class of people, all of them standing out there weeping over the righteous king laying on the bed. "Prophet of the most high God…" They had confidence in him. Isaiah was…?… of the prophets. Said, "What does the Lord say, prophet of God, who the Lord is in his mouth? What else? What the Lord says about our king?"
"THUS SAITH THE LORD, he will die on that bed. He's not coming off the bed." You think the prophet was telling the truth?

E-43 Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and wept bitterly. Said, "Lord, consider me. I've walked before You with a perfect heart." He prayed for fifteen years more of life. Then when the prophet had gone… Now, watch God's order. Why didn't He speak right back to Hezekiah. Hezekiah was talking to Him. That's wasn't His order. Do you believe Hezekiah was a righteous man? How many believes that, raise their hand. Sure, he was a true worshipper of God. And he talked face to face with Jehovah. You believe that? Jehovah heard him say it.

E-44 Well, why didn't He say, "Now, look Hezekiah, I heard you. Now, you're coming off the bed. Now, Isaiah was the one that made all that prophesy, but I'm–I'm telling you, you're going to come off the bed." Why didn't He do that? That wasn't God's way of doing it. He went back out to the prophet, and said, "Return, and tell him that I heard his prayer, and he's going to live." Now, here comes the prophet walking back.
"Oh," you say…?… Isaiah I want to go back to face those people."
"No, it has been changed now. It's been changed now, because he's going to–he's going to live and not die."
Walked into the gate, and "What about it Isaiah, what's the matter?"
"He's going to live and not die." Walked down into the up-and-up's. "What about it?"
"He's going to live." After he just said he's going to die? Is that right? What made the difference?

E-45 Prayer changes things (Is that right?) from death unto life. Prayer changes. There the prophet was very much embarrassed. No doubt, that to go back as far as the people was concerned. But he had to do what God told him to do.
Now, look. It's coming. This going on around… You always seek the face of God. And I don't care who tells you anything contrary to what God tells you. Don't you believe it. And you obey God. Will you do it? I don't care who he is, how righteous he is, how much of a pastor he is, how much of a preacher, whether he's a prophet. He may be sent of God, a real true ordained prophet of God. But if God tells you something contrary to that prophet, don't you believe the prophet. You believe God. How many believes that's true?

E-46 Read 13:13. A young prophet went down and prophesied against all…?… done some miracles and the Lord said, "Don't you eat nor drink, and come back another way from the way you went in." And a real prophet of God, went and deceived that prophet. Is that right? You might as well be truthful. He said, "The Angel of the Lord met me and told me to tell you to come to my house. He met me after He met you." And the prophet, believing that prophet, turned and went back. What happened to him? A lion killed him. Is that right? And the old prophet…?… over it. Sure, because he listened to a man instead of God. No matter who says anything, believe God first. And God is the same God yesterday, today, and forever. He's the same Healer, yesterday, today, and forever.

E-47 "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe you receive it, and you shall have it." Do you believe that? Then say it.
No matter what a person says, "Divine healing's not right," what person says, "This is not right." Take God at His Word.
He said, "Let every man's word be a lie and Mine be true." Is that right?
Now, you can't blame me, friends, for not doing what God said do. I believe the really true Christian will say, "Brother Branham, our prayers are with you, to do God's will." For some of these days, I've got to stand yonder. And I believe that that decision that I made in that room the other morning was between a long…?… of, I don't know what would've happened, but just say that right there. By God's grace, it was, that God let me go right back to that same place, the same thing, the same kind of… the everything just exactly the same, right back to that same spot, and dropped everything away from me, to stand there then to make my decision.

E-48 God, be thanked with all my heart, my decision was according to the will of God. I believe it with all my heart. And if it's… You might not understand this. I love you with undying Christian love, and God knows if that's the truth or not. It is the truth. But look. I trust that God will give me the opportunity by His Divine will, to return here to Battle Creek someday, if nothing else, to preach the Gospel for awhile here in Battle Creek.
And I love you. Don't let this reflect on your pastors, or no one. It was just a… First place it was to be set up like this. There was just a little error, a misunderstanding, and this was… But anytime in a meeting, my manager knows this to be true, if God could call me, I'd do it right then, regardless of how much set-up, or whatever it was, I must obey God.
How many think that I did right? Thank you. Now, brother pastors, you see one hundred percent over the building. I know that the Christians would see that was the truth; they'd believe. You pray for me, friends.

E-49 My God, Who I stand before, knows tonight, that if it was, I knew it was His Divine will, I would like to stand right here in this city for the next six or eight weeks, till I feel the…?… and a revival that would sweep the whole city. I would like to see it. God knows that. And I'm just as willing, but I must be flexible in His hands, and do just what…
Philip would've stayed in Samaria, very happily would he have stayed. What a revival he was having, preaching, healing, demons screaming, and people confessing their sins. And God told him, "Now, I'd like you to go out to the desert to meet one colored man coming down from Ethiopia." Is that right? And then He wouldn't let him go back no more. What told him? The Angel of the Lord appeared to him, is that right? Said, "Philip, come out now, and get out here to Gaza." Is that right?

E-50 Now, the same God that lives then, lived then, lived on. He does the same thing. It's His same nature. God does work in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.
I want to read the Scripture is just now, Saint Luke 5:

And it came to pass, as the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God, he stood the–the lake of Gennesaret,And saw two ships standing by the lake: for the fishermen were gone out of them, and were washing their nets.
And he entered into the one ship, one of the ships, which was Simon's… (I got ink marked over that, and then it was almost marked out; it's one of my favorite texts.)… which was Simon, and he prayed him that he would thrust out a little from the land. And he sat down, and taught the people out of the ship.

Wouldn't you have liked to have been there to heard that? Been wonderful.

Now when he had left off speaking, when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for the draught.And Simon answered and said unto him, Master, we toiled all night, and taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net.And when he had this done, they inclosed a great multitude of fishes: and the net brake.And they beckoned to their partners, which were in the other ship, that they would come and help them. And they came, and filled both the ships, so that they began to sink.
Then Simon Peter saw it… (Or pardon!) When Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus' knees, saying, Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord.For he was astonished, and all that were with him, at the draught of the fishes which they had taken:And so was also James, and John, the sons of Zebedee, and they were partners with Simon. And Jesus said unto Simon, Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men.And when they had brought their–when they had brought their ships to the land, they forsook all, and followed him.

E-51 This is the words I will leave with you. Look at those fishermen, just a minute. Look at them, toiled all night, through the lake. They were fishermen; they knowed the change of the moon. They knowed the time of waters, and they had seined all night, commercial fishermen, and had taken nothing. What a discouraging time. Got out and washing their nets, setting down on the bank.
Let's drama this a minute. Look coming yonder. I see a young Man in His thirties, come walking down the bank. I imagine He looked a little older, because He said, His ministry was so strenuous on Him. Comes walking down the bank, two or three men walking with Him. And I can look way back up on the river along there at the…?… fishermen comes along there, they say, "There is that Prophet of Galilee; let's go down and see what He will say." They gathered up to the bank. I look, laying, setting on a log up there, and there's Simon and them, washed their nets, discouraged. They pressed upon Him to hear the Word of God.

E-52 He said, "Can I use your boat just a moment?" He just got in the boat; they pushed out a little bit. Then after He got through speaking, said, "Come here, Simon, and you all." God never borrows nothing from you, unless He pays you for it. Is that right?
He said, "Come here. Now, thrust out into the deep, and let down to take a whole draught of fish."
Now, Simon said, "Now, Lord, we've seined through these waters all night. We haven't taken a fish. We've caught nothing. We know. We're fishermen. We know this sea. We was raised here. Our fathers was raised here. And we've taken nothing from it. And there's just no fish in that water." Oh, my. "But nevertheless, at Thy word, I will let down the net." There you are.

E-53 When he let the net down, it finally fell down, and he begin to pull, and it said that when he pulled the fishes, he begin to feel them flopping. Where'd they come from? How did they get there? If there was no fish in the water, taking God at His Word, would bring fish in the water.
Look, friends. You might've seined through every doctors office in this country. You may have been in every clinic there's been around here. The very best of our beloved doctors might've give you the last prescription they can. You've done everything. You might've been through this prayer line, that prayer line, this prayer meeting, this. Why do we say tonight? This is Saturday night. Tomorrow is Sunday. Let's say this: "Lord, I've done all. But at Thy Word, I'm going to let down the net, tonight. Tonight, I'm going to believe. This is the time when I'm going to take You at Your Word. When You said, 'Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe you receive it, and you shall have it.' I'm letting down tonight, Lord, every doubt, every fear. And at Your Word, I'm coming, Lord." Can you do it?
Let's bow our heads.

E-54 Heavenly Father, now may Your Holy Spirit move in a miraculous way. God knows there's people laying on the gift tonight. There's cots and wheelchairs coming in. O God, may they…?… and go home. May they go home walking, and leaping, praising God. And may, because of this peculiar situation just here, may there be something happen tonight, Lord, that will start this, a revival rolling in this city, that… It won't take Thy servant, dear Lord, or the Holy Spirit will be here. If they'll just pray through tonight, and get the victory, and tomorrow morning may they be on the street testifying, and walking up-and-down the street, glorifying God. And may there be an old fashion revival break out here that would save every bootleg joint. And God, close up these places that's open tonight, and make mother's daughters become Christians, and those daughters that's walking the streets, and the way they're doing; God, may there be something happen before judgment comes. Grant it, Lord.
And help me tonight, and my… And the ministry that Thou has divinely ordered. And Thou knowest my heart that I'm trying to be true to the heavenly vision. And now, Father, grant that great signs and wonders will be wrought. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-55 Excuse me for taking so long. We'll go right through the prayer line, praying for the sick. Last evening, I ask you this: I said, "Do you want me to pray for the sick, just bring the people through and pray for them for them." I think that's what He wanted. But I ask you, your choice was other way, don't… If you don't get in the prayer line, you'll have to accept it out there, where you ask Him to. See? So now, it's your choice, not mine, yours. Yes. All right.
Now, may the Lord bless you. Billy, what…?… Did you… All right…?… What? "E" E [Brother Branham talks with someone–Ed.]…?… All right, Billy give out prayer cards awhile ago. Let's start at 50, tonight, and take… How many of you have cards? 50? Let's call about 25, tonight, and see if we can't get a little bigger line up here. The whole church can, if you can get them standing. But I doubt whether we can get through them all in that kind of a line. If you want to, we can… Let's see how twenty-five would be to start.

E-56 Who's got prayer card B, or E–E-50? Who has got prayer card E-50? Now, we can get started. E-50? 51, 52, 53, on up till the first 25, up to 75, line up out here according to your numbers, on this side.
And now, now look around at one another's prayer card. Here's one of them down here. See? [–Ed.]

Only believe, only believe,

Only believe, only believe,

All things are possible, only believe.

Now, do you believe? All right. Brothers, don't know in the meeting. Set real still. Don't be stirring around. Pray.

E-57 This is…?… baby's mother; she might be very sick. She may be eat up with cancer. There might be something wrong with her, that would take her life. She might have heart trouble. If it is, that's number one enemy…?… If that's the–your child's mother, you'd be very sincere. If it was you, you'd be very sincere to pray. Remember, somebody, somebody. All right.
Now, lady, I wish just to talk with you a minute. Is that? Have you been in the meetings before? This is your first night to be…?… to come. It may be a little strange to you. Did you ever read the Bible? Uh-huh. [The lady speaks to Brother Branham.–Ed.] Your sister was healed in my meetings three years ago. Where was that at? [The lady speaks again]…?… Her sister was healed in one the meetings, over a thousand miles, they flew her in three years ago, and was healed in the meeting, of a cancer, lumps on the breast, and she's never been bothered since. See? Them's unusually at the me. Did she tell you how the meeting worked, and how the Holy Spirit moved in the meeting? Knows the secrets of the heart, probably that's what happened to her. [Lady speaks again] Said I told her what was wrong with her, had prayer, and it left her.

E-58 Now that same Lord Jesus is here tonight. He knows all things. Her… And do you remember, you believe? 'Course, you'd have to know it was God. And you're–you're aware now, that Something is here at the platform. You–you know that Something's, that you're in the Presence of a sacred, holy Being, not your brother, of course not. But it's a… I'm just like you're a woman. But it's spirit realm. You're conscious of that. You–you know it.
Well now, I don't know you; I've never seen you in my life. But–but God knows you. And if this be the anointing of the Holy Spirit here, then He can reveal to me, if–if He had chosen me back there for a…?… then He can reveal to me just what He wants to. Now, He can stop it up, and don't reveal nothing, or He can tell you just what He wants you to know. Is that right? Just…

E-59 Now, Jesus was standing, talking to a woman one time, and He said… He asked her for a drink. You know how the story goes.
She said, "The well is deep."
He said, "Well, if you knew Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink."
And He went on with the conversation. After He talked to her a little while, He went right straight to where her trouble was. Said, "Go, get your husband."
Said, "I have none."
Said, "Thou has said well, for you've had five."
She said, "I perceive that You're a Prophet."
And she went into the city, said, "Come, see a Man Who told me all things I ever done. Isn't this the very Christ?" See?
And Jesus went into the city. She never performed no miracle, as we understand. He was leaving that for Philip to do, that I was talking to. See? He just went over there and begin to talk to her.

E-60 And they said, "Now, when that…" Said, We believe Him because we've heard Him talk." Not because the woman said so, but because we've heard Him ourself. We believe that He is the Son of God." And that broke the meeting, or the ground when Philip come down and preached, and healed the people. See? Jesus had another way of doing it. See? He knew He'd send Philip.
Now, He's the same Jesus tonight. Is that right? [Lady speaks again.] Well, He's able to heal you, sister. Now, whether He's… He's able. See?. Now, I want to question you with something. Is it all right? See? He's… He's not only able to do it, He has already done it. See? It's your faith to believe it, or accept it. See, see? He has already done. He couldn't do no more about it, 'cause there was–there was a penalty of sickness come up between God and man. Jesus stepped right in and was beaten across the back: By His stripes we were healed. See? Then it's already paid for. It's just our unbelief. Jesus said, "If thou can believe, all things are possible." There it is. There's the check book with my name signed on it. Just fill it out, and send on to the Father. He will recognize it. Isn't that so, lady?
Now look, lady. You could've been made…?… Now, I seen something pass by you. Now, now, you know I don't know you, but haven't you been at the hospital several times with something that…?… both…?… that same hospital. I seen you go in and out, go in and out, like that different times. Is that right? And don't you have some kind of inward trouble, like a female trouble in the inward parts, and you have also, you have colitis in your intestines…?… Is that right? If that's right, raise your hand.

E-61 Oh, sister, how would I have known? It's left me. And you know that something is taken place. You don't ever feel like you did a few moments ago. Isn't that right? If that's right raise your hand. See, what it is, the Angel of the Lord is here, speaking, and it was mainly to you. Now, if I could only get your faith to believe that, it would be all right. See? And just as soon as the vision left, I seen…?… Is that right? That's when you were healed. See? Your–your faith has saved you. You believe that, don't you? You know how I was talking. I don't know you. Perhaps while I was talking, 'cause I was… You heard my voice. But that wasn't me. That was that feeling that you had. That's what it was. See? It was…?… Now, you can go home, that colitis is going to leave you, and your other troubles. You go on home, be well. Give my congratulation to your sister, and the Lord Jesus bless thee, my dear sister. Amen.

E-62 Everyone believe? Now, what would be hindering everybody from this tabernacle, or this church, tonight, to be healed right now? Shouldn't you be healed just now? Sure you should be healed right now. Believe with all your heart.
You're trying to believe, aren't you, lady, with your hands like this, with your handkerchief? You–you have a prayer card? You don't have a prayer card? Oh, you do.
Now, are–are we strangers, lady? And how long ago has that been? Oh, eighteen years ago. You were healed of cancer eighteen years ago. Some–someone prayed for you, and you was healed. Yes. Oh, I see…?… I want to ask you some questions…?… some sin, haven't you? You know what I'm talking about. You've backslid on God. And you got the same thing again. You got cancer again. Is that right? You're ready for surgery right now. Is that true? All right. If that's so, hold your hand up.

E-63 Look, lady, death knocks at your door. You believe me to be His prophet. If you'll just turn to God, and God will return to you. [The lady says, "Now, I got a question to ask you."–Ed.] Yes. [The lady speaks to Brother Branham–Ed.] That is true, lady. I… What I mean is true. You listen to what… Backsliding don't mean that you've–you've gone somewhere and with a man. I'm a little bit of a Calvinist. See? Not that radical type, but I'm Calvinistic. You was born again, but you've backslid away from your calling from God. Isn't that right? And you should've went and done something, but you felt like that you wasn't able to do it…?… That's right.
Now, do you believe? All right, come here. Do you now say to God, if He will let you live, and not die, that You'll serve Him all the days of your life, and you're going to do what He asks you to do? You will?

E-64 Let's bow our heads, Christians. Heavenly Father, knowing, standing here the woman You know–knowing and realizing the Presence of the great Almighty God. I pray, dear Jesus, that You will help her. And tonight, forgive her, Lord.
You know Paul said, "Woe unto me if I preach not the Gospel of Christ." Lord, here she's backslid on the her promises, and went back. Now, Father, I pray that You'll forgive her of everything…?… tonight that her road, and she comes to You with her hands up, and the tears down her cheeks, asking You, Lord, to remember her, for we realize that she can't live very much longer like this.
And Father, upon her confession, and upon her heart's desire, I ask this demon of cancer, that it'll move back from her, in the Name of Jesus Christ to give her a new chance of life. Amen. God bless you, lady. Go, rejoicing; let me know what happens to you.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."–Ed.]
All right, Billy.

E-65 Come. Now, everyone be reverent. That's… The man has got a deaf spirit on him. Almighty God, author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon this man. This deaf spirit…?… up through his whole…?… being moving up close to me, knowing that he's got to come out of this man. He's standing in Your Presence. And, Lord, we're believers. We believe that what You said is the truth. You said, "When the deaf spirit went out of a man, he could hear." And, Lord, we believe that.
And You said, "I give you power, that you go forth and preach the Gospel, lay hands on the sick, they shall recover." We believe that.
When You said, "Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe you receive it, and ye shall have it."

E-66 Therefore, Lord, by the commission of an Angel, I ask for mercy for this man. Thou deaf spirit, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I say, leave the man. Come out of him. Do you hear me, sir? Do you hear me now?
How long have you been like this? All right. Raise your head. He's been this way, I guess, it's about fifteen years. Just, you understand? Say, "Amen." ["Amen."] I love the Lord. ["I love the Lord."] Praise Him. ["Praise Him."] Glory to God. ["Glory to God."] I love Jesus. ["I love Jesus."] You've been kind of nervous too, haven't you? That's a prostate trouble. It left you the same time. Getting up and then, things like that… You know what I mean? See? That's gone from you, brother. You're healed now. Go on your road rejoicing.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."–Ed.]
All right, brother, come.

E-67 Oh, isn't He wonderful? Oh, how can you keep from believing it? Why do you doubt longer? What can our Lord do anymore than what He's doing? He's wonderful. You believe?
Something's happened, hasn't it, brother? You're going to be all right now. If it is, raise your hand like that, so they can see you. All right. You're healed.
That man setting next to you would like to get over something too, wouldn't you, sir? Do you believe me to be His prophet? You have a prayer card? You have a prayer card. But look how setting, I don't want you use it then. You have a double hernia, don't you, a rupture, hernia? Is that right? If it is, raise your hand. Say, the man setting over on the side of you has a hernia also, on the other side of you, on that side. Isn't that right, sir? All right. Raise your hand up if that's right. Now, you can…?… A man standing here last night was called in the line…?… had a great big rupture; it's every bit disappeared. It's gone from you. Go now, have faith in God. See?

E-68 The lady just…?… I know what your disease is. If you will believe with all your heart, God will heal you. Do you believe? You had arthritis, didn't you? Is that right? Wave your hand like that. All right. He's done healed you, so your don't have to come in the prayer line. Now just go one home. See? You're over your arthritis. Have faith in God.
He is wonderful. All right. You're the patient? I mean the lady right there. All right. You… I want to ask you a few questions, as I speak to you. You're just some woman that's got a prayer card and come here on the line. There's something strange about the case. I see you right now. See? That's right. What's your nationality?…?… Indian. I see. I see…?… Uh-huh. I believe that. And I believe…?…

E-69 Come here, lady. Now look, you're suffering with…?… in your side, and in your back. Is that right? And then you got a…?… 'cause you got a young daughter, and that little daughter has got the–it's paralyzed, has got paralysis or something. Is that right? If that's all true, raise your hand, being all right. Will you accept Christ now as your Saviour and your Healer to be…?… Will you do it? Your arthritis has gone; you become a Christian in Jesus Christ's Name, go, and may it be as you have believed.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."–Ed.]…?… of the Holy Spirit…?… who knows what will happen. That's right. God did do that, just then. All right.

E-70 Come, lady. It's serious. Have faith. God's going to do something for your, sister, the miraculous. Have faith. Believe me as His prophet. The same Spirit that was upon the Hebrew prophets, is the same Spirit here now. See? God takes His prophet, but never His Spirit; It moves on. When one dies, it's given unto another, and goes on, another generation who has had faith. Have faith now.
You're the patient, lady? Yes. All right. Do you believe? You believe that God will reveal your trouble to me? That's all I can do by the gift. Is that right? Uh-huh. Now look. You are a believer, filled with the Spirit. And now, look. You are… You have a–a–a nervous condition, a…?… which is due to the time of–it is with you. And among other things, it's… You got a stomach trouble. Is that right? That's right. And you're nervousness has caused the stomach trouble. This is an ulcer in the stomach that is souring and so forth, and it's souring, and sometimes fluttering of the heart. And–and your nervous conditions, and that. And you feel strung and upset all the time, depressed. Is that right?…?… Satan will tell you, you've passed over the line, and all those things. Is that right? But he's lying. He's lied. Jesus Christ has healed you. Can you believe that…?… to believe in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ…?…

E-71 Come, sir. Do you believe? Sir, do you believe with all your heart? What if the Holy Spirit said what you was feeling now, had come near, and say to you like He did the woman at the well, her greatest trouble, just tell her what her greatest trouble was, would you believe Him, accept Him? Don't you have something wrong, a…?… on your throat or…?… I see you kind of coughing. It's–it's–it's asthma. Is that right? Is that right? All right. Go off the platform, saying, "Thank You, Jesus, I'm over it." See? Go off the platform, giving God praise, and the wheezing will never bother you no more.
Come, lady. Oh, how He moves, to get the people to believe.

E-72 Young man, you've a very young chap to be standing here, sick. What do you think about Jesus Christ? You love Him. Is He the Son of God? Is He your Healer? He is. He can make you get over that stomach trouble right now. Is that right? Well, then go eat what you want to. Your faith saves you…?… All right.
Come, little lad. You're a young chappie too. Do you believe? You go to Sunday school? You love the Lord Jesus Christ? Would you like to serve Him all the days of your life? If He will let you get well, will you do that, so only for His glory, that you would do it. [–Ed.]

E-73 All right. Look, sister. Come here just a moment. You believe? With all your heart? Well, just a few moments ago, when I was speaking to someone here, you came back down the row and second row you came…?… the same thing. You were very alarmed when I told the lady about what kind of feelings she was having, of a nervous condition. Is that right? Because you have exactly the same thing. Is that right? Now, do you believe He's going to make you well? But that's who you want me to do is pray for you. That's what you were thinking about right then. I'm not reading your mind, but that's what you were thinking…?… pray for you, come in your mind, like this. Is that right? That's right. You can't hide your thoughts You see? It's in His Presence. Now come here. 'Cause that's what you have to have to be well. And you're going to receive it, I believe, with all my heart.

E-74 Dear heavenly Father, feeling that the woman had that point of contact that I must pray for her, speaking it right out of her mind…?… believe it otherwise. I pray, God, that You'll heal her.
And now, this devil, this thing that's trying to make her lose her mind, I say to thee, in the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of the woman.
Now, look, sister. Go home. You're going to get well. You believe me? If God knew what you were, and what you are, then He knows what you will be. You're going to be all right, and go home now. God bless you.
All right. Come, lady. Howdy do. Do you believe? With all your heart? You believe that He would make you well? You have number one enemy: heart trouble. Is that right? See? All right. Do you believe…?…

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