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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called For Him Will I Accept was delivered on Friday, 18th July 1952 at the Civic Center in Hammond, Indiana, U.S.A.
The tape, number 52-0718, is 59 minutes, and consists of 1 cassette.

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E-1 It's such a night, anything could happen anywhere. As I was standing out there, hearing that wonderful chorus, "All Hail The Power of Jesus' Name," while setting out there, it seemed to me as if the rapture would come right along while I was in the–setting on that little cot. Looked like something was lifting me up. The…
"All Hail The Power of Jesus' Name." Eddie Perronett, when he wrote that song, and the many poets, what a time… He'd walk in and see his dad there, waving…?… back and forth, was keeping his child cool, laying there, crippled up, a spastic. And I thought, "God, what can I do? What can I do? What can be done?"
What a time. [–Ed.]… gathering. What a time that God could just move in and do anything among us.

E-2 I want to ask now, the report, on how many was reported a definitely condition from last night. Brother Bosworth, would you have the report of what happened last night? And it's to be left at the book stand. If someone will give me that report right away. Would you get it for me, Brother Bosworth? At the book stand, at the book stand, the report… Someone, or one of the ushers, if they would, get a report from the book stand, and find out just how many reported tonight, from last night's meeting, what happened in last night's meeting. I've been very interested in it today.
How good our Lord is to us. We got two more nights, Christian friends, of the meeting. This morning, we really had a time of fellowship at that ministerial breakfast: such a lovely bunch of ministers, all setting around with one heart and one accord. Usually, I mention something in the breakfast about different denominations. That's one of my great things to mention. Brother Baxter was wondering, I guess, why I didn't mention it. It just seemed like there was such a heavenly atmosphere, there wasn't any difference in it. It was just… See?

E-3 I believe this: that in the great realms of the Church, the only thing that's holding off the coming of our Lord Jesus for His Church, and setting up of His Kingdom, is the differences between the full Gospel people. That's right. As long as one say, "I belong to this; I belong to that. I received this; I did that," and don't recognize the brother as your brother, I think that's one of the hindrances we have now, one of the hindrances of not receiving, or Jesus Christ's coming.
I believe that we're past… Jesus' coming is past due. That's a big word, but I believe I can prove it by the Scripture. It's past due. God, as He said, "As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the coming of the Son of man." God was "Long-suffering, not willing that any should perish, but that all might come to repentance."
Thank you, Brother. Somewhere of a dozen or more testimonies from last night. Well, that isn't too good, just a dozen of seventy-eight that passed over the platform. Seventy-eight different ones that passed over the platform and just a dozen reported. All right. It's easy, and it doesn't matter to me then, we will try tonight in massive healing, and see what our Lord will do. See?

E-4 Now, do you–you get what I–I mean? I'm here to try to help everyone. Some of them says, "Pray for me. If you just pray for me, I will get well." See? Well, that's true, that's what God does, He heals the sick. "A prayer of faith shall save the sick."
But I was expecting, and I–I've asked for at least three times that many of reports today, that've had a change within twenty-four hours to the better, of the seventy some odd that… A little girl, minister's daughter that set over here last night, she was telling me she stays in the same motel, lives down in the… well, in… She lives in Kentucky, just across the river from my home, Brother Beeler's niece. And she said she counted each one that crossed the platform, and I believe she said seventy-eight that crossed the platform.
Last night was just a night of trial, so we could just try and see what the Holy Spirit would do. Just to see what would take place, to see how–how many would be healed just by praying, laying on the hands. Then I kindly made a little mistake in–in doing so. At I–I… Visions was moving just… Thank you, my brother.

E-5 Now, here's another report says, "No definitely number, but several has been reported." That's wonderful. How many in here was healed last night and knows you was? Raise your hands like that. In the–in the prayer line, was healed last night, just raise up your hands, like that, so I can see you around. Well, it looks like quite a number, that you really feel the difference that was–that was healed. That's wonderful. Well, if the… Thank you, every one. God bless you. You keep that testimony.

E-6 I tell you, friends. What I been moving, trying to do, is change the–the policy of… I'm afraid that people will misunderstand me, and think I'm a, just a, altogether a mystic, and it starts too much of–of a… Well, I'm–I wish to say this: my heart is to Jesus Christ. He's the One that I love with all my heart. And my first duty is to Him. It–isn't that right? My first duty is to Him. And when I see something that might hinder, along on the call somewhere, or bring a reproach somewhere, that makes me feel… First now, my duty is to Him. See? I want to do something that'll help His cause.
Well now, I–I find out that we just can't help it, in the… and these realms that we–we go is… Fellow arrested, here not long ago, down in the south. He–he got up on the platform, and he said, "Well, that's nothing, Brother Branham's just… it's just mental telepathy," said, "I can do the same thing." And he was a minister too. He got up on the platform and tried some of his mental telepathy, and he's in jailed now. See?
Told a man, said, "You're living untrue to your wife."
He said, "You're a liar." He said, "I stand here to say that I do not, and I'm a gentleman and a Christian, and right here in the neighborhood, and any… everybody knows me." He said, "Tell me when."

E-7 That's right. See? So there, for–for that. And they ought to have done it, they ought to have throwed him in jail. That's exactly right. Brother, if God's not behind it, you better be careful, and you–you'll bring a reproach, sure as the world. See? You be sure that you know from where you speak, and what you're speaking of, and let the Holy Spirit do the talking. You just keep still. That's the best thing to do. Don't you think that's right? See?
And I thought, "Well, in–in the beginning, when first started out, and I'd take people by the hands as He told me," and there it was. You see? And then–then He just keeps on going around till I… See, sometime it brings a reproach, then everybody looks at that. They won't look at the good things the Lord has done. They look at what Satan has done, throw it all in one class. That's just exactly the way it does. They throw it all, say, "There you are, the whole thing is corruption. There's nothing to it." And there you go. See? That's the way the enemy does.

E-8 And now, we as Christians, has got to be on the guard every moment, watching every thing. And I think this, brother, and I know this by the Scripture, that any person, no matter who it is, what… Every person that believes in Divine healing has a perfect right, and God will honor your prayers if you'll pray for the sick–pray for the sick. That's right. See? It isn't a prayer. My prayer would help; your prayer would help me. See?
This morning in the ministerial breakfast, when I was… stayed so long in the line last night, one little brother got up there. I believe it was Brother Cox, and he said that he felt that… I–I didn't have but one hour's sleep last night. I just simply couldn't get myself together; I'd stayed too long. And the manager, he told me. I told him, "Well, the next time, just pack me out, no matter what I say."
And he just kept telling me, "You're too long," kept pulling me, and I kept waiting, 'cause I wanted to pray for about three, four hundred people last night (See?), to see if I could get then through. And then, it's at least half of those, that would give testimony of their healing. That's what I wanted to do. Well, that was my thought of it, to get to pray for everybody.

E-9 Now, if you'll notice, dear Christian friends, surely, that this is the much better way, if you'll just believe me with all your heart. I can only help you, as you believe what I say. And if I get off of the Bible, then you–then you got a right to disbelieve me. But as long as I'm preaching or teaching to you God's Word, then you should believe. Is that right? See?
Now, here, when our heavenly Father, here at the platform, will do something in the audience, and He will confirm, or–or make known His ways, or heal somebody of something, and then you see that that's the truth, and here people comes, and–and–and everything…

E-10 And you notice last night, why we have to give out cards, didn't you? There's no order at all; you just can't do it. And then the people, if you put them back from the line, then it causes hard feelings, and then–and you just… Every minister that has a Divine healing service has to give out prayer cards. We have to have order. See? If you don't… Paul said set the Church in order. Isn't that right? Order is of the Church, and so we're very thankful.
I want to pass a compliment on a man that's in the building. He's not, he's–he's conspicuous in one way, but in another way he's been a man that's been a good friend of mine for years. I've seen him setting in the meeting tonight. I seen him here for several nights. And the brother has meant much in my life. And you might look at him, or talk to him, and think he was very queer and odd. But down in my heart, I have a deep respect. And the man has been to practically every meeting I've held around, that he could get to, hitch-hiked, or some way to get there. And he–he never asks for one favor, one cent, one everything.

E-11 And here not long ago, I was at a great city, and this man hitch-hiked there, and I… and there was some great… mayor of the city wanted to come in and see me. I… they just kept them out. And then this poor, old fellow come along, with a coat of one kind, trousers of another one, shoes off his feet. I took him in my room with me to sleep with me. The man looked at me, said, "I don't understand it."
I said, "That's my brother. I don't care what the… what they call the big-shots wants to know. I want to… See? No matter what it is… the man…
And when I was just a lad, just a little boy, first time, when I used to look at Pentecostal people speaking with tongues, and I said, "Can't understand it, just can't do it."

E-12 And that man come on and he'd speak with tongues. I knowed he's a good man. I watched him. He's not ashamed. And every time when I get in… My boy come today; he give me a little tract. He said, "Down on the street corner stood this brother testifying, glorifying God. Four things that God wants you to know." And he passed by, and he didn't recognize my son, and he said, "Praise the Lord, brother." Said, "You ever been down to the Branham meetings?" Said, "The Lord is doing great things."
All of a sudden he saw him, and said he looked around, Billy said, "Don't you know me, brother?"
He said, "Praise the Lord." Said, "Yes, I know who you are."

E-13 There you are, every place, everywhere. And when just a lad, just had entered the ministry, was just a young boy in the way, this elderly gentleman set in my room one day, before my first wife had passed away, set in there. We didn't have nothing in the house, just an old folding bed. We give that to him. We moved off the other room, the little, old, iron bedstead that the children slept in. He stayed in our home. And one day while setting there, I couldn't understand him. I didn't know too much about the spiritual things, and I wondered about this other, and kept it in my heart, before it was confirmed.
And one day sitting there, he rose to his feet, and gave a message, like the man did awhile ago, in unknown tongues. I looked at him, and he stood back and gave the interpretation. And he said, "God speaks and said that you're just a boy now, you got a lot of youth about you, but someday God will use you." And that come to pass, that's right, just as a lad.

E-14 Brother Ryan, I'm speaking of you. Would you just stand up? God bless you. I was… One of the first men that I heard speaking in an unknown tongues. He's a converted catholic. He used to be an acrobat. And I watched him, and I seen, and I listened to him, and I watched his life. He was very humble, he lived down on the river for awhile, and he'd go out, and he… much in prayer and things. And he was one of the first to begin to move me in to listening to what this was. And after while, he has become… no matter, I've stood on the streets. One day I was up here in Erie, Pennsylvania, and they was having some kind of a show there that had beard on their face, and the old brother thought, "Now, here's my opportunity," because he wears a long beard, and a long hair, or hair to his shoulder.

E-15 When I first saw him, I thought he belonged to the House of David, but he didn't. No, he's–he's a Pentecostal brother. So I went out, and I was… Wife and I were walking down the street, and we seen him standing over on the side with that white beard a blowing, singing it, "'Tis the old time religion, 'tis the old time religion," like that, passing out tracts. And when he seen me, he tried to move back. He said… seen my wife along. I went over there and put my arms around him, out there. I said, "God bless you, Brother Ryan."
He said, "Brother Branham, I thought I embarrassed you," said, "I thought I'd get back."
I said, "Embarrass me? Brother, you're my brother." No embarrassing nothing. He's my brother. And we've learned to love Brother Ryan. And everywhere we'd go he hitch-hikes, brings his wife, and everything. And, oh, my, along in the streets he's testifying. And I hear people write in to me, businessmen, and everything else, where he's been, say, "A fellow named John Ryan, long beard, come in here, told about great things happening."

E-16 Now, I want to be standing near when I see him crowned immortal, some of these days, when God brings his reward. All right.
Let's read a little bit out of His Word, the Word of the Lord, now. Not giving homage to man, but just one of those little fellows that sits back unseen. The other day, while the meeting was waiting, and people, before they opened the doors, I guess, I happened to pass by in the truck, and looked out there on the right, and there was Brother Ryan with his Bible, a teaching, not sparing a moment, and let everything. Let's all get like that. What do you say? Let's get out and tell it everywhere, get somebody.
Now, for prayer. May I say this: that I wish to read just a little portion of Scripture, and I'm going to start the prayer line. It's so hot.
But now, if God willing, tomorrow night, let's come early, it's Saturday night. And Sunday afternoon, if the Lord… How many here hear my life story? Let's see? I guess about all of you. No? You that's have heard it, would like to hear it again, let's see your hands, if you… All right. Sunday afternoon, the life story.

E-17 Now, I want to ask you something. Go out and get all the sinners that you know how, that you can coax in, and bring them in Sunday afternoon. Sunday night, our great closing service, we expect a great climax here. That's the night we want to not leave one person, if we can, but what we want to get to.
Now, tonight I want just to read a Scripture, just a moment, and then we will call our prayer line, found in Job 42. I don't know why today, while trying to study, I would keep falling back to this place in the Bible. And beginning at the 8th verse, I will read just a portion of the 8th verse. I wouldn't want to speak, preach, after that wonderful, inspired sermon, that Brother Baxter just delivered tonight. It was wonderful.

Therefore take unto you seven bullocks and seven rams, and go to my servant Job, and offer up to my… offer up… (beg your pardon)… offer up yourselves a burnt offering;

E-18 I've got where… see there where I've dropped perspiration on it, it's just about faded out. Let me read that over again, see if I can get it.

Therefore take unto you now seven bullocks, seven rams, and go to my servant Job, and offer up for yourselves a burnt offering; and my servant Job shall pray for you: for him will I accept:

Therefore take unto you now seven bullocks, seven rams, and go to my servant Job, and offer up for yourselves a burnt offering; and my servant Job shall pray for you: for him will I accept:

E-19 That's praying one for the other, the value of prayer. Now, these counselors that had come down, and set before Job, he was… That's the oldest book in the Bible. Probably was… Job lived along the time of Nimrod, and back in there, somewhere down from Seth to Abraham. And it's the… It was written, the book of Job, before Genesis was. But he was a priest and a prince. And he loved the Lord. And God blessed him, made him a great man. And then Satan came up… Now, here's what I want you to watch: Satan came up with the sons of God, setting right among them, and begin to speak to Job, or speak… God begin to speaking about the earth.
He said, "Satan," sa–he said, "Have you considered my servant Job, a perfect man, none like him in the earth?"

E-20 Satan said, "Oh, yes," said, "you got him hedged up. You're blessing him, and giving him everything You can–You could give him." Said, "Sure, he will serve You like that." Said, "Let me have him, and I will make him curse You to Your face."
"Now," he said, "he's at your hand. I will break the hedge, but don't you take his life."
And Satan done everything but take his life. He took his children; he broke him out with boils; he spoiled all of his goods; he made him a pauper; and he set on an ash heap, back there, in the back yard, I suppose, with a piece of crockery, or something, scraping the boils that was on his body. His wife walked to the door and said, "Oh, Job, you–you look so miserable, why don't you curse God and just die?"
He said, "Woman, thou speakest like a foolish woman." He said, "The Lord gave; the Lord taken away; blessed be the Name of the Lord."

E-21 Now, watch. That man that had went through trials, that man who had been purged… God was not dealing with a sinner now; He was dealing with a saint. See? A man that'd been purged by God, proving to Satan that there was mortals who would serve Him in the face of conflict.
And he said, "Thou speakest like a foolish woman." Now, he never said she was foolish. He said she spoke like a foolish woman. "The Lord gave; the Lord taken away; blessed be the Name of the Lord."

E-22 Here come these fine counselors or church members. Job cursed the day he was born. He said, "May the stars not shine at night or the sun by the day." But he wouldn't curse God. And there, Satan got him right down to the very thread-bare moment.
Then some of his friends came, and instead of consoling him, they accused him of being a secret sinner. Like they might accuse this woman here in the wheelchair, the young man there on the bed, the little spastic child, the father standing there, maybe being a secret sinner, something you've done. That's not always the case.
Jesus said one time, the disciples said, "Who sinned," the blind man, "he, his father, his mother?"
Said, "In this case, neither of them sinned, but that the glory, the works of God might be made manifest."

E-23 Job had not sinned; he knew he hadn't sinned. And he–he had not sinned, so he would not confess it, because he absolutely hadn't sinned. But God was really trying him, putting him to the test. And I believe that every Christian that's borned again, has to go to those tests. Every son that cometh to God must be first chastened, purged. Is that right? If you cannot stand chastisement of the Lord, then you become a bastard, or a illegitimate child. You claim God to be your Father, and you know nothing of Him. See? A real, true, borned again child of God stands firm. We are sowed with the incorruptible seed of God; it cannot perish. See what I mean?

E-24 Now, if you've got a–a–a way that, you say, ups-and-downs, and ups-and-downs, I would advise you to go to God, and stay there until you're really borned again. When trials, and troubles and heartaches, and disappointments set in, something holds, not you holding; something holding you. See? It isn't a question whether I hold on or not. It's a question whether He held on or not. It isn't looking at me; it's looking at Him. He was the One.
If I… A man came here, not long ago, said, "Brother Branham, I'm not worthy to be saved."
I said, "No, you're not."
And he started weeping. "He said I've tried since 1940 to get saved." He said, "But I find myself not worthy."
I said, "You never will be worthy."
He said, "Then I can never be saved."

E-25 I said, "Oh, no. It isn't you; it's Him." See? "God don't look at you. He looks at Him. And if you can find any fault in Him, then you can't be saved. But if there's no fault in Him, then you're all right. The blemish that you find in Him is on you. But if there's no blemish in you… in Him, then there's no blemish on you."
He said, "I see it, Brother Branham, I see it."
He wanted to shout. I said, "Get straightened out first, then that'll take place next. You see?"

E-26 So there, Job, after he knew that he had not sinned against God. But if a man is sincere, a person is sincere, mother bringing her babe here, a blind man sitting here, holding his cane, sitting right in front of me, a–a lady sitting here, with–with braces on her limbs, and crutches, different ones laying around… Look like a woman laying over here probably dying, I don't know, and in a dying condition. Another one laying here… Just look at that. Maybe some, may be setting out in that audience there, with heart trouble, that'll go before any of them; heart trouble is number one enemy.
But God has to keep His promise, in order to be God. If He doesn't keep His promise, then He isn't God. Now, the main thing is, is to find out whether it's the will of God. It's easy to go… If God said, "Tomorrow, come down here in this audience," and stood here, and we really knew that it was the Son of God, knew He was, and said, "Go not, any of you all tomorrow. It's going to rain all day long."

E-27 Well, it'd be easy for me to go home, and just go to bed, and say, "I ain't going out tomorrow, 'cause it's going to rain all day." See? 'Cause if He said so, it's going to rain. Don't you believe that? What you know God's will is, then you can look in God's Word here, and find God's will for you. Don't you believe that?
And then the only thing that this other does is straighten the individual. See? This is for the entire Church, for everybody. And then if you get a full…?… of faith, clean yourself up, or accept Jesus Christ, and believe Him, it's bound to bring God's Word to pass, 'cause it's a seed.

E-28 Now, Job knew he had not sinned. Wherefore, after all them trials, and all that trouble, Job just kept holding on. There was something about it that he knew that God loved him, and he loved God.
Now, notice. After while from the east came a little prince by the name of Elihu, meaning, oh, or representated–representing Jesus Christ. Now, when he come to him, he said, "Don't despise my youth, 'cause I'm younger than you are, Job. You're an old sage, probably way over a hundred and fifty, or hundred years old, or something. And I'm maybe just a young fellow, but don't despise my youth."
First, he begin to straighten Job out, about where he'd done wrong, and things, of accusing God. Then when he begin to speak to him, not as a sinner… Here's what gets me. Not as a sinner… he… and Job begin to say, "Now, I–I… all right, there's hope of a tree if it dies, or if a flower dies, why, it's little peddles drop off, and the little seed goes down into the earth, and the rains come and bury it, like a funeral procession, crying from the skies. And that little seed lays there, and it bursts open, and–and pulp runs out of it, and everything is gone then. But is that the end of the flower?" No, sir.

E-29 You women, here in Indiana, plant your flowers, you don't have to worry about that. A little seed drops out of there, and next spring, here's that flower again. There's nothing in the world that science can find in there, with that little germ of life. The pulp's gone. The seed's gone. The–the roots are dried up, and everything, but that flower lives again. God made a way for it to live again.
Well, if He made a way for a flower to live again, what about a child of God that's made in His image? Job says, "A man die, yea, he giveth up the ghost. He wasteth away. His sons come to mourn, or do honour, and he perceiveth it not, and so forth. I can't understand. I see a flower–a seed buried, it comes to life. I see the flower die, raise again. But man layeth down, giveth up the ghost, and where is he?" See? "He don't rise again."

E-30 Then Elihu tried to straighten him out. Now, I will give this just in–in childlike form, here. Now, he said, "Job, you're watching those flowers. They're in God's way; they haven't sinned; there's nothing about them that's sin. But man sinned, and that's the reason you don't see him no more when he goes down. He goes down in sheol, or–or hades, and you don't see him no more. But yet, Job, there's coming One, a Just One, Who'll stand in the breach, and put His hands on a sinful man, and a Holy God, and bridge the way, and stand in his place, and make intercessions for him. Then the man shall rise again."
And then, Job, being a prophet, got in the Spirit; the thunders begin to roll, the lightnings flashed. Job stood on his feet, and said, "I know my redeemer liveth, and at the last days He will stand upon the earth: though the skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God."
He knew there was coming forth a day of resurrection. "In the last days," plural (See?), last two thousand years, "my redeemer shall stand upon the earth."

E-31 No wonder David cried out, "My flesh shall rest in hope, because He will not suffer my Holy One to see corruption, neither will He leave His soul in hell."
All back there, all pointing to Calvary. Then, in Jesus lays the complete of salvation, the complete of Divine healing, a… If there is no Divine healing now, there is no resurrection of the dead. Oh, I'd like for you to wade over that. That's right. We have the firstfruits of our inheritance (is that right?), the earnest of our salvation. Is that right?
The little touch that we have, when I walk up there to that screen, awhile ago, and they were screaming, and praising God, and the Holy Spirit falling, and tears rolling down cheeks, when he was singing, "All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name." When I stood this morning, and heard that little duet this morning, sing that beautiful hymn, I suppose they sang it again tonight. And the Christians there, them old veterans that was beaten in war, and the tears rolling down their cheeks, what was it? It was the earnest of their salvation. The Holy Spirit there, of–of earnest, of… The earnest is the down payment, just what… something to hold it.

E-32 Then there is a proof. Yes, sir. When that comes upon us, it takes the desire of sin out of us. We have no more desire to sin: the worshipper once purged. Then someday when that becomes perfect, what will it be when we stand and hear the Angelic choir, sing, "All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name"? What will it be on the other side? See what I mean? Now, then if Divine healing is the earnest of our redeemed bodies…
Here lays a woman dying with cancer. Our physicians, our earthly doctors walk up to her, and say, "There's–there's nothing could be done."
I could bring you record, after record where they were on the dead list, supposed to been dead three or four years ago, and tonight they can't find a trace of cancer or nothing. What happened? The doctor says, "I just don't know. I don't know what happened."

E-33 The earnest of our redeemed body… And if God can reach down, and take a cancer-ridden, like Miss Florence Nightingale, in my book there, you who've seen it, the great-granddaughter of the Florence Nightingale, the founder of the Red Cross. If God can reach down to that poor, wretched mortal, laying there, that couldn't even raise her hands, to shake hands, and couldn't speak till I could hear her. And put her to a hundred and fifty-five pounds in perfect health… That's the earnest of our resurrected body.
Some of these days, my body may not be but a spoonful of ashes, but God shall send Jesus Christ, and all those other dead in Christ shall rise and come forth with Him, made in His likeness. Don't you believe that? What is it? Prayer.

E-34 Now, these men who had scorned, and had kinda made fun of Job, God said to them, "You go take an offering and go down to Job, my righteous servant. I won't hear you, because you got too much folly. You haven't stood for truth. You haven't did what's right. Therefore, you take a burnt offering, and go down and offer a sacrifice, and ask my servant Job to pray for you, for I will hear him."
There you are. Prayer changes things, doesn't it? "Go ask my servant Job, and let him pray for you, one that's been through the tests, one that I've found favor in, one that I've blessed."
Now, if your… If you got a good, godly pastor, and you're sick and–and the doctor can do nothing for you, go get that godly pastor to come to the house, and say, "Now, dear God, here–here's my elder. Here is–here's my pastor. I know he's a good, godly man. I'm going to kneel with him here the side of my baby. I ask you, dear Lord, to have mercy." Something's got to take place. That's all. See?
"My servant Job will pray for you."

E-35 Yet they were religious men; they were believers. But Job had to pray for them. Prayer, "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." You believing? Here I get started talking, and talk too long. Let's bow our heads.
Dear Lord, the hour is growing close now, and I–I just don't know what about these evidences has come in from the meeting, last evening. What would you have me do tonight, Lord? I stand here, not knowing now, which way to go, not knowing whether, or which way to turn, but Thou will lead, O God. I just commit it to You.
And these people are sincere that are sitting out here in this hot building now, fanning, knowing that just two more nights, according to the schedule, then we must separate for awhile, many of us: some of us, until we meet Thee. Then we've got to come up there, stand in Your Presence. God, be merciful.
You know what struck my heart tonight, as I looked in the door there, or that curtain, and seen them poor people laying there, sick, fanning, hot, and think they are here for one purpose: to try to find help from You. O God, I pray just now, just at this very moment, Lord…
I've tried to find favor with You, Lord, in ever way that I know how. I love You. I love You, Lord, with… If I know my heart, I love You with all my heart. You're before my wife, before my children, before anything. You are first in my life. Thou knowest that. Not only me here tonight, but there's hundreds of others setting here in the same way.

E-36 God, how happy we would be, if You'd just now… I know You've already done the healing, if You could just give them a little extra push tonight, as it was, just push them into the pool while it's troubled, Lord. Grant it. And maybe that same Angel that whirled down from the skies and troubled that water, maybe that's the same One that comes night after night. I do not know; Thou knowest. But the Bible said it was an Angel, I believe it. And I pray, Father, that while the waters will be stirred tonight, troubled, choppy, people raising up here, looking at that, screaming out, may every one, the Angel of God just spread His great wings, as it were, around this building tonight, and push every one right into the pool. And may there come a perfect healing tonight, healing of soul and body, through this building. May there not be a feeble one, Lord, left. I know, according to Your Word, Lord, is all I have to go by, and with my… all that I know how to believe. I believe that You have already paid for every person in here to be well. I believe that our Lord Jesus, Thy Son, did that at Calvary.
And He said, "All things are possible, if you just believe. When you pray, believe you receive what you ask for and, you shall have it."
And then, besides all that, sending the witness of the Holy Spirit, You sent back to us gifts, and signs, and wonders, that would still cause us to know. When the world, and You know the educators would get a hold of the Bible, and their cold, ecclesiastical ways would cut it around, and explain this out, and that out.

E-37 Like Balaam, like Cain, of old, offering his sacrifice, and making an altar, and worshipping You, but not in the provided way, without blood. He was refused, rejected. And that same spirit lives on down through his children.
But Abel, the just one, not so pretty, the altar is not so decorated, but come in the provided way, God's provided way, leading a lamb, a substitute, an innocent one to take a guilty one's place.

E-38 Father, we believe that You led Jesus to Calvary. He was born in a barn. Why the Prince of glory born in a barn? He was a lamb. Lambs are not born in beds; they're born in stables. And they led Him to Calvary. They led Him up there, just like Abel with a grapevine around the lamb's neck, led up to the rock. And there, as a sin offering for soul and body, He was made… It bruised Him, and mashed Him, and beat Him.
And there He gave the Spirit into the hands of the Father, and the temple veil rent from top to bottom; a earthquake happened. They buried Him. On the third day, that morning star… After all the birds hushed singing as Mary and Martha walking up the hill, wondering who to roll away the stone. Then all of a sudden, here come an Angel as a light, streaking down from the heavens, and the stone was rolled away. He came forth. And many of those who slept in the dust of the earth, the saints rose and came out of the graves, and entered into the city, meeting some of the old friends before going up. Oh, what a time, the firstfruits, the earnest…

E-39 Now, God help us tonight to believe. Help us to lay aside every shadowy weight, and just move right in now with perfect virgin, unadulterated faith, Lord, and be healed, every one. For we ask it in His Name. Amen.
[–Ed.] I believe that you are a–a Christian, or your sins under the Blood. And I… If it wasn't, in His Presence now it would be different. See? I'd say, "Now, there's something wrong, somewhere." But no doubt, but what you're a sincere believer. And now, I'm your brother. I–I know nothing about you, never seen you in my life. I couldn't know one thing about you; it's all just has to be come down from God.

E-40 Now, the reason that I believe that He will, is because gifts and callings are without repentance. See? God gives the gifts. He won't take that away, but if I use it wrong, then He will deal with me for it. See? Now, that's the reason I'm trying to just say all that I can, and you hear me bragging on Jesus, always about Jesus. Jesus always, never myself, it's Jesus. You see? It's Him, it's Him, it's Him. I have nothing to do with it. I'm just His mouthpiece.
Just as if the president of the United States would make me an ambassador to Germany. See? My words then, in Germany, would be just exactly what the president told me to say. And if I said them, what he told me to say, then everything that's in the United States is behind them words. Is that right? Is that right, audience? He will have to back up, if I'm an ambassador.

E-41 Then if I be a minister sent from God, as this, and what I pronounce here, and if it be coming from God, everything that's in heaven is to back that Word up. Is that right? Because it's giving right straight, fresh off of the throne, to say what it is, and to do about it. Is that right?
Now, if that was at my leisure, you know what I'd do now? If that was at my leisure, to do with just… in my hand, to do whatever I could, I'd walk right down. I'd see… I'd say, "How many people here has got heart trouble?" I'd bring all them up first, and heal every one of them. Then I'd say, "Bring all the TB up, and all the cancers up, they're going to die first." Then I'd look around see these people crippled; I'd say, "They want to get up and walk around." Though they may live a normal life. They may live for years, and years being crippled, but them heart troubles is going to die right away, if something isn't done. See? Cancer and so forth, they're eat up, and gone. So, get them. Then the next, I'd go down, and get all these crippled people, I'd heal every one of them. Wouldn't that be wonderful? But it's not for me to do. See? I can't do it. Now, the only thing I can do, is to make you believe, and–or try my best to get you to believe in the Lord Jesus.

E-42 I've talked a long time to you, because that I'm waiting to… I seen there's someone setting right behind you there, it's breaking in. If you would turn like this, just a little bit better, it would be better. See? Human beings, each one is possessed with a spirit. See? And–and then, your spirit and my spirit… Then if I have an anointing of a different spirit, anointing here of the Holy Spirit, which is a gift of God, coming from God, to do something for you, and in you would happen to be an evil one, like a cancer, or tumor, or some growth, something that's got life in it besides your life, well then, them two goes to dueling. You see? One will say, "You'll have to come."
The other one say, "Don't you believe it."
The other one say, "He will have to come."
The other one say, "Don't believe it."

E-43 See? And I'm talking to you, just to see what takes place. Then when it happened, there it is. You see? It depends on your faith, and what I'm speaking of Jesus Christ. See? That's… see the story?
Now, wouldn't you like to go home, and eat again, and have a good, sound meal? That stomach's bothered you so long, hasn't it? Isn't that right? Now, you go ahead, and do what you want to. And God bless you…?… Amen. Let's say, "Praise be to God!" Everybody be reverent.
Now, I say this with all my heart. While speaking to the little lady, 'fore I forget the vision, what it was: poor little woman's had a time. And there was more wrong with the woman than what she thought there was. See? But she did have a stomach trouble, which she's a nervous; she's an upset person. And she's one of those people that always has got in her mind, something way back there she's thinking about all the time. Isn't that about your nature, lady? And you've been suffering other things too. See? And I just didn't want to say it, but with all my heart and soul, woman, I believe you'll never suffer no more. You're going to get well. See? I believe it.

E-44 Now, you come, lady, and stand right around this a way, if you will, so I can talk to you just a moment. Now, do you believe these things that I have said? Do you believe it to be truly sent from God? Do you, with all your heart, you believe that? Well, I–I'm happy that you do, for I can only say… Now, the only thing that I could do, was just be see what was wrong with you. See? Just like, or–or, if it was in the line of sin, I might be able to know that. And if you've confessed it, well, probably I… It's under the Blood then (You see?), and that's done.
He, when you confess a sin, He puts it in the sea of forgetfulness, to remember it against you no more. It's just… Did you–you know what this bleach is, that you use for your washing, clorox, ever what it is? Well, you take just one drop of ink, and drop it into that tub of bleach, what would happen to that drop of ink? You couldn't find it, could you? It would just–it would just be bleach. Is that right?

E-45 Well that's the way sin does when it hits the Blood of Jesus Christ. It's just no more. He don't know what happens to it. It's… You couldn't get it out of there if you had to any more, she's just done. That's right.
Color, there's color of black ink, but it ain't black no more. See? It's gone. The black has become white, and the black is gone somewhere, and you don't know where it's went. Is that right? That's the way sin is.
Now, if you will accept Jesus as your Healer, that heart trouble that you've been suffering with will be just as the ink was when he hit the water. Do you do it? All right. You had a smothering heart, blockage of the heart. Is that right. And now, it's been causing you trouble for some time.

E-46 But now, you go on your road, and sister, in the Name of our Master, Jesus Christ, Who has sent His Angel to vindicate these things, that I, His servant, speak the truth, may He bless you. In Christ Jesus' Name. Amen. Now, go believing, sister, and be over the rest of your…?… All right…?… sir.
Now, you believe with all your heart, sir? I believe you do, sir. And now, you had the same thing she has, all right. But do you believe He's healed you now? All right, sir. Then in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, may you go off this platform and get sound and well. Amen. God bless you. Let's say, "Praise be to God."

E-47 Those heart troubles, a pressure moving, heart trouble, heart trouble, everywhere. Here, just a moment. What made you jump then? You have heart trouble, too, or you did have. Isn't that right? The little lady, sit… isn't that true? Stand upon your feet. Yes, you with the white hat on, you the one suffering with heart trouble. Isn't that right? All right, you're healed, so is she.
And the lady setting next to you there with cancer, she can get healed too, if she'll just raise up and believe it. Do you believe it? Do you believe the cancer leaves you? You do? If you do, raise up your hand. All right. You can go home also. God bless you. Go on your road, rejoicing.
Now, here He is. Oh, what could happen; what will happen! That lays within you, not within me; within you!

E-48 Howdy do, sir. God bless you, Reverend. How you getting along? All right. Yes, sir, you want to be well? Well, in the Name of Jesus Christ, receive your healing. God bless you. Go eat now what you wish to. All right. Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
Do you believe with all your heart? God bless you, mother. That's the way. Come, go in, right off the platform, saying, "Thank you, Jesus, for healing me."
Lord Jesus, as these poor, old mothers come, their lives battered down, their suitcases packed, ready to cross the river, God, bless them, and make their days happy. In Jesus' Name, heal this woman. Amen. God bless you, mother. Go on your road, rejoicing, happy, believing with all your heart.

E-49 All right, sister. Do you believe? With all your heart? Would you like to walk real close to Him, love Him with all your heart? Do you believe He'd make your eyes get well, then? He will. All right, sir, you shall have it.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, God, grant to this woman, the desire of her heart, for it's for Your glory I ask it. Amen.
God bless you. Go, believing now. Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."–Ed.]
Thanks be to God. Praise God. You could be healed of that rupture, if you would just believe it with all your heart, sir. Do you believe it? Then stand up, and say, "I accept my healing now." All right, that's good. Thank you, brother. That's the way to do it. Yeah.

E-50 What's the matter, your wife there, moving around? Look over this way, sister. You believe with your heart too? Like to get over that arthritis? You like to be made well? If you would, stand up on your feet then, say, "I accept my healing now, in the Name of Jesus Christ." That's the way to do it.
You also, sister, go off the platform, saying, "Thank you, Jesus," and made–made well. Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."–Ed.]
All right, let's bow our heads, just a moment. Father, in heaven, heal this woman, and make her completely well.
Satan, leave her. I say, in Jesus Christ's Name, come from the woman.
You believe? Believe He makes you well now? Hear me all right? Can you hear me now? All right. And you are healed. You can go off the platform and be made well. Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God!"–Ed.]

E-51 Oh, my, how I just see them people out there, just seems like it becomes a mass to me. And how that I think that Satan just… oh, if I could just break that spirit above you right now. That's all, Satan waving his black wings around there, trying his best to get you to keep from you believing. If there's some way that that could move away, then there would be nothing between you and the glory land of God, which would fall upon you and heal every person here. Believe with all your heart.
All right, a little boy. Well, God bless your little heart. Howdy do, sonny boy. Ah, glad to meet you. Now, this is just a lad. Now, he doesn't understand what these things are. So, let's talk to him just a minute. Now, laddie boy, do–do you believe that when Jesus was here on earth… You go to Sunday school? You do. You like to go to Sunday school. You like to read about Jesus? Now, when Jesus was here on earth, and–and He'd picked up little fellows like you, and He'd put His hands on them and bless them. And He said, "Suffer little children to come to Me, forbid them not: for such is the Kingdom." See?

E-52 Now, if He was here tonight, and was down here in Hammond, somewhere, and, why, you'd go to Him, and He'd lay His hands upon you, and–and you'd get well (See?), now, because He would be Jesus. Now, He has–He's gone up to His Father's house, up in glory. And He sets up there, at the right hand of His Father, tonight, on His Father's throne, to make intercessions for us. Maybe you don't… in–in other wise, when we pray, or ask Him anything, He stands before the Father and shows the Blood. "Father, I–I died for that purpose." See? And then, they, then it happens.
Now, if He was here, here's one thing that He went up there, but He sent back the Holy Spirit. See? And the Holy Spirit is here tonight. And He sent me, His servant, to help you. Do you believe that? You do. I know you do.

E-53 Now, look. I don't know you, little fellow, do I? I–I never seen you. But now, if–if I was standing here as God's prophet, and would–would speak to you, and tell you something about your life, that–that you know about, then you'd–you'd believe, wouldn't you? Now, look. Sometime ago in a room where you was, you choke up, you can't hardy breathe. You've got asthma. Isn't that right? Isn't that right? At nighttime, a lot of times, you have trouble with breathing. Isn't that right? And the light in the room, sometimes it… When you get choked up, they come talk to you, and work with you. That's… See, that's asthma is what's bothered you. Is that true? All right. Now, you come here, honey.

E-54 Dear God, as this dear little, Ethiopian boy standing here, and I hug him up to my bosom. I love these little boys, Lord. And I pray that in the Name of Your Son Jesus, as this tender little boy, that'll have to go through life with that asthma, O God, a poor boy, would have to work for his living. And, oh, what a disadvantage it would be. Now, God, I pray tonight that You'll heal him of this condition. Take it away from him, and anoint him, and make him a preacher, Lord, to stand in the pulpit, to preach the Gospel. I pray this prayer of faith, through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, little lad.
What's going to happen now? Going to get well? All right. God bless you. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord!"–Ed.]

E-55 God bless you, sister. Do you believe too? Our heavenly Father, I ask You to be merciful to the woman, knowing that only You can heal her, so I pray that You'll grant it, and make her well, in the Name of Jesus, Thy Son. Amen.
Now, do you believe like that little boy believed? All right. Go, rejoicing and happy. Write your testimony out, letting me know what–what happened to you.
All right, lady. Do you believe with all your heart, if I should ask the Lord Jesus, He would make you well? All right, come here.
Dear Jesus, here is a woman standing here. She's in need. Thou knowest it, knows all things. And as Your servant, I ask tonight, as Your Holy Spirit is in the building, anointing, and giving these wonderful things: the great signs just before the judgment, as You promised would come. And as holding her hand, I ask, Lord, that You heal her. And may she return tonight, happy, joyful, praising God, and be made well, through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Now, go believing with all your heart, saying, "Thank you, Lord."
All right. Let the lady come now.

E-56 Excuse me just a moment. You like that word? Isn't it wonderful? He is wonderful. There's something wrong with this woman, and it's calling for mercy. See? And there's somebody, and I don't know what it is, so just a moment. Every one be reverent. I want to talk to you just a moment. You stand back in this way, if you will. [–Ed.]
Oh, here it is. You have cancer, sir. You have cancer. So do you. Isn't that right? Yes. She had cancer. That's right. Lady, you can't live without God; neither can you. Every person has cancer, stand to your feet. Are you ready to be healed? Are you? Are you ready to rise from that cot…?… go home, and be made well? All right. In the Name of Jesus Christ, get up, go home…?… Rise up and walk, in the Name of the Lord Jesus…?… In the Name of the Lord Jesus…?… go home and be made well..?… go home and get well. Almighty God, in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, I rebuke every demon power. Come out…?… principalities. Come out of these people.

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