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This Message by Brother William Marrion Branham called Exhortation On Healing was delivered on Tuesday, 1st May 1951 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
The tape, number 51-0501, is not available any more.

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E-1 [Brother Hall speaks and introduces Brother Branham–Ed.] God bless you. Good evening, friends. I'm very happy to be back in California again tonight with you people again. Thank you very much. [The congregation applauds–Ed.] Thank you kindly, and God bless you. I appreciate that.
And it was quite a struggle this time a-coming back, not to come back to you, but under the circumstances now, it was kindly hard for me to get in, but I wanted to live true to my promise that I had promised you people.
Being another meeting in the city, Mr. Freeman's meeting, and I knew nothing of it. And I was asked to cancel this meeting because of it. And after I had promised you I'd come back, I–I couldn't do that; I hope it doesn't hurt Brother Freeman…?… [The congregation applauds. A brother makes a statement concerning the meeting–Ed.] No, no, it wasn't. It was…

E-2 I believe someone is… I know what is the place before it gets here; it's my birthplace, isn't it? Well, God bless you, sister. Are you the same lady that drawed the other? The same? You bring… What is your name? [Sister says, "Lujack."–Ed.] Lujack, it'll hang loveliest, in my room. I thank you so much. Thank you, sister, very much. God bless our sister. It's of my birthplace, she painted it. Amen. She painted it. Oh, my.
Forty-two years ago, the sixth day of April, that's where God gave me my life on this earth, beginning at that place, in this little cabin here near Burkesville, Kentucky. And she's probably got the picture out of the book and painted it. And I certainly appreciate someone like that. Thank you very much, sister. God bless you. And may God have you a palace to live in when you cross the river on the other side, sister, is my prayer. I shall take this home, and it'll always be a treasure of mine as long as I live. I'll remember this memorial came from here. God bless you, sister.

E-3 [A brother says something to Brother Branham–Ed.] You want one of those pictures too? That's the–Mr. Upshaw the–the Congressman that was healed.
Now, this is on canvas, and it lasts on and on. And she gave me one the last time I was here of the Bible and the–and the hour. And I have it hanging in my room where all the sick that visit me comes to look at it like that. And I certainly appreciate that so much. I expect I have to take that down to my home place and show them down there and say it come from California.

E-4 Well, this is the beginning of another meeting, and I trust will even be a greater meeting than the other one was because of His glory. And I'm so happy to be here with you all again tonight. You won a place in my heart that–that'll always be. I thank you very much for your kindness.
And now, we do not wish to be doubling a meeting here. And I was speaking of Brother Freeman's meeting. I–I've never met Brother Freeman, no doubt a real Christian gentleman. And I didn't know nothing about his meeting coming. And I just got a letter a few days ago just before–the day before I started out here, something about asking us if we could cancel this meeting.
I set down, and I thought it over. And I thought, "Well, I promised those people I would be back. And if there's just… If I just spend few days, I'll keep my promise to someone who's kept their promise to me." And I–I appreciate your loyalty.

E-5 And may God bless our Brother Freeman, give him a great meeting while he's in the city. And I know he's up against a whole lot by having a tent up and so forth. And I'll just do anything that I can to help his meeting along, for I–I love the brother and all our brethren that's out preaching the Gospel and trying to help get somebody in better health or–or get their soul right with God. There's nothing any greater than that, to try to help somebody along.
And we trust that this–that our meeting won't interfere anything with Brother Freeman. And now, we are–start our regular services tonight. And we are–just don't have any set time. We're going on just as long as we can.

E-6 I've got to go to Grant's Pass and then back over in another part of California. And then we go to Des Moines, Iowa, Sioux Falls, and from there to Cleve–Toledo, and then to Erie. And then I follow Billy Graham at Memphis, and–and then I guess from there to Shreveport, and then to Southern Rhodesia, Africa, and then up into India, and back to Jerusalem, and then back home again around Christmas if the good Lord is willing.
I don't know; He may be here before that time. And I… We all want to meet up there (Don't we?), up in the air when we go up to meet Him in glory. And that's the great event that we're all looking for, isn't it? And you're… That's when we'll get together and have each so much time, that… We'll just have all eternity. We're in–in time now, but we'll soon go into eternity and then it'll be over for time space.

E-7 Now, most all of you were in the other meeting, I suppose, and I–I trust that you understand the–the operation of the way I have to pray for people. [A brother says, "A lot of new ones, Brother Branham."–Ed.] A lot of new people… That–that's… How many people that has never been in my meetings before, let's see your hands? Oh, my. That's–that's fine.
Thank you for coming tonight, and I trust that our heavenly Father will do you good while you're here, that He'll do something for you that you'll love Him a little more than what you do now. And I trust that He will do that, and if my praying and asking Him will do it, well, I–I–I'm sure you'll get a blessing.
Now, many of you has attended healing services, and many of our brethren have different ways to conduct them, and that's the way, perhaps, the Lord has told them to do it. And I–I have to conduct it in the way that the Lord has told me to conduct it. You see? And I'm…

E-8 Just had a lovely meeting at Phoenix about three weeks ago, and I come through there yesterday, day before yesterday, and was at one of the churches that while passing through, and my, the people are still being healed.
And there was a lady had come that had a–a great goiter on her throat, and she'd gotten two or three prayer cards, but never had gotten in that meeting, in the prayer line to be prayed for. And but she was just believing anyhow. And one morning she'd gotten up and was doing something… Now, the lady may be setting present now for all I know, that was… And she felt something cool go through her, that she said, and the goiter had disappeared. There was no more of it at all, and it's…

E-9 I–I know this, dear Christian, friends, that it's a noted fact that–that God is our Healer, and there's nothing that any man could do. And now, there may be some of you here from different churches that's–that's not full Gospel churches. Perhaps may be some of you are from churches who maybe doesn't practice Divine healing. If–if you are, I would just like to say these words to you, that we do not claim to have any powers to heal anyone, and no one has power to heal anyone. See?
Healing is already purchased at Calvary. The only thing that we try to do is point the people to their redemptive blessings. See? Jesus redeemed us from our sickness when He died, and He redeemed us from our sins when He died. And it's… The work is complete. The thing we have to do is to accept it.

E-10 Now, we know many brethren has different ways. The main principal way of Divine healing is preaching the Word, so people could hear. Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing of the Word. And they preach Divine healing and prove it by the Scriptures that Jesus Christ died for our sickness when He died for our sins. And that is true. I believe that's undisputable with Bible scholars, that–that Jesus, when He come to destroy the works of the devil, He–that sickness is directly the work of the devil. It–it…
We can't pin evil things on our heavenly Father, because evil can't come out of good. It–it has to… Good comes from good. And God is all good. There's nothing evil about our heavenly Father. And He's all good and Satan is the enemy.

E-11 Now, sometimes, I will admit this, that our heavenly Father sometimes chastens us with sickness, permitting Satan to do it, to try us sometimes to–to bring us back. If we go out of the way, then our heavenly Father might let something happen to us to bring us back. But it'll only be for the good. See? The chastening of our Father is not pleasant for a season, but finally it brings… All things work together for good to them that love the Lord. And if I was way away from God and out of the will of our heavenly Father, why, if God would just… That He could do something for me and–and help me to come back, why, I would appreciate our heavenly Father, wouldn't you?

E-12 Now, this being the first night, I just want to talk just a little while to you till we get ourselves mainly in the… [–Ed.]… as well in our churches, we know that. And then there's in Divine healing the full Gospel people, oh, I've seen many of them, being that this is a full Gospel church… Many times, I guess, that–that I'm no judge, but many times people maybe act like they just got the Holy Spirit, when really they haven't got It, because their–their life doesn't prove it. You see? That… It just isn't there. And they may shout like the rest of them, and they may make demonstrations like the rest of them, but if they don't live the life to back that up, then it's–it's not right. You see? It–it proves it.

E-13 And someone ask me not long ago on that question. "Brother Branham, do you really think that they are shouting under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit?"
I say, "Yes."
You'd say, "Well, how could the Holy Spirit fall upon them, if it–and make them shout if they aren't the blessed of God?"
Well, I believe Jesus, in Hebrews the 6th chapter, said that the rain come oft upon the earth to–to prepare it, to bless it and so forth. But in the field the sower went forth and sowed seeds and they were good seeds, but an enemy sowed thistles and thorns and so forth behind it, and when the rain fell upon a wheat field, why, it waters the thistles and thorns just the same as it does the rest of them. That's right. It's the same unction of the Holy Spirit.
Sinners sometimes gets happy and free, but that still doesn't mean they're saved. You have to be borned again to be saved.

E-14 Now, when the… Now, Jesus said let them grow together and at that day, as He spoke here in Hebrews 6, that the thorns and thistles which was in the wheat field would be gathered and burned (See?), to the judgment. But the–the fruit, of course, we're known by our fruit, the way we live.
And now, the same thing is by Divine healing. Now, many brethren or–have a way that they probably lay hands on the sick, or I seen some of them shake them, and some of them put their hands on them they'd fall down on the floor, and they'd–and–and different ways like that. I–I do not know. I–I cannot say. That God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform, and God is working, as long as the people are getting healed and they're pointed to Jesus Christ, amen. See?
Now, here not long ago, I seen that a brother was stomping his foot real hard trying to make a demon go out. Now, I don't believe you could scare him. I–I don't believe you could. No, he… When… I don't believe we… The thing we have to do, if I can get you audience to see this right now, that's… To be healed is just as sound and solid as the faith in God that does the healing. See? And you must be built first upon the Word of God, 'cause when the storms come, it'll never move from there. It'll stay there.

E-15 If you know first that Jesus Christ taught Divine healing and give it an issue to His church to practice it until He returned, then you'll see that it is. He said, "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel. These signs shall follow them that believe." Why? "If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover."
Now, that's–that's His last words. He was taken up into heaven. "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel." And the Gospel never come by word only, but through power and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit. You see? So it's to demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, each one us, now, by the acting upon our faith in God for Divine healing. So then… And other things, redemptive blessings…
So now, all the things that's–that's done is the people to believe God's report of it and believe it.

E-16 Now, I–I think if you dear people will bear with me on this just for a moment, that when our Master, when the–the demon of–or from Gadara there, when he came out, this demenic–demoniac came out and saw Him, He… There wasn't no demonstration. This demon knew Him. He said, "We know who you are, the Holy One of God. (You see?) Why comest Thou to torment us before our time come?" They recognized that still faith that He had, like virtue going from Him. See?
And the woman touched the hem of His garment; He felt the virtue leave Him. Now, see, it's a–it's of faith just as sane and solid as it can be, to look at the Lord Jesus and believe it with all your heart, accept your healing and be made well. See?

E-17 Now, I realize when a person's healed… Oh, I've seen them scream and praise the Lord. I did too, when I was healed. I certainly still screaming and praising the Lord about it, because it was really something to me. And now, I want you all to–to do that. When God heals you, be happy and testify and praise the Lord for it. Just keep in the… And one thing is stop fearing. Oh, the… When Jesus rose from the dead, He said, "Fear not. I have overcome." See? It's…

E-18 Everything is don't fear; be ready now when you're called up here or when you're setting in the prayer lines out there… All that's the prayer line. And when you're setting there just be ready to receive. Just be ready. And just when you feel that your faith is appropriated or not–enough to receive it, say, "Thank you, Lord." And that settles it. That's all. That… You received it.
Don't you believe you can be saved right–without coming to an altar? It's routine to come to the altar, but you don't have to be. You can be saved because you believe. You can be healed because you believe. See?

E-19 And remember, that no man has any power to heal anyone. And no matter how much you believe that virtue goes out of your hands and arms or whatever. It's not that, because Jesus has already done that. When He died at Calvary, He redeemed you from your sickness. That's right. And you have to accept it. It's a faith that you have in that that does the healing. Now, that's inquestionable too, because we've got thousand times thousand of evidences to prove that–that lame, blind, halt, and everything…
Look setting here at the senator, Mr. Upshaw, tonight standing here that was a cripple for all these years, sixty-six years. Look at him tonight (See?), up like a little child, so full of glee he run up and shook my hands and hug me when I come in. Why, he was all… Now, that's the proof for one thing, isn't it? And others who has been blind and death and dumb…
Now, we know that the redemptive blessings included Divine healing, so let's believe it with all our hearts.

E-20 Now, the way that the blessing that comes through this… The Angel of the Lord, and Who's servant I am, when I was a little boy born in that little log cabin forty-two years ago the sixth day of April according to the Kentucky count… That's the… They have no… There's no doctors, so they just… My… The year the old snag blowed away upon the hill, that's the year that I was born. My brother was born at tomato picking time, if you know when that was. Why… And so that–that was the count, and… That's awful to say that, but it's true. And… But that's the way it was. So I suppose I'm somewhere along there.
So then at that time… To the only way that I can justly say it, that–that God has sent some of us in the world, some to be teachers, and some different things. Don't you believe that? And–and some of us be musicians and different things.

E-21 And my coming into the world for the purpose, that I just found recently in the last five years, was to pray for sick people. Now, He told me that when He sent me… A supernatural Being… God in heaven is my Father and He'll bear record of what I say if it's the truth. God will always do that. He'll bear record of the truth.
Now, I could come here and tell you that God was in a certain-certain thing. Well, any man can say anything he wants to. But now, for a man to say anything is one thing, and then for God to–to verify that, it's something different. That–that's–that's different altogether.

E-22 And now, I… The only thing that He told me, if I'd pray for the sick people, and get them to believe me, be sincere when I pray, that no disease would stand before my prayer. Now, that's true.
Now, that doesn't mean that my prayer has anything to do with it; it's the people's faith. He's always had an object somewhere for people to look at or something or some… Look, the brass serpent… Why would He have that brass serpent there, as some…?… The woo–the water on the pool of Bethesda, why was that water? Why they's no virtue in it? It was just something for the people to do to step in.

E-23 Jesus went and spit on some mud and made a little cake and put it on a man's eyes. He didn't have to do that. Do you believe that?
He…?… another man's ears and spit and touched His tongue. And He had… He didn't have to do that. It was for some symbol. Is that right?
Naaman was suppose to dip seven times in the Jordan. Why, he didn't have to do that. It was just a symbol that the prophet give him to do, something to do. And God sends some of us forth to do certain things. And then we see that God has proved what He said He was to that person, and then God testifies the thing the person testified of. That makes it truth, and then we believe it and get well. See what I mean? And I was suppose to pray for sick people.

E-24 And I noticed when I was just a young Baptist preacher, why, my, the people would come up in our congregation; we'd pray for them; they'd get well. Now, I didn't know nothing about any gifts of healings and so forth. And I went out to the hospital, and I used to go in out there, and the nurse when they'd see me come in, say, "Well, you'll get well now. Here comes that preacher to pray for you."
Well, I didn't know nothing about Divine healing, but when He met me and declared that I was born to do that, I still questioned about going out and meeting the public, say, like this. And then He told me… I said, "Sir, they will not believe me, because," I said, "I am uneducated and I'm not qualified for–to do that."
And He said, "I'll be with you."

E-25 Now, He–He was a Man. Now, He… How many's heard the story of it? How many has not heard the story of it? Let's see. And well, it–it was the… Just briefly to those quickly…
There when I was born in this little cabin, which the writer of this book has the book back there at the desk, has all been tested down through critics and everything before we could publish it and so forth. That morning when I was born down there in this little cabin, He… A white Light, about the size of a, oh, I guess about like a pan or a little larger about like a, oh, something that I imagine about that shape, came down over the bed about a minute or so after the midwife had laid me in my mother's arms. And the–the little old window there, as you can see there's no glass. They just shove the window out and–little old door like. And there It come in… In a little old bed in the corner, a straw mattress, and shuck pillow… And the people of the mountain country didn't know what It was, what happened. They all started weeping.

E-26 Later on when I was about three years old, I remember hearing a voice speak to me and tell me that I would live near a city called New Albany, and I live in three miles of New Albany. I've lived there all my life. And I was living in Kentucky then. This was two hundred miles farther north.
And then at seven years old, while I was packing water in a little molasses bucket, why, it was a Voice spoke out of a bush in a whirlwind, and told me never to drink or to smoke or to defile my body in any way that there'd be a work for me to do when I got older.
Then He started immediately after that to moving upon me; It'd show me things that was going to come.

E-27 I was raised in a home that was sinful. My father and mother, their people before them are Catholic. And my father and mother married out of the church, and they had no religion at all. And I never was in church till I was a young man, about twenty years old, twenty-five. That's horrible to say that, but down through life I didn't smoke or drink or so forth. And always It would meet me and tell me different things that was going to happen.
Then when I become a minister, it got worse. And then I received the Holy Spirit, it just kept going on. And then later on, why, He met me, and It–It was a Man. I was setting in…?… of a room in a little cabin where I used to hunt at, and I was praying. And I seen the Light come in the room. It appeared visible. They have It on pictures back there that was taken, and scientifically proven and all that… It's been through the critics and everything. Then they–they brought into the–the government affair, and checked it and so forth. And when this comes…

E-28 It comes in the meetings, many times while we're having the meetings, just like this right here now. And so this time, when It came, I just seen a Light shining on the floor, and It come across the floor walking to me, a Man some two hundred pounds, dressed in a white robe, had dark hair to His shoulder, very pleasant sort of a Man, and I could not move; I was just shaking so. And He…
I heard His voice, oh, ever since I was a little boy, but I'd never seen nothing but a whirlwind and different–and a–a Pillar of Fire like. And now, when He got real close to me, the Man then when He spoke, He said, "Do not fear."
I knew It was the same Man, that same Voice that talked to me since I was a little boy. And He said, "I am sent from the Presence of Almighty God to tell you that your peculiar birth and life has been to indicate that you're to pray for sick people to take this to all the world." And said, "If you'll be sincere when you pray, and will get the people to believe you, nothing shall stand before your prayer. For this cause you was born."

E-29 Now, I can only be honest. You see? That's what I've always tried to be: honest and–with my people, with God's people, my friends.
And I–I said, "Well, Sir, I'm born and raised in a poor family." And I said, "I'm uneducated and I–I–I couldn't go."
He said, "I'll be with you."
And I said, "Oh, I'm… They wouldn't believe me."
He said, "As the prophet Moses was given two signs to a-vindicate his ministry (He'd sent him to Israel, you know, to deliver Israel.)," said, "so would you be given two signs." Said, "One of them will be, that you'll take people by the hand, knowing nothing of what's wrong with them, and tell them what's wrong." Said, "Then if you'll be–if you'll be reverent," and said, "it'll come to pass later that you'll know the very secret of their heart." And He said, "If you would question of this…"

E-30 If I sent the Spirit that our Master said that was upon Him would be upon His people. See, see? And when He told Philip, when He came to Nathaniel, He said, "I seen you…"
Said, "When did You know me?"
He said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree." See, see?
He said–He said then to the woman at the well of Samaria, a Samarian woman–Samaritan, rather. He said, "Go get your husband."
She said, "I have none."
He said, "You've had five."
Now, Jesus said, "These things that I do, shall you also. (See?) Greater than this shall you do (or more), for I go to My Father."

E-31 That's how our brother Senator here was healed. When I was standing here looking at him out there over the audience, I seen a–a bench come down and right over, kinda this way from that clock, I suppose, be north. Right in here I seen a bench and I seen a man there, and I seen the people applauding him. I seen him with a big kind of a collar on. I seen a young man fall on a hay rack or something there and hurt his back, begin to talk to my… And there It went. And I looked down, and I found the man. He was setting back in the audience there in a wheelchair, but I didn't get it just right. I didn't see him healed. I didn't say nothing about it.
Already while I was standing here, already seen two people healed right here in the meeting tonight (That's right.), standing right here now. Oh, I know they're healed right now. That's right. And it's… I noticed it.
And then when I was leaving the platform, I told my manager, Mr. Baxter, about it and that was–which was managing the meetings at that time. And the… When I went out then I seen Mr. Upshaw healed and happy. And I told Mr… I seen there it was. And here he is. He's well.

E-32 And I can only see… Now, the first time… How many remembers before when that part of the–of the operation of the Spirit of God that come upon I, His humble servant? You remember when a gift, could show the people by the–holding my hand and knowing what was… You remember that part? Do you remember hearing me say that the other would come? You remember that? And it has, hasn't it? That's it.
Now, remember, it's going more than that. See? It's moving all the time upward. Now, you… Now, those things…
Now, the people can come to the platform. I can only pray for them. They'll be all kinds of diseases.
Now, it is possible, and will be… Now, you remember this. This is the only thing that I can say; God said in Hebrews 11:2, God testifies of His gift. Do you believe that? God testifies.

E-33 Now, the person can come to the platform, and if I've got a good clear and there's not too many pulling, I can usually begin… And I don't–don't use my own thoughts or mind about anything. You'll tell them what's wrong with them. Perhaps if the faith is not there right, It'll tell them of the disease they got, and perhaps what they done in life that's caused them–reason they can't get healed. But now, for the healing, it only comes through our Lord Jesus Christ. Everybody know that? Now, that's all I can–I can do, friend.

E-34 Now, this is the… And do you know Jesus our Master never claimed to be a Divine Healer? Did you know that? Now, watch what Jesus said… Now, we're just going to… Now, if some of you might go away and say, "Well, I don't know what kind of–that is or what it is."
Jesus said, "Verily, verily I say unto you…" When the Jews was questioning Him, when He healed one man and left a big bunch of cripples laying there at the pool of Bethesda, He said, "The Son can do nothing in Himself, but whatsoever He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise." Is that right?

E-35 Well now, if you'll pray out there and believe with all your heart that what I told you is the truth, and Jesus died to heal you, and you believe it with all your heart, then God will heal you where you are in your seat. Then He'll reveal it to me and let me know what you had, and what's happen to you, and what will be. You see what I mean? Now, that's… Now, it… Isn't that lovely in Him?
Now, it's not… It's–it's just the idea that the only thing that… I did foretell different things that He did that comes to pass. And many of you have read it in books and so forth about even people… Two or three cases now we have on record that's absolutely been dead and passed away from this life.
And I–I was with a lady the other day at Phoenix, Arizona, Mrs. Hattie Waldrop at her… She had died with cancer of the heart and the liver. And he… And her doctor was there and said, "Just want to shake your hand." And he had…
She was dead–been lay–laying dead in the prayer line, covered up. And she… That was three years ago or more; she's just as well and normal as she can be.

E-36 Only thing I could see a vision, see what's happened, and there it is; and I just act out. It's just drama to me. I just act out what He shows me to do. Do you understand now?
So it's not me; it's our heavenly Father just showing me what–and–and in that channel where He has placed me. I use that to the best of my knowledge to help His people along, thinking that someday when I come to the end of this journey, I may, if Jesus tarries, I hope to be able to serve His people until I'm an old man. And–and I'll do it with all the reverence in my heart to Him that I know how.

E-37 And remember, friends, you are… I–I love you, and I must be honest with you, for… I have a little boy here, little Billy. It's… He's here on the platform or down here somewhere. I have him with me. If you want to love somebody, if it's between me or he, you love him. See? That's my boy. And if our heavenly Father wants me to love somebody between He or you, love you. You're His children. You see?
Wouldn't you rather someone love your children than to love you anytime? Well, our heavenly Father, what about Him? If we being carnal know how for good things for our children… See? And I love you, and I'm here to help you.

E-38 And now, when He placed me in this channel of this prophetic gift, whatever it might be, I do not know, I'm… The Bible is open here before me; I do not know just what to call it in the Scripture. Brother Hall and them speaks much about it, but–about it being some prophetic gift. But in there I try to… When He places upon me, I try to glorify our heavenly Father. And He… Whatever I can to help His people, that's what I do, and God bless you.

E-39 And most of my people, a lot of them has been long life people. For instance, my grandmother Branham lived to be a hundred and ten. My grandfather Branham lived to be ninety-some odd, Grandfather Harvey, from my Mother's side, lived in his nineties, but my grandmother she died with staunchlow about–about thirty-six, thirty-eight years old. My father died early, fifty-two, with a heart attack.
And most of my mother's people, who I take after, is… When they get old, real old, they usually get a palsy, shake a whole lot. I remember old granddad, he–he just shook constantly all the time like that, especially when he'd get a little excited. And if I live that long, I may too. I don't know.
This body wears down like an automobile wears out. But if it does, and I come to the end of my road; and I can look back and think of the meeting here in California and different places when I was a younger man, think of all of these people… And I know that it's coming to me then, and I'm fixing to go. And I'm standing an old man, white… What hair I have will be white, stooped in my shoulders, and a cane in my hand shaking, and I feel the waves of death coming over my soul, I want to serve His people and serve Him so now, that when that time, I'll raise up my hands and drop my cane; I believe He'll come and meet me then, take me to a better land.

E-40 Now, you pray for me as I pray for you; God bless you while we read just a Word of Scripture, and then we'll bow our heads, and have a word of prayer, and go right straight into the service.
In the book of Matthew beginning with the 23rd verse of the 4th chapter…

And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in the synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness… all manner of diseases among the people.

And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in the synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness… all manner of diseases among the people.

And his fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought unto him all the sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments, and those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunaticks, and those which had palsy; and he healed them.

[A brother in the audience cries out loudly.–Ed]

And there followed him great multitudes of people from Galilee, and from–and from Jerusalem, and from Judaea, and from beyond Jordan.

E-41 Now, can we bow our heads? It's all right. If our brother has accepted his healing, it's all right. God bless him.
Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee that You are lovely Jesus as in Your people tonight making them as You are, making them a body. And if this earthly tabernacle be dissolved, we have one already waiting, fashioned in heaven waiting to go to, just to step out of this old wrecked building that we live in here into a new one.
But, our Father, the reason that we are here tonight in these services to see these buildings and tabernacles that we have our dwelling in now, some of them are very badly riddened with diseases that Satan has–has did. And we're here speaking of You, the great Divine Healer.
And, Father, I pray tonight that You'll deliver every one that's in the building tonight from all their diseases. And as You come forward, coming down from glory into this little building here tonight, coming from thousands and thousands of Angelic beings there tonight that's before You, and You promised that wherever two or three was gathered together that You would be in their midst. How wonderful to think that the Lord Jesus is here with us tonight, and to grant to us anything that we desire.

E-42 And, Father, my desire is tonight, personally, that You will magnify Yourself before the people in this day to let them know that Your Spirit, that Your Word, that Your promise… Oh, Master, Your promise… It is written in the Scripture that You healed the people, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet. You did these things that it might be fulfilled. And O Lord God of heaven, these things we do tonight that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by our Master, "These things that I do," He said, "shall you also."
He knew the hearts of people. He knew what was wrong with them. And His Spirit is here. He healed the people. And, Father, this is tonight to fulfill which was said by our Master, "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel. Lay hands on the sick and they shall recover."
And grant, Lord, that You'll send tonight, Your great Divine Angel, Your healing Spirit; maybe it's the same Angel that was on the pool of Bethesda; we do not know. I do not know Him, Father in that way, His Name. Maybe it's the same Angel that followed the children of Israel, that led them, rather, in a sign of a Pillar of Fire. Maybe that's the same Pillar of Fire that we're looking at. Maybe He's here tonight. I trust that He will be and will show great signs and wonders. And may there come a stirring among the people quickly, for we realize Lord that we just have a few days to be here.

E-43 God, bless our Brother Freeman. Lord, you see how these… I don't know how it happened this a way, but Thou does know. And I pray God that You'll bless him tonight and give him a great service down there. And may many many of those people down there be healed tonight, the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb speak, oh, people be saved. And grant it, Lord, that there'll be great stir down there in that tent tonight, and may many hundreds of people be healed and saved.
And, Father, get–grant tonight in this little group that it'll be likewise here for Your glory, that You might receive glory, and all these people around in the city here might know that You're the Lord Jesus in healing, and saving, and soon coming. We believe the end is here close. When we see the signs appearing, we know that You're near Your journey back here.
God, bless us tonight and send Your Angel to discern these spirits and to cast them out of the people, by the Name of Your Child Jesus Christ, we ask it. Amen.

E-44 God bless you all, and may He add His–His tender mercies to you. Let's begin our prayer line over to the right here. And let's call up the first group and–and… What… Where'd you… What numbers did you start it from, 50 or from the 1? [Brother answers, "1."–Ed.] 1, let's begin at 1, and take the first ten over here. What's your letter of the… S, S-1 to 10 stand up first, and–and then maybe if we get finished, why, we'll have some more in just a few moments.

E-45 And now, you that's setting near… [–Ed.] If–if you didn't believe me, didn't… Now, I don't want to say believe me. That… I don't mean that by it; just… I'm just the least among all of you. I'm your brother and not worthy to be called your brother. That's right. And I–I don't say that to be humble. I say that from my heart. See?
I've learned this, friends, that God knows what your heart is. See? And if you don't speak from your heart, then you're a hypocrite. Is that right? And I really mean it.
Some… I look out here and see you old people who's had the Holy Ghost for years and fought back there when it was hard. And me standing here much younger than you and just… And, my, when you had to stand on the street's corner, maybe had four or five listen to you and some of our meetings run up to thirty-five and forty thousand. See? Well, my we're just will put–run the highway that you've already paved for us. See? We're not worthy to be called your–your–your brethren.
But you pray for us now. And as you believe, having faith in God, asking God to help you and so forth, God will grant it to you. Do you believe that?

E-46 Now, let there–I've… Sometimes I have to wait just a little bit. Now, on… All of you understand this being the first night, I'm going to pull these mikes out a little bit, because talking to the people sometimes they don't pick it up. And now…
Now, at the close of the service we may… We have no certain definite time. We may be here three nights; we may be five nights; we may be eight or ten nights for all I know. I don't know. That depends on how the Holy Spirit moves. And if… That's right, "Only Believe" real slowly. And you–and you pray for us now and–and God will–will grant you your–your healings and so forth.

E-47 And I just see Brother Shrew taking recordings. Is that–is that right, Brother Banks? Fine. I just… If I… And when the Spirit of the Lord is on, It's so sensitive, just any little thing you… Oh, It's very sensitive. How many realizes that? Just real sensitive, if something moves contrary or…
Was you ever so deeply sincere praying somewhere and somebody step in the room or slam the door? See? Now, that's the way it is when this Anointing comes down. I feel It moving in from out here and out there and around here. That's the reason I ask them to leave the platform in there so that I can have at least just one side, 'cause it's hard… Maybe here sets a person with a cancer and that's coming in just… [Brother Branham makes a whistling noise like whirlwind–Ed.] and here's one standing here maybe with heart trouble, and then here's them two hitting against me and… See? You can see what I mean?
But I thank God from the depths of my heart with my Bible over my heart, and not one time in five years has It ever failed to be the solid truth right at the platform: not one time. And I'll take anyone to record here in the building that's been in my meetings time after time. It has never failed to be exactly the truth. That's right. And–and then if the patient hasn't got good faith, well, then it'll maybe take a little time to build them up. You'll have to tell them something else and get them to talking.

E-48 Now, let's just kinda pray again just for a moment, if you will, 'cause been talking and it makes it kinda odd for me.
Now, dear Jesus, now we're here and we've ask You, and I've explained all that I know how, and it's getting a little late; we don't want to weary the people. But now, Father, I have tried with all my heart to let them know that You are here and willing to heal each one. Now, I have told them that You have sent Your humble servant to encourage them to believe on Your Son Jesus. And by signs and wonders that You have given me to perform is for their encouragement and the vindication that Thou has sent Thy humble servant to pray for their diseases and afflictions and they will get over it.
Now, Father, I've done all that I know how. And now, I commit it all to You for a great service this coming this week. Grant it, Lord, beginning tonight. May many of the people in the audience just believe with all their heart when they see the evidence of the great Angel of God, which I know is on the platform now. And may He move up to Thy humble servant now, anoint my human body that Jesus will be manifested before the people. Hear my prayer, Father, for I ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-49 [A brother starts talking with Brother Branham–Ed.] All right. Oh, my brother, do you believe Him with all your heart, you kneeling here. God will surely take care of this for you. Now, do you believe that He'll hear my prayer?
Our heavenly Father, as our brother comes kneeling at the platform now, he's terribly tormented, and he wants to be a real Christian, a real man. God, be merciful to him, I pray. This power of the enemy that's driving him into these things that–that's not right… But Thou art here, heavenly Father, and I pray that You'll heal him, and from this night may he be well.
Satan, you who bound the man all these years and caused him these heartaches and troubles, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, leave the man. Come out from him.
God bless you, brother. Go delivered now. [The brother continues to talk–Ed.]…?… Amen. Brother, those things I do know. You–you can go home and be…?… You're welcome, my brother…?… deliverance now if believe…?… Uh-huh…?… on your road now, and go believe forever, and be whole, my brother. God bless you. Yes… [The brother asks if he may say a few words of testimony–Ed.]

E-50 He was just wanted to speak a word. The man has been in an awful condition. And, 'course, it was too low here for you to hear what was going on, but the man has been in a–in terrible condition ever since a little boy of–of about seven years old. And he's had… just couldn't… He's been fasting and praying for this tonight, and he was warned. And so he came, and God has delivered him. He said, "Could I just speak a word on…" [The brother testifies to the congregation–Ed.]
God bless you, my brother. How wonderful is our Lord. Isn't He wonderful? If you will believe. He is just been revealed down here to the brother just by telling when he was a boy, and what he done, and all about it in there. It wasn't… He brought it right on the microphone. It's… He's wonderful, isn't He? Amen. And…
Now, if God knows what has been in your life, He knows what will be in your life. Is that right? Now, you just go believing; that's all.
All right, you bring the–the lady here if you will.
I think we ought to say, "Thank the Lord," don't you? Say, "Praise the Lord." ["Praise the Lord."–Ed.]
Now, brother and sister, we're in no hurry, you know. There's just all these things… That means a lot to that man, since he was a little boy, has been that way, and the Lord has delivered him.

E-51 Now, howdy do, my sister dear? You believe with all your heart too? Our Lord is always near to heal the needy and the–the sick. Now, sister, there was… Our Master one time, He was speaking to some man. Or perhaps, let's think, He had a prayer line somewhere, was praying for the sick. And there was a man come up to Him and he said, "Behold, an Israelite in which there's no guile." He told him what he'd been doing and so forth and said…
He said, "How'd you know I was a believer?" A Christian, you know, as we'd call it now.
He said, "Before Phillip called you, when you was under the tree, I knew you."
And he said right then, "Thou art the Son of God, the King of Israel." Isn't that right?
And he believed Him with all of his heart. And do you believe like that with all your heart? Believe with all… Do you believe that–that this what I am speaking of is our lovely Lord Jesus Who loves you and–and wants to make you well? Is that right? Well… And you believe that He knows what's been in your life back before, hasn't He? And He knows right now what's wrong with you, right now. And He knows what will be hereafter. Isn't that right?

E-52 But I believe right now that you're in a balance right at this time, because as soon as I said that, I seen something happen and seen what was wrong with you. Suffer with a tumor, aren't you? Isn't that right? You want to be rid of the tumor? Come, come here just a moment. God bless you.
Our heavenly Father, this poor sister is so in need. And I pray Thee to be merciful to her now, and I bless her in the Name of Thy Son Jesus, that this tumor will leave her, Lord. And, O Father, be merciful at this hour. And may others be healed of tumor at this same time out there in the audience. Grant it, Lord. And may the Spirit that's here at the platform now, that we are both aware that's anointing down here at this time… We pray that You will let Him bless her as I–as a–Your servant, minister to her the blessings of God by laying on my hands upon her that was commanded of our Lord Jesus. And I say to this tumor: leave the woman in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, be well now. Yes, it's…?… you back down. Go and believe with all your heart.

E-53 All right, let's say, "Praise the Lord, everybody. [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."–Ed.] Now, now, look for Him. He is here. Now, He'll only reveal Himself to those who believe Him.
How many… You here in California blessed with a great observatory up here, planetarium, where you see stars way out. I believe a hundred and twenty million years of light space you can look out through that glass, one of the largest in the world. They had those, not that type, but they had planetariums and so forth and stargazers in the days of Jesus.
But there was a star that passed through the land. And three men followed that star, and no one else saw it but them, for they were looking for it. They were looking for the star of Jacob to rise. See? They were down in the country there where Balaam, the prophet, had spoke that this star of Jacob would rise. Now, you look for Him. Believe Him with all your heart. All right, that's…

E-54 That's–that's… Is that the patient? Is that the–the patient, son? All right, you come right up, lady.
Now, every one be real reverent, just as reverent as you can. You don't have to bow your heads to pray. You… I just want you to… When I ask you to bow your heads… Sometimes a spirit gets real contrary, and they just don't want to come at all. And that's the time you have to have an authority. Do you believe in that? See?
Now, there's sometimes if a person's faith will come up, but maybe they don't have enough faith and it–it's just waving there, and there's a demon trying to hold a, maybe a little unbelief there, just kindly skeptical, sometimes you have to–to command it out. See? And if you do that, then they're angry. That's when they go from one to another. And when they come out… You know Jesus said to them demons, "Come out."
And they said, "Suffer us to go into them swine."
See, a devil is helpless if he isn't in a body somewhere. See? He's just a spirit in the world until he's in a body, and then he–he can torment us.

E-55 Now, our sister coming here, the lady, has come forward to be healed. Now, every one be just reverent, and just… Here's what I want you to do when I say, "Be reverent." Just–just set and say, "I believe that with all my heart." Say, "Lord, I–I believe that You're there at the platform, and You're going to help our Brother Branham right now. And he's going to know all about that woman, and he's going to be able to pray a prayer that'll heal the poor thing." That's what I mean being reverent.
Just think. What if that was your sister, your wife, your mother, or someone? See, see? You'd–You'd want them healed, wouldn't you? And you do to others as you'd want… to do to you (You see?), if you were up here.

E-56 Now, sister dear, you just come near. And I just want to talk to you just a moment. And what I do that for to speak to the person is merely to contact their spirit. You see? You realize that we're dealing with spiritual beings. Isn't that right? It's a–it's a spiritual being. See? You and I are human flesh. It was born in this world. And now, you're… Inside of you is a spirit. And inside of me is a spirit. Well now, if the spirit of sickness or something has come upon you… And then… Now, I don't know what that is. I know that you're a lady standing there, and–and I don't know nothing about the inside part.
Now, the only thing that I know is when this Spirit of God comes down here and He'll speak through here to that what's in you. You see? Now, a person… If I can contact your human spirit (You see?), to–to myself that gives us a–gets you in the–the place–contact. That's right.

E-57 Like Jesus, He talked to the woman awhile. He said, "Go bring Me a drink."
She said, "Why, it's not customary for you Jews to ask us Samaritans."
He said, "But if you knew Who you were talking to (See?), you would ask Me. (See?) And I'd give you drink that (See?) that you don't come here to drink." Now, that's the same thing this is. See? Now, I…
You–you're conscious that there's something going on now, don't you? You know that–that… You–you know there's something going on, a strange feeling in your inner being. Is that right? Now, what it is, it's that gift a-moving. You see? It's not my gift: God's gift. See? His gift, I'm not it. I'm just…
If you see the picture back there, you can see my picture too, but I'm not It; It's a separate Person. But I'm just a–like the glass curtain. You see what I mean? See? Just… You're just looking this way, and I'm just… See? Now, there, that's it. That's the idea.

E-58 You're suffering, aren't you, sister? You got kidney trouble, haven't you? That's right. A kidney trouble. You're real nervous too, aren't you sister? [Sister says,"I guess I am a little bit, but not as much as I thought I would be. Praise the Lord."–Ed.] Yes, it is. Yes, sir, that's it. See? I mean, not be meant… What I mean, just kind of… You're a deep thinker, that kind of a nervous, always just thinking ahead of time too. That's right. All right, sister, come here just a minute.
Now, will you bow your head. Dear merciful Father, I pray that You'll be merciful to our sister tonight as I bless her now for her healing. Satan, you who bound her, in the Name of Jesus Christ, leave the woman. Come out of her.
Now, will you do as I say do? Go on and don't even think about your kidney trouble no more. It's going to leave you. Now, I tell you what… Now, you may have symptoms for at least, oh, eight or ten days, the burning and so forth and the weakness, but that'll clear up now, and you'll be all right. You go and God bless you. Amen.

E-59 Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everyone. [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."–Ed.] See, see? All right. Thank You, Father.
Now, sister dear, I want you to look this way, and just believe with all your heart. And you will, won't you? You–you believe. You want to be well. I perceive that you're a believer, a good believer. You're not very… You're–you're a–a deep believer. You hold on to what you have. You was praying awhile ago, wasn't you?…?… Wasn't you happy when you got that card this afternoon or tonight? And now, you thought, "I'll be rid of my heart trouble now." Isn't that right? Now, you can go on your road. You are healed.
Let us say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."–Ed.]
Everyone reverent as you… Trying hard, aren't you, dad? Poor old man laying here on a cot praying… I see a woman laying over there trying to look right at me, just trying… Just keep on praying now. Have faith and believe. All right.

E-60 Come forward, lady. You believe, do you, sister? You–you believe with all your heart? And isn't He wonderful? That's when they're… Sometimes we get in such a condition, you know, or sickness and everything, and then God comes along and heals us, and lets us get well, and spare our life a little longer. That's–that's the way He does and He's so lovely to us. Isn't that right? Had a strange feeling come to you then, didn't you…?… then. And now, lady… Now, just…?… Your heart trouble's done, sister. You can go on your road.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."–Ed.]
Now, let's say that you believe (You see?), without even being prayed for. She's healed. God healed her right there, made her well…?…
Now, you might say, "Brother Branham, how do you know she was healed?"
I got real weak. You see? I know when it–when it went away she got… Now, just have faith, and believe with all your heart. Do you love Him?
Now, this is wonderful to begin the first night and see It so richly in here now. It's just… Anything could happen. And–and… Now, if you just be real reverent…

E-61 How do you do, sister? I was just watching a lady that's packing a little baby. I was trying to find out what was wrong with it. You see?
Now, only believe. Just fear not. Have faith in God and believe. Now, sister dear, you are conscious of the fact that you have made a testimony by coming up to this platform here. Now, you've come to this platform before this group of people here as a witness that you believe in Divine healing. Isn't that right? And–and I have told you that I have no way of contacting you only by spirit. That… It will have to be–come through the Lord Jesus and His mercy. And if you're ever healed or anything is ever known of you by me, will have to be through Him. You realize that. Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am.
You seem to have a very good spirit, sister. Oh, yes, ma'am, had much trouble, haven't you now? And you're suffering now with a cancer. Isn't that right? Come here just a moment with me.

E-62 The Almighty, Who stands here as a–my witness knows that this supernatural Being that Who I speak of, and my Bible is here before me, this supernatural Being, testi–in the testimony to me which I will have to answer before all you people and God at that day for these words that I say… The supernatural Being that spoke to me said that, talking about praying for the sick, He specified one disease. He said not even to cancer shall stand before the prayer. There's been more cancers healed than anything else. Now, I–I wouldn't say that, friend, unless it was… Oh, my, certainly it'd have to be.

E-63 Now, mother, I have no way just… I just seen your suffering, and seen what you were doing. And it come before me. Now, I'm going to ask God to bless you and to let you get well. And you'll give Him praise, and you'll never no more say… And you'll give Him praise for the rest of your life, won't you, sister?
Jesus of Narazeth, bless our dear sister. You said, "Whatever you bind on earth, I'll bind it in heaven. What you loose on earth, I'll loose it in heaven." Now, You promised that, Father. "And these signs should follow them that believe."
And now, by laying my hand upon this dear old mother's hand, that's bound here by a demon that would take her life in the next few weeks, but I pray Thee, Lord, to be merciful.
And I now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, loose the woman from this terrible thing called cancer. Come out of the woman in the Name of Jesus Christ. Go happy, believing Him, praising the Lord.
Let us say, "Praise the Lord," every one. [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."–Ed.] Now…?…

E-64 Now, watch. Now, just a moment. There was something happened just then. Now, another cancer spirit… Now, everyone be just reverent. Now, let's see where it was. Be real reverent. There's somebody was suffering with a cancer just then that… I felt it strike again.
Look this way again, mother, you standing here. No, I believe it's still–maybe still on you. Come here just a minute. Just… No, ma'am, it ain't. It isn't. Stand right there just a minute. It's in this direction here. Now, stand right there just a moment. Let's see.
Look this way, sir. You on the cot. Let… You look up here at me. Here it is. Just a moment now. Everyone reverent. Have you believed me, sir? Do you believe that I am God's servant, that I am His prophet, that He sent me here for you? You're suffering with–with a cancer: cancer. I believe it's cancer of the blood. Isn't it leukemia or something like that in–in your blood, isn't it? And it–it's in your blood. It's leukemia. That's right. You're all… You're… I see… You're–you're swolled up inside the inward glands, the spleen, and through the kidneys and stomach. Isn't that right? Oh. Everybody reverent. Does anybody know the man in the building? Anyone know him? Is that truth? If it is… If that's truth, is the truth? I can tell there's something move… Yes. Oh, yes. They know all… That's all right. Just be… Just stay where you. That's okay. I just want to… I seen it. It left him… Now, be real reverent, my brother. I–I–I'm just going to ask… I see it right there… They… The… You can go ahead and by now, sister.

E-65 I thought that cancer had crept back again. And what it was, was this man here praying. You see? When the cancer let loose of this woman, it–it hit on that man there. You see? They're–they're in sympathy one with another.
You understand what I mean? Now, see? It's–it's kindred spirits. You know what I mean. Doves stay with doves. Scavengers… See? It's like buzzards, you know; they're together. It… And that's the way this kindred spirit, that cancer. Cancer is a demon. It's a devil. That's what… Now, be real reverent, and believe with all your heart. All right.

E-66 Mother's trying to pray, aren't you, mother? Now, just have faith for the… I see you coming down through there. I believe that the–the baby's going to be all right. Now, just–just be reverent now. Now, just… Everyone… Now, don't go and be excited. See? It excites me a little, but don't get excited because I do. Because I… You see what I'm up against here. I'm working under a strain. He'll–He'll come down over me and go [Brother Branham makes a noise like blowing wind–Ed.]… like that. Then you have to watch when it tell you, just feel it hitting everywhere. You have to be careful. Then sometimes it'll jerk here and then some over here… I'm just trying to take my time just as I can. All right. See?

E-67 [–Ed.]… a strange feeling, just not nothing to be weary, but it's–it's something kind of an awe, sacred. Now, that's that anointing that I feel. You see? It's–it's on me now.
That… If there's anything wrong with you… If you believe that that is the Angel of the Lord, God will reveal to me what's your trouble and–and then you'll get well. And if He'll hear.
You believe It's the Angel of the Lord, you do? Have you got… You're nervous for one thing, aren't you, real extremely nervous? I see that.
Haven't you got something wrong with your ear or something like… Is in it your… I believe it's your right ear, isn't it? Isn't it your right… That's your… Say, you're… Ma'am? [Sister tells Brother Branham something–Ed.] The one… The right, I seen that there.

E-68 Say, don't you work in some kind of a telephone affair or something? Is that right? I seen you there with that… I seen one of–that thing over your ear like that and I wondered if… Yes. I just didn't see no trumpet in your ear, but I could see in the vision there, some… Oh, a headset. Well, oh… I… You take telegrams. I seen it was something like that when I seen the thing sticking up on. Come here, sister.
Merciful God, bless our dear sister now. I pray that You'll be near her and may Your Spirit come upon her just now and bless her. Knowing that there's a great supernatural Being here at the platform standing between she and I here, as brother and sisters in the Lord Jesus, and I pray, God, that her faith in Him to believe it, that Thy servant has testified of that which is true. And there's no way for her to doubt anymore, for I have spoke of it being from You, and she's witnessed it by feeling and telling her even the things of her life. Then I bless her, dear God.
And, Satan, you who's harmed her, leave her in the Name of Jesus Christ. Come from the woman. Now, look this way. Oh, yes, sister, it's all right now. God bless you, sister. You're… You've been seeking for a deeper, better walk with God too. That right? You're going to have that also. God bless you, sister.
Now, let us say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."–Ed.] Isn't He wonderful, marvelous? He–He knows everything. There's nothing that He doesn't know. And He's the Witness.

E-69 Now, if you'll just give me a few more moments to get at least what's in the prayer line there, then I'll–I'll dismiss just in a little bit.
Would you bring the lady, please. Now, everyone just reverent for a few moments. And you out there in the audience be–be praying, down in this away, up all around now.
God bless you, brother.
Now, would you… It's… I just want you to… You look very healthy, young lady. But of course, there's something wrong or you wouldn't be here. You're a little nervous. Yes. 'Course that's just a little excited now too, because it's that this is a very sacred thing to you, isn't it? You regarded it that way. Isn't that true? And you've respected it, haven't you, sister? And you–you had that in your mind before you come here. Isn't that true? And because you have believed that, God's going to let you get over that diabetes and you're going to be well. God bless you. God bless you, my sister. Now, you can go and the Lord Jesus is going to…?… and heal you.
And let us say, "Praise be to our Lord Jesus." Isn't He wonderful?

E-70 Now, some of you here, these stretchers or cots and… Just a moment. You on the cot, lady, you look this a way. See? You believe with all your heart? Now, I cannot heal you. I–I don't know you. I've never seen you in my life knowingly. But our heavenly Father knows all about you. And He will make His secrets known to His servant as He will. You believe that? And… Yes, you must believe God or you can't live very much longer. You're conscious of that, aren't you, sister? You have a severe heart trouble. Isn't that right? Why don't you accept your healing and stand up in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Let us say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God–Ed.]
Everyone reverent now. Believe with all your heart. Now, she's…?… accept her healing. Let's say, "Thank the Lord."
Some of the ushers pull the stretcher out of the way there so she…?…

E-71 Sir, why don't you accept your healing? Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."–Ed.]
Now, everyone just a moment. Now, what's–what's the… You have a–your hand onto somebody. What's that, a little boy? Set him up just a minute.
Look this way, young man. Is that you… The lady gave me the picture just a few moments ago. Aren't you? I… Now, that's as far as I–I know, but I seen your hand on that child there. You're interested in him in some manner. Look this a… Oh, yes. I can't say what will or what won't. That child's suffering with a, I believe it's asthma, isn't it, or something? Isn't that right? He has a hard time sleeping. Isn't that right? Isn't that right?
Oh, heavenly Father, I bless this little lad right now, that You heal him and make this the greatest night of his life, Lord. That You'll take this away from him and may he recover and get altogether well and be healed and a well young man, in the Name of Thy Son Jesus Christ, I ask it. Amen.
Now, look this way. Oh, God has a…?… or want to show it to the loved ones. All right. The baby's going to get over that, little honey, this little sister. That's all right. It's going to be… The baby will get well.

E-72 Now, don't fear. Look this way everybody. Here back in this section, back in this way, look and believe now with all your heart.
I'm watching these crippled people. I see arthritis and things. I'm… And there's a lady setting here that I… She was here at the other meeting, I believe; I'm not sure. The lady here, she's a very religious woman and a fine lady. And I–I trust that this will be the time of your healing, my dear sister.
You belong to church. Isn't that right? Have–have–have faith. Now, somebody without cards or some without a prayer card, look this way. So you can see the lady with arthritis setting here has–has laid there with a heart trouble, swelling and so forth.

E-73 Now, look this way from away over from. You believe with all your heart there?
Just a moment. [A baby in the congregation is crying–Ed.] The little baby there… Just a moment. A little girl, there with her blue… No, it's just a little bit behind her. I believe it's a–a colored lady setting there. I believe she's the one pulling so. Or… Are you praying, lady, there? I believe it was the mother of the child there… I can't get them separated, just… Stand up. I want the colored lady to stand up there. Yes.
You're suffering too, aren't you, sis? You have stomach trouble…?… in the stomach, isn't that right? You can go on and eat what you want to.
Let us all just stand and pray, just then if you will. Merciful Father, we thank Thee for…?… In Jesus' Name I pray that You'll heal everyone in Divine Presence.

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